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WEBHARE: ADVANCED COURSE Version April 2012 Anne Heining, Marketing & Communicatie ( 1 Webhare:

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1 WEBHARE: ADVANCED COURSE Version April 2012 Anne Heining, Marketing & Communicatie ( 1 Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) |

2 Table of Content Preperation: Repeat basic course (other presentation) 1)Webpack: Forms, polls, guestbook, forums 2)General settings 3)Blocks (right column) 4)Statistics 5)HTML 6)RSS feeds and Twitter 7)Other possibilities 8)Questions… Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 2

3 1) WEBPACK - GENERAL Go to: Startmenu webhare  applications  webpack. Voor: Forms, Polls, Guestbook, Forums  Link to a file:  On the bottom of a page (under a word.doc or index file)  The page doesn’t excist yet? Create and upload a new empty word.doc in the right folder  Link via  Preview funciton with every webpack-item/ results = items are online available  Pay attention: webpack-items are only visible for you. If you want to share them, contact the webteam  Examples and explainations on --> Poll, Form, Forum Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 3

4 1) WEBPACK - FORMS General propeties for the form (doubleclick form):  Add optional text before or after the form  Redirect people to another page after finishing the form  Email results (1 mail per resonse)  Optional with template  Optional with attached file Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 4

5 1) WEBPACK - FORMS Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 5 Select name form  open:  Questions can be devided by:  Page (Different page for the questions (next question are found on the next page))  Group (Questions that have to be together on 1 page)  View results (can be exported in excel)  Preview form  Fill every group with questions Tips:  You don’t have to fill in the titel  If you need their email, select email in form properties  Groups of questions can easily be duplicated

6 1) WEBPACK – POLL Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 6 General properties (doubleclick poll):  Avoid double votes. Questions/Answers  Add questions  Don’t forget the answers

7 1) WEBPACK – GUESTBOOK Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 7 General properties (doubleclick guestbook):  SPAM-check (fill in the numbers to check)  CC-address (Send a copy too …)

8 1) WEBPACK – FORUM Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 8 General properties (doubleclick Forum)  SPAM-check (fill in the numbers to check)  Who can start a new subject?

9 2) General site settings Site settings: set via of your site, then select tab @campus  Language: NL/EN possible; for example pick NL, then make a folder ‘EN’ for an English website or visa versa  Header: NL/EN is made automatically whenever a NL/EN folder has been made; the title in the header is adjustable (no acronyms)  Menu: searchfunction (consilio yes/no); ‘back too mainsite’ function  Footer: standard links, disclaimer, atutomatic privacy statement; Set the feedbackoption in the bottom right yourself!  Broken links: menu: file  report (Only works when the consilio searchengine is turned on)  Social Netwerk-buttons at the bottom of the page:  More info at --> Poll, Form, Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 9

10 3) BLOCKS RIGHT (USED TO BE “BANNERS”) About blocks:  In the right collumn  Can be set for an entire site, but can also differ per page Add blocks:  Properties of the site, folder, page  Possibilities: banners, video’s, twitter, facebook, plain text etc.  With banners: upload them yourself to the site.  Or: use banners from the central folder of the Webteam (folder ‘banners’)  More info at --> Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 10

11 4) STATISTICS (1/2) Request:  Via --> Manuals/ Instructions --> Web statistics Second option:  Standard: monthly report per email  (For experts: your own login is possible) Adjustments to the report if desirable, e.g.:  Weekly, every quarter  Add prior month for comparison  Measure specific elements  Etc…. Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 11

12 4) STATISTICS (2/2) Interpretation statistics:  Accurate explanation via --> Manuals/ Instructions --> Web statistics Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 12

13 5) USING HTML CODE(1/2) Option 1: Program it yourself: (S)HTML/XML/JAVASCRIPT etc. is possible, pay attention: use the proper font, color etc. since it won’t adjust automatically in this case. Option 2: Copy and paste pieces of code (from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) into the word-dument. More info option 2, in the next slide Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 13

14 5) USING HTML (2/2) For example, upload a video (‘embedden’):  Prefered on an external place:,  After uploading from youtube/vimeo, copy the code to put the video on your site (start with … en end with )  Paste the code in a word document  Create new style (like header 1, header 2 etc.) in word and name it ‘HTML Sourcecode’  Give the entire this style  Webhare now understands that this is a piece of HTML code  More info at --> Pictures/ Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 14

15 6) RSS FEEDS (AND AUTOMATE TWITTER) RSS feed:  Explaination in news item on Automate newsfeed on Twitter:  Create an account on, to link a RSS feed to your Twitter/Facebook/Hyves  A lot of possibilities to link these with eachother  Google! Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 15

16 7) AND FURTHER… Weblog:  Is a standard function in webhare: explaination via news item on Schedule tasks:  With a new news item, immediatly schedule when it should be moved to the archive  saves a lot of time. Adjust files online (for experts):  WebDAV, directly adjust documents without downloaden, see --> Manual/ Instruction Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 16

17 8) Questions…? Webhare: Standaardcursus (versie november 2011) | 17

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