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Global Foods Unit. The United States US Population 307,006,550 Density 76 people per square mile.

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1 Global Foods Unit

2 The United States US Population 307,006,550 Density 76 people per square mile

3 U.S. Regions Northeast Midwest South Southwest West Northwest Hawaii

4 Northeast Succotash Scrapple Originally a Native American dish of beans and corn, one of the most well-known dishes from this region. Baked pork scraps with cornmeal, flavored with thyme and sage. Cut into strips and fried. “Pennsylvania Dutch” were German immigrants; thrifty and used everything.

5 Northeast Cod fish Common fish found in the Atlantic. White flaky meat. Used in “Fish & Chips” and many other fish stick forms.

6 Midwest Goulash Hungarian stew made with beef and vegetables and flavored with Paprika.

7 South Louisiana Creole, or mixed heritage, cooking began in the 1700’s when the French Settled in New Orleans. Africans who worked in the kitchens of plantation owners blended African, French, Spanish, Caribbean and Native American ingredients and techniques to create Louisiana Creole cuisine.

8 South Jambalaya Gumbo Rice dish includes ham, seafood, chicken and sausages with rice, vegetables and seasonings. Combines the Spanish custom of mixing seafood and meat with French-style andouille sausage.

9 South Etouffee Hushpuppies Shrimp or crawfish….aka….. Mudbugs are often cooked this way. This French word means “smothered”, which is a southern method covering in a liquid or sauce. Deep fried corn fritters usually served with catfish

10 Southwest Chile con carne Huevos rancheros Corn, tomatoes, chilies and beans are the mainstays. Cuisine often called Tex-Mex. Eggs topped with spicy tomato and pepper sauce.

11 West Cioppino San Francisco fish stew originally made at Fisherman’s Warf. This stew was invented when Italian vendors went from boat to boat asking fisherman to “chip in” a little of their fish.

12 Northwest Sweet Walla Walla Onions Aplets and Cotlets Among the leading crop of Washington Along with apples, pears, hazelnuts, cherries, herbs and vegetables…… Washington’s famous candies made from apples and apricots, sugar and walnuts.

13 Alaska King Crab Salmon Yummy….where’s the butter? Common fish in both the Atlantic and Pacific

14 Hawaii Poke Taro Sliced raw fish mixed with seaweed, onions, chilies and soy sauce. Poi is made from mashed, cooked taro root; the large tubor of a tropical plant.

15 Canada Population 33,739,900 Density 9.27 people per square mile

16 Canada Traditional Canadian Foods Matrimonial Cakes Bannock Flat biscuit-like bread made of flour and oats, was brought by Scottish immigrants to this area.

17 Northeast Canada Newfoundland Nova Scotia New Brunswick Prince Edward Island

18 Newfoundland Cod is the foundation of this cuisine.

19 Nova Scotia Farmed oysters and other fish are local businesses native to this province.

20 New Brunswick The most valuable seafood catches are scallops and lobster.

21 Prince Edward Island Renowned for cultured muscles.

22 East Canada - Quebec Produces 90% of Canada’s Maple Syrup

23 East Canada - Quebec Excellent fresh and aged cheeses from milk of cows, goats and sheep.

24 East Canada - Quebec Seafood is broiled, baked and made into croquettes in this region For this dish, seafood is pureed and bound with a thick sauce and formed into small shapes

25 Midwest Canada Known as Canada’s “market basket.” Vast fields of wheat, corn, rye, millet and sunflowers cross this prairie land. Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta

26 Manitoba Wild Rice

27 Saskatchewan The largest city, Saskatoon is named for the local Saskatoon berry.

28 Alberta Jerusalem artichokes are native to this region.

29 Western Canada British Columbia YukonTerritory Northwest Territory Nunavut Territory

30 Northwest/Nunavut Territory Seafood and massive, shaggy bison-like musk ox are harvested here.

31 Yukon Territory

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