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Catalogue to HUB The Benefits rEvolution. The Benefits Movement Purpose of this presentation  To introduce the next evolution of the “Benefits Catalogue”

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1 Catalogue to HUB The Benefits rEvolution

2 The Benefits Movement Purpose of this presentation  To introduce the next evolution of the “Benefits Catalogue”  To promote opportunities for involvement with the new “Benefits HUB and DataBank”  To recruit Benefits Champions  Is NOTa ‘how to’ for the databank

3 The Benefits Movement B ackground ….  Original benefits catalogue produced in 1992  Expanded new catalogue 1997-marketing messages  New online ‘catalogue’ 2009 - developed to be participatory, evolving, searchable and sustainable

4 The Benefits Movement This is the third ‘catalogue’ … 200919971992  Ontario led  164 citations  largely used to justify and market services  CPRA/Ontario  568 short citations  benefits indicator work  expanding interests with partnerships to deliver benefits  Alberta led  over 760 records – detailed, many links  renew commitment towards becoming ‘benefits driven’  additional emphasis on arts, culture, sport

5 The Benefits Movement Purpose of the Benefits Catalogues:  Articulate the value of parks and recreation  Provide a strong evidence base to communicate the essential value of recreation, sports, fitness, arts, culture and parks.  Help to rally professionals and academics to ensure a strong future for the field

6 The Benefits Movement The catalogues have proven that … Recreation, sports, fitness, active living, tourism, parks, arts, culture and heritage services –  are essential to personal health and wellbeing  provide the key to balanced human development  provide a foundation for quality of life  reduce self-destructive and anti-social behaviour  build strong families and healthy communities  reduce health care, social service and police/justice costs  are a significant economic generator  and that green spaces are essential to environmental and ecological wellbeing, even survival.

7 The Benefits Movement Mission Statement: Benefits HUB: By using our collective knowledge and resources we will develop a platform (HUB) that will inspire a benefits movement and positively position recreation and parks to enhance individual and community quality of life

8 The Benefits Movement Principles of the Benefits Hub …. 1.Profiling Recreation and Parks  The Benefits DataBank, and the other resources that will follow, are designed to position the importance of recreation, parks, arts, culture and heritage, sports, and active living and the important benefits they deliver.

9 The Benefits Movement Principles of the Benefits Hub….. 2. Sustainable  The Benefits Portal will operate as a social enterprise – relying on value creation to attract investors, participants and consumers.  An entrepreneurial spirit and practice will be embraced and we will use innovative ways today to create value for tomorrow.  Private and public partnerships will be essential for sustainability.

10 The Benefits Movement Principles of the Benefits Hub…. 3. Championed by the Field  The Benefits Portal must be “owned” and influenced by the recreation and parks field (CPRA, provincial and territorial organizations and individuals)  Organizations have identified representatives to assist with leadership and oversight and to engage their regions  A Benefits Engagement Team is being formed from these provincial representatives and a variety of communities of practice

11 The Benefits Movement Principles of the Benefits Hub…. 4. Distributed Leadership  While each strategic priority will be guided by recognized experts and thought leaders, all processes will be fully collaborative and encourage shared learning that engages a broad range of talents and perspectives to generate optimal results.

12 The Benefits Movement Principles of the Benefits Hub …. 5. Leveraging Alberta Assets for a Pan-Canadian Centre  ARPA, with funding assistance from Rural Alberta’s Development Fund, has invested in the development of the Benefits Portal. Ownership of existing assets will remain in Alberta however there is a need for a broader base of expertise and experience and the requirement for a market with critical mass. As a result, the Benefits Portal will be positioned as a pan- Canadian resource driven by a variety of partners.

13 The Benefits Movement Principles of the Benefits Hub…. 6. Excellence in Operations This strategy requires:  respected leadership and an expert core team  adoption of best practices in both process and product  performance monitoring and a culture of continuous improvement  appropriate investment to ensure quality in all that we do

14 The Benefits Movement Principles of the Benefits Hub…. 7. Technological Excellence  Information and communications technology systems will be fundamental to success of the Benefits Movement  Strategies commit to identifying and deploying leading edge, yet accessible and user-friendly technology to support each key service or component. (collaborative publishing, open source, search appliances, online classrooms etc)

15 The Benefits Movement Principles of the Benefits Hub …. 8. Cost Effective and Accountable  The Benefits Portal must be attractive to ALL who are interested: cost must not be a barrier.  This strategy requires the pursuit of institutional, corporate and organizational investment – only asking the end user to contribute where there is a clear, personal return on investment.

