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Innovation, Scholarship & You W ALTER G ARRISON. Topics Innovative Projects at MHC Boyer’s Model of Scholarship Applied Research and Innovation def’ns.

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1 Innovation, Scholarship & You W ALTER G ARRISON

2 Topics Innovative Projects at MHC Boyer’s Model of Scholarship Applied Research and Innovation def’ns PD Sessions Funding Opportunities Your Innovation

3 Two Innovation Projects at MHC 1.Solar Thermal and PV 2.3D Print and Laser Scanning Lab These are not the only ones…

4 Solar Thermal and PV at MHC Purpose Funders/Partners Website Link NSERC Partnership Workshop Grant (MHC’s first NSERC award)

5 Solar Thermal and PV at MHC Purpose: Create a teaching lab to demonstrate capabilities of solar technologies in the Medicine Hat region Integrated into apprenticeship programming Plumbing, electrical

6 Funders/Partners Alberta Association of Colleges and Technical Institutes MHC College Advancement Local companies Terralta, Quickway MHC Trades instructors

7 MHC Solar Website Solar thermal thermal-real-time-data.html Solar PV _systems/uK6R105265 e_energy_community/topics/array_of_the_wee k_marcus_cambell_terralta_inc

8 MHC NSERC Partnership Workshop In September 2013 MHC hosted a workshop involving a number of PSIs in Canada who are currently operate solar research and education programs MHC’s first NSERC Award Camosun, NAIT, Red River College, St. Lawrence, Nova Scotia Community College other participants Collaboration with Lakeland re: Solar PV data

9 3D Print and Laser Scanning Lab Purpose Funders/Partners Website Link Industry Engagement Integration into Curriculum MHC Community Outreach

10 Purpose Acquire advanced manufacturing equipment to bring 3D printing and scanning capabilities to the southeast Alberta region The primary audience for these capabilities small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) community Emphasis facilitating growth of Southeast Alberta’s Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) cluster

11 Funders/Partners

12 Website Link DPrinter.aspx

13 Industry Engagement Local, provincial, and out-of-province companies have engaged with the lab Print and scanning jobs for health sciences, UVS, machining, agriculture, engineering, entertainment sectors Completed over 20 print jobs for external clients

14 Curriculum Integration MHC Community Outreach Students have printed 3d models as part of CADD program Trades print jobs –automotive, plumbing CADD and Vis Comm Students involved in applied research with the printer and scanner Prototypes for Athletic Department -Rattlers

15 Steve Penzes Steven Penzes 3D Fabrication Technician Medicine Hat College Lab T152 Phone 403.525.2657 Mon to Thurs 8:30 to 1:00 pm


17 Boyer’s Model of Scholarship Boyer (1997) Scholarship reconsidered: Priorities of the professoriate. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass 4 types of scholarship 1.Discovery 2.Integration 3.Application 4.Teaching

18 Integration – Interpret use of knowledge across disciplines Collaborating with colleagues to design and deliver a core course Coxal bone in Sketchfab in Anatomy

19 Application – Aid society and professions in addressing problems Serving industry as an external consultant – Student Capstone/applied research projects

20 Teaching* – Study teaching models and practices to achieve optimal learning Developing and testing instructional materials Coxal bone in Sketchfab What are best practices that you are incorporating in your teaching/curriculum delivery?

21 Innovation and Applied Research Innovation

22 Applied Research

23 External Applied Research Internal Innovation

24 External Applied Research May involve… An idea Proposal writing and application Lit review External funding agencies Industry engagement Student mentoring

25 Internal Innovation May involve… A process, technique, technology used in design and delivery of curriculum Students and MHC community are beneficiaries

26 Internal PD Sessions on Research, Teaching and Learning Outline funding opportunities Highlight best practices currently occurring at MHC and at other institutions

27 OIS Speakers Series Thursday, March 27 Carole Doucet-Love (SAIT) – Proposal Writing: A Primer Wednesday, April 30 Liz Richard (GPRC) – How to Promote and Sustain Scholarship and Collaborations


29 External Funding Opportunities Federal NSERC – College and Community Innovation – Innovation Enhancement (CCI-IE) Grant Applied Research and Development (ARD) Grant SSHRC – “Imagining Canada’s Future” Grants societe/community- communite/Future_Challenge_Areas- domaines_des_defis_de_demain-eng.aspx#5 societe/community- communite/Future_Challenge_Areas- domaines_des_defis_de_demain-eng.aspx#5 Collaborations with industry, other PSIs Special sessions on these programs for those interested

30 Internal Grants at MHC Internal application form (being updated) Assessed by MHC Innovation and Scholarship Committee Intended as seed money Have a defined pilot project Not intended to fund extensive research “Trial balloons”

31 Your Internal Grant Application Feasibility Don’t bite off more than you can chew Project Management principles You need to be able to manage… Scope of Your Project Time People Quality Communications Costs Procurement Risk

32 (Some) Questions to Ask  Have you defined your project clearly?  Does this research fit within MHC mandate and priorities?  Who is advocating for this research/innovation? Who benefits?  Do you have the capacity to take this project on?  What is required for you to successfully achieve your project goals?

33 Ethics Review Research involving humans at MHC Application available to MHC faculty Assessed by Ethics Review Committee for approval Contact Walter directly for the form More forms to be put on MHC website

34 Collecting a repository of innovation activities at MHC Please email me your… Current teaching/delivery practices you have implemented that are innovative in nature Your ideas for future research projects

35 Thank You Walter Garrison Manager, Innovation and Scholarship Medicine Hat College Office F1033 Phone 403.502.8996 Cell 403.866.0343

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