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Kandidatorientering, October 28, 2011 Algorithms and Data Structures.

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1 Kandidatorientering, October 28, 2011 Algorithms and Data Structures

2 Algorithms and Data Structures – Who? Researchers Henrik Blunck Brody Sandel Constantinos Tsirogiannis Wei Yu Cicimol Alexander Elad Verbin Qin Zhang Lap Kei Lee PhD Students Lasse Kosetski DeleuranJakob Truelsen Freek van Walderveen Morten Revsbæk Casper Kejlberg-RasmussenMark Greve Jesper Erenskjold MoeslundKasper Green Larsen Jesper Asbjørn Sindahl Nielsen Faculty Lars Arge Gerth Stølting Brodal

3 – Where? Nygaard 3

4 Introductory Algorithms and Data Structures 1+2 (Brodal) Advanced Computational Geometry (2010, Q1+Q2) (Brodal) Advanced Data Structures (2011, Q1+Q2) (Brodal) I/O Algorithms (2011, Q3+Q4) (Arge) Advanced PhD courses (by Post Docs) Advanced Computational Geometry (2008, Q4) (Abam, Rao, Ajwani) Advanced Randomized Algorithms (2009, Q4) (Abam, Afshani,Ajwani, Hachenberger) Advanced Range Searching (2010, Q3) (Afshani) I/O-Efficient Graph Algorithms (2010, Q3) (Zeh, Sitchinava, Ajwani) Lower Bounds and Information Theory (2010, Q2) (Verbin) Streaming Algorithms (2011, Q4) (Zhang, Lee) Algorithms and Data Structures – Courses?

5 Theoretical computer science –assumptotic analysis Tool development –I/O algorithms (TPIE, TerraSTREAM) Algorithm engineering –primarily in relation to master thesis Seminars – students very welcome ! –MADALGO/Theory seminar –open problem sessions Algorithms and Data Structures – Research?

6 Solve a concrete practical problem …using algorithmic techniques Survey of a research area Implement a technical paper...fill in the missing details...perform experiments Explain all (missing) details in a technical pape 8 pages become +100 pages Experimental comparison of algorithms The clever idea: A new algorithm Examples : Algorithms and Data Structures – Types of Master Thesis?

7 Large fraction of time spend on trying to understand technical complicated constructions Implementations are often an ”existence proof” – most algorithm authors do not implement their algorithms (and did they ever think about the missing details?) Hard to convince friends that it took you ½ year to understand an 8 page paper... Algorithms and Data Structures – Master Thesis Work?

8 David Kjær Range median algorithms Jonas Suhr Christensen Experimental study of kinetic geometric t-spanner algorithms Henrik B. Kirk Searching with dynamic optimality: In theory and practice Krzysztof Piatkowski Implementering og udvikling af maksimum delsum algoritmer Claus Andersen An optimal minimum spanning tree algorithm Jonas Maturana Larsen and Michael Nielsen En undersøgelse af algoritmer til løsning af generalized movers problem i 3D Algorithms and Data Structures – Master Thesis Examples?

9 Hidden work... ! Warning ! Need to understand another paper first ! Warning ! Nontrivial construction ahead of you

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