16 The Benefits Movement Principles of the Benefits Hub …. 9. Market to Achieve Critical Mass  In order to be attractive to the investors required, we must utilize the full range of marketing and relationship management practices to appeal to, recruit and retain the largest possible number of participants (builders, users, connectors etc)

17 The Benefits Movement

18 Who needs this resource … what works/delivers success factors related to desired benefit evidence based program/service development access to model programs (already validated) Programmers Policy Makers, Planners, Marketers, Evaluators ResearchersResearchers what to invest in (given a desired benefit/outcome) evidence based policy, plans and evaluations foundation for messages and target marketing what to look for (given a desired benefit/outcome) how to engage/participate to (to get desired results) informed consumer choice literature review (significant data base at fingertips) easy link to colleagues (with similar interests) help with funding case (overview of value/impact) ParticipantsParticipants

19 The Benefits Movement Over 760 records …. For all types of users Policy Maker wanting overview of health benefits Programmer interested in addressing youth obesity Participant wanting to get maximum benefit from fitness Researcher wanting research design ideas for measuring quality of life impact Benefits Database Search by Health Marketing message key word search (obesity), restricted by target market (youth) Topic search (active living or recreation) Social Category search for quality of life records with a research concern (indicators)

20 The Benefits Movement Where we’re at – What’s next Ready for Engagement!  The Benefits Database - over 750 records supporting 49 outcome statements and 8 marketing messages  Benefit facts and trends for most of the statements  PLUS over 35 additional resources or tools linked on line  Glossary with over 15 records – 1997 Catalogue glossary is only one of the records NEXT- we’re working on  Completing the facts/trends  Gathering and/or developing a comprehensive benefits tool kit to assist action  Developing a complimentary catalogue of Promising Practices – related to each of the 49 benefit statements  Identifying and supporting a ‘community of practice’ – Benefits Champions-YOU!

21 The Benefits Movement A generalized history of leisure services  foundations in late 19 th century (Y, Scouts/Guides)  church groups, 4H, etc.  after WWI – ‘fit for war’  1950’s to present  activity as an end in itself, pursuit of excellence  encouragement of specialization  investment in dedicated facilities  mid 1970’s to present  focus on what discretionary activity can do for the individual  broad holistic view – life balance  1990 to present  deep understanding of contribution that recreation can make to individual, social, environmental and economic well-being  renewed focus on ends/outcomes PURPOSEFUL Phase ACTIVITY Phase LEISURE Phase Benefits Driven Phase

22 The Benefits Movement orient policy towards benefits/outcomes plan as if benefits were important - the purpose of the plan market the benefits - get the messages out and create expectations shift management systems to require a benefits focus build and evaluate programs on a benefits foundation POLICY PLAN MARKET MANAGE PROGRAM INTERVENTIONS that can help make us ‘benefits driven’

23 The Benefits Movement Action Plan from Catalogue to Movement - Benefits rEvolution Recruitment Opportunities - First Steps: Benefits Blog, Portal, Alberta Road Show, partner meetings to explore pilot opportunities Increase Awareness: ARPA preview, presentations to related organizations, government briefings, e- blasts, articles, media benefits columns Continue to build online resource: more evidence, fact/trends, tools, promising practices – establish ongoing update process Facilitate Engagement/Commitment: Moderate blog participation, develop and facilitate specialized forums, ‘community of practice’ searching for and developing promising practices, support Benefits Champions

24 The Benefits Movement Thank you to those who got us to this point … Previous Catalogue Producers Authors Scanners PILOT Testers TEAM At a variety of institutions and organizations from across Canada and world A growing benefit research community Lots of work, shared leadership; B.C./D.C./B.H. /C.P./R.C/A.C. for ARPA 14 committed leaders from across Canada PRO, CPRA, RETHINK

25 The Benefits Movement Time to engage others … like you! What’s in it for you?  Insight and Inspiration  Updates and Information  Key roles in finding and sharing new evidence and promising practices  Access to Benefits resources shared by others across the country  Being part of a ‘community of practice’ committed to delivering the full potential of the recreation and parks movement  Opportunity to become a ‘Benefits Champion’

26 Carpe Diem! join the Benefits rEvolution

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