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Paris Capital city of France Unjee Lee Yoojeong Lee.

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1 Paris Capital city of France Unjee Lee Yoojeong Lee

2 Paris: Capital city of France

3 History of Paris Medieval Paris: the 12 th century Renaissance: the 16 th – 17 th centuries The Industrial Revolution: the 19 th century Haussmannization: the mid-19 th century Impressionism and art nouveau (French for “new art”): the late 19 th century The “Lost Generation”: 1920s – 1930s

4 Basic Information of Paris dVg dVg Leading business and cultural centre Artistic and creative city Paris ranks as the most visited city in the world

5 Programs and Projects Greater Paris Project (le Grand Paris) – Pleyel – a creative cluster stretching from Île Saint- Denis to Aubervilliers, via Saint-Denis and Saint- Ouen. – Paris-Saclay – a science and technology cluster. – Biotech Valley – extending from southern Paris to Evry and Saclay. INSERM (French Institute for Health and Medical Research) The CNRS (French Scientific Research Centre

6 Programs and Projects Parc de la Villette City of Sciences (Cité de Sciences) City of Music (Cité de la Musique) Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

7 Programs and Projects mVc mVc

8 Programs and Projects: Music La Fête de la Musique Other music festivals and events – Rock en Seine – Paris Jazz Festival at the Parc Floral – Africolor music festival

9 Programs and Projects: Film Paris Cinema International Film Festival – Launched in 2003 – Discovering filmmakers

10 Programs and Projects: Fashion Paris Fashion Week – Spring/Summer fashion week (September - November) – Autumn/Winter fashion week (January - March) – Starts from New York City, runs London, Milan, and finishes in Paris.

11 Programs and Projects: Art Nuit Blanche (“White Night”) Other art festivals and events – Paris Quartier d’Ete (Paris Summer Arts festival)

12 Other Programs and Projects Gay and lesbian – Marche des fiertés (LGBT Pride Parade) Gastronomy – Paris des chefs

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