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Alberta’s Social Policy Framework Framework Purpose.

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5 Alberta’s Social Policy Framework

6 Framework Purpose

7 Framework Components

8 Social Policy Goals

9 Our Vision for Social Policy In Alberta, everyone contributes to making our communities inclusive and welcoming. Everyone has opportunities to fulfill their potential and to benefit from our thriving social, economic, and cultural life.

10 Outcomes for Albertans

11 System & Delivery Outcomes

12 Social Policy Principles Dignity People First Healthy, Strong Relationships Mutual Responsibility InclusionProactive CollaborationAccountable

13 Roles & Responsibilities Governments

14 Policy Shifts

15 Transformational Initiatives

16 Together We Raise Tomorrow 16 Alberta’s Social Policy Framework Alberta’s Children’s Charter Alberta’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Alberta Approach to Early Childhood Development Program and Service Delivery

17 Results Based Budgeting RelevantEffectiveEfficient Results Based Budgeting Program Review Outcomes, Principles, Policy Shifts, and Roles Alignment with Social Policy Framework Programs that support better outcomes for Albertans

18 Transforming Service Delivery

19 Framework in Action Alberta’s Social Policy Framework is used as…




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