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Master Thesis Preparation Algorithms Gerth Stølting Brodal.

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1 Master Thesis Preparation Algorithms Gerth Stølting Brodal

2 Overview Algorithms group at DAIMI Who? Where? Courses Research Master thesis in Algorithms Types of thesis Recent thesis topics

3 Algorithms Group – Who? Faculty Lars Arge Gerth Stølting Brodal Gudmund Skovbjerg Frandsen Peter Bro Miltersen Christian Nørgaard Storm Pedersen (Erik Meineche Schmidt) (Sven Skyum) Researchers Thomas Mailund Ph.d. students 8 Master students ~ 20

4 Algorithms Group – Where ? Algorithms (Turing 2) Arge, Brodal, Frandsen, Miltersen BioInformatics (Building 090) Pedersen, Mailund

5 Introductory Programming 2 - Frandsen Algorithms and data structures - Brodal, Schmidt Machine architecture/Operating systems - Pedersen Advanced Optimization/Combinatorial search - Miltersen Computational geometry - Arge, Brodal I/O algorithms - Arge, Brodal Advanced data structures- Arge, Brodal Dynamic algorithms - Frandsen Randomized algorithms - Frandsen String algorithms - Pedersen Algorithms in bioinformatics - Pedersen Complexity theory - Miltersen Compression - Miltersen Strategic game playing- Miltersen Algorithms Group – Courses

6 I/O algorithms Computational geometry Data structures String algorithms Complexity theory Compression Optimization Algebraic algorithms BioInformatics Graph algorithms Dynamic algorithms Randomized algorithms Arge Brodal Frandsen Miltersen Pedersen Mailund Subset of research interests Solid lines = major interst Algorithms Group – Research

7 Theoretical computer science Tool development –BioInformatics, I/O algorithms Algorithm engineering –primarily in relation to thesis work Algorithms and complexity research seminar –

8 Algorithm Research – a typical result statement Cache-Oblivious Data Structures and Algorithms for Undirected Breadth-First Search and Shortest Paths, G. S. Brodal, R. Fagerberg, U. Meyer, N. Zeh. In Proc. 9th Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory, volume 3111 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 480-492. Springer Verlag, Berlin, 2004. Results

9 Algorithm Research – another typical result On the Adaptiveness of Quicksort, G. S. Brodal, R. Fagerberg, G. Moruz. In Proc. 7th Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments, 2005. Comparisons by Quicksort Element swaps Running time

10 Master Thesis in Algorithms Types of thesis Survey of a research area Implement a technical paper...fill in the missing details...perform experiments Explain all (missing) details in a technical 8 pages becomes +100 pages Experimental comparison of several algorithms The clever idea: Describe a new algorithm

11 Master Thesis in Algorithms Thesis work Large fraction of time spend on trying to understand technical complicated constructions Implementations are often an ”existence proof” – most algorithm authors do not implement their algorithms (did they ever think about the missing details?) Hard to convince friends that it took you a year to understand an 8 page paper...

12 Hidden work... ! Warning ! Need to understand another paper first ! Warning ! Nontrivial construction ahead of you

13 Algorithms Master Theses Refined Buneman TreesPedersen Integer SortingFagerberg Trade-offs for Internal and External Memory DictionariesFagerberg A Survey of Density Keeping AlgorithmsFagerberg Shortest Paths in Directed GraphsFagerberg Approksimative afstande i planare graferBrodal Vedligeholdelse af sammenhængskomponenter i dynamiske grafer Frandsen Maksimale par og suffikstræer Pedersen Skjulte Markov modeller og genidentifikationPedersen Towards practical deterministic extractorsMiltersen Engineering cache-oblivious sorting algorithms Fagerberg/ Brodal Analyse og håndtering af genekspressionsdataPedersen Dynamisk Pattern MatchingFrandsen Redigeringsafstande imellem niveau-strengeFrandsen Automated Layout of Classified AdsBrodal

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