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Presentation 1: A Social Inclusion Approach (Part 1)

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1 Presentation 1: A Social Inclusion Approach (Part 1)

2 Workshop Objectives: Learn about social inclusion as a framework to support the development of welcoming and inclusive organizations and communities Introduce tools and resources to support planning for inclusion within organizations and communities

3 What is Social Inclusion? Inclusion is messy. It is about constant vigilance, constant negotiation, learning to deal with things we take for granted… It is not about bringing outsiders into the existing mainstream culture – it is about creating a new and negotiated culture together. -- Shakir, 2004

4 What is social inclusion? A framework for understanding day-to-day issues within communities, organizations and programs Three important ideas –Social inclusion is both a process and an outcome – Recognizes that identity takes many forms –There are multiple dimensions of social inclusion

5 Why social inclusion? Social inclusion is described as a feeling of belonging, acceptance and recognition and is intertwined with issues of diversity, equality, opportunity, and democratic participation... Inclusiveness is linked with social health and quality of life, and this in turn is closely linked with economic prosperity. -- Edmonton Social Planning Council

6 Why social inclusion? Benefits for organizations, programs and services: –Effective service delivery –The value of diversity –Human rights legislation Benefits for the community –Social capital, human capital –Population health and healthy communities –Crime prevention through social development

7 A process and an outcome As a process –Open, welcome, and supported participation of all people in planning and decision making –Active engagement in dialogue and debate –Ongoing development As an outcome –Universal access to meaningful opportunities for participation –Clear goals and targets are established –Evaluation and planning

8 A process and an outcome

9 Identity takes many forms Identity has multiple dimensions We all wear many faces –Some aspects of identity are visible –Some aspects are hidden

10 Presentation 1: A Social Inclusion Approach (Part 2)

11 Multiple Dimensions of Inclusion Diversity Human development Involvement and engagement Relationship to living conditions Connection to community services

12 Multiple Dimensions of Inclusion Diversity –Access, recognition, communal space and niches Human development –Participation and interaction Involvement and engagement –Participation in governance and decision making

13 Multiple Dimensions of Inclusion (Continued) Relationship to living conditions –Links to community issues such as transportation, safety, employment, poverty, etc. Connection to community services –Building organizational partnerships to serve populations


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