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University Based Innovation on PEMFC in Turkey Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Kaytakoğlu Anadolu University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department.

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1 University Based Innovation on PEMFC in Turkey Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Kaytakoğlu Anadolu University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of Chemical Engineering Eskişehir, Turkey February 26-28, 2007

2 I. Part Presentation of Dept. of Chemical Engineering

3 Anadolu University Department of Chemical Engineering

4 Education  BSc Programme - Since 1970  MSc Programme - Since 1981  PhD Programme - Since 1984

5 Academic Staff  Professor 4  Assoc. Professor 1  Assist. Professor 8  Research Assist. 10  Technicians 2

6 Research Statistics  International Journal Articles 7  National Journal Articles 5  Conference Proceeding Articles 9

7 Labs and Equipments 5000 square meter closed area 2 million € worth of equipment One of the well equipped student and research laboratories in Turkey

8 Research Infrastructure at Department of Chemical Engineering  Full Electrochemical System – Solartron  Fuel Cell Test Facilities  GC  GC-MS  Elemental Analyzer  Atomic Absorption Analyzer  HPLC  Fuel Test Lab  FTIR  UV-VIS

9 Research Infrastructure at Faculty of Engineering and Architecture  TEM  SEMs (low vac. 0.6nm, EDX,WDX)  AFM  XRDs (Theta-Theta, up to 2000ºC, Rietveld)  XRF  TG-DTA/DSC  BET  FTIR  ICP  Mercury Porosimeter  Rapid prototyping facilities  Well equipped workshop

10 II. Part Presentation of University Based Innovation on PEMFC

11 PEM Fuel Cell Operating Temperature 20-80ºC Power Output Upto 250 kW Applications Portable, Transport, Military, Space Required Power Cars(75 kW), Buses (250 kW) H 2  2H + + 2e -, U 0 =0 V ½ O 2 + 2H + + 2e -  H 2 O, U 0 = 1,229 V Anode Cathode

12 Research Milestones H 2 production studies began in 1997. PEMFC activities in Dept. of Chem. Eng. started in 2002. Since then, our PEMFC cell activities have made a peak due to collaborations with Juelich research institute, Germany.

13 Fuel Cell Market 2000 $218 million 2005$2.4 billion ( The Freedonia Group, Inc.) 2009$7 billion ( Business Com. Company, Inc.) 2020$1.7 trillion ( Price Waterhouse-Coopers) 2030750,000 jobs (U.S. Dept. of Energy)

14  High cost of PEMFC components Barriers to fuel cell commercialization Material costs for a present-day fuel cell stack Material mass Material cost (kg/kW)(US$/kW) Membrane0.025 120 Electrode 0.082 31.16 Catalyst 0.016 243.2 Bipolar plate 3.3 825 End plate 0.12 0.24 Plastic frame0.105 0.105 Total3.684 1219.705  Lack of fueling infrastructure  Efficient, affordable hydrogen production and storage Kwi Seong Jeong and Byeong Soo Oh Fuel economy and life-cycle cost analysis of a fuel cell hybrid vehicle Journal of Power Sources Volume 105, Issue 1Journal of Power Sources Volume 105, Issue 1, 5 March 2002, Pages 58-65

15 Energy Source Investment of equipment to generate 1kW Lifespan of equipment before major overhaul or replacement Cost of fuel per kWh Total Cost per kWh, incl. fuel, maintenance and equipment replacement. NiCd For portable use $7,000 based on 7.2V, 1000mAh at $50/pack 1500 h based on 1C discharge $0.15 electricity for charging $7.50 Gasoline Engine For mobile use $30 based on $3,000/100kW (134HP) 4000 h$0.10$0.14 Diesel Engine For stationary use $40 based on $4,000/100kW (134HP) 5000 h$0.07$0.10 Fuel Cell$3,000 – 7,500 $0.35 For portable use 2000 h$0.35$1.85 – 4.10 For mobile use 4000 h$0.35$1.10 – 2.25 For stationary use 40,000 h$0.35$0.45 – 0.55 Electricity From electric grid All inclusive 0.10

16 What are we doing for FCs? 1.Manufacture of Gas Diffusion Layer 2.MEA production by both conventional and sputter methods 3.Building up a FC test station upto 5 kW –hardware and software- 4.PEMFC stack manufacturing – 1 kW 5.Micro size -both active and passive- DMFC production

17 Manufacture of Gas Diffusion Layer Thickness: 300 μm Carbon content: 3-5 mg/cm 2 PTFE content: 1-2 mg/cm 2

18 MEA Production Conventional (Pt loading range: 0.1-5 mg Pt/cm2) Sputtered (Pt loading range: 0.01-0.1 mg Pt/cm2)

19 Building up a FC Test Station

20 PEMFC Stack Manufacturing

21 DMFC Production

22 Results for Conventional MEA

23 Results for Sputter Based MEA


25 SEM Image 120 s

26 ”The Europe of Knowledge 2020: A vision for university based research and innovation” Liege 25-28 April’04 Interdisiplinary Approach Relationship between Higher Education and Research University – Industry Relationship The effect of universities in the development of regional development Mobility of Researchers including between University and Industry Commercialisation of university based innovation

27 Research Collaborations DAAD (Germany) Jülich Research Center (Germany) Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany) Solitem Group (Germany) Louisiana State University (USA) NTNU, SINTEF and IFE (Norway) KTH (Sweden) UNIDO-ICHET (Turkey)

28 Industrial Collaborations Arıkan Machinery Industry GmbH Demirdöküm DD Heating GmbH Savronik Defense Industry GmbH

29 On Going Projects Development of a 1 kW PEMFC stack Maximization of Pt Utilization at PEMFC Electrodes using sputtering method Optimization of MEA Components Optimization of operating parameters of PEMFC Design and Testing of DMFC Design and Testing of Passive DMFC

30 Future Projects High purity hydrogen production via steam reforming of natural gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System for household application Transportation application of a PEMFC stack Capture, storage and electrochemical reduction of CO 2 to CO Membrane for High Temperature PEMFC applications Non-Pt based electrocatalyst development for FCs

31 If you have a problem for which our expertise could be of use, we would like to become your partner - please do not hesitate to contact us! Contact Point Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Kaytakoğlu Anadolu University Dept. Of Chemical Engineering 26555 - Eskişehir/Turkey Phone: +90-222-3213550/Ext. 6306 Fax: +90-222-3239501 E-mail:

32 Thank you for your attention

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