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Small Changes with Big Impacts By: Andrew Chen, Melissa Lai, Kenji Nagasawa, Harley Zhou, Sharon Zhu WE MUST DEAL WITH CLIMATE CHANGE NOW! " We simply.

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1 Small Changes with Big Impacts By: Andrew Chen, Melissa Lai, Kenji Nagasawa, Harley Zhou, Sharon Zhu WE MUST DEAL WITH CLIMATE CHANGE NOW! " We simply cannot afford to gamble... by ignoring it. We cannot risk inaction. Those scienctists who say we are merely entering a period of climatic instability are acting irrespnsobly. The indications that our climate can soon change for the worse are too strong to be reasonably ignored." 1978, Lowell Ponte, The Cooling, p 237

2 Driving Smart Counts Strengths simple and easy to do efficient and cheap reduces carbon emission Weakness more expensive to buy hybrid, but more efficient long-term does not have a big impact unless everyone contributes

3 Small Changes around the house Taking shorter showers Use compact fluorescent bulbs Use washing machine/dish washer when it's full Installing solar panels in your house Use more recyclable items

4 Changes at Work and at School Turn off unused electronics Carpool to work/school Teach others about conservation of energy 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

5 Critiques and Comments about small solutions Comments These changes make more sense than big solutions Easier to do than bigger solution Helps to promote industry as people will need to buy much of the recyclables and modern appliances they need Critiques Requires a lot of people worldwide in order to be successful and to actually have an impact Requires self sacrificing Requires commitment

6 Alternative Energy Sources Nuclear Power o Provides 6% of world's energy and 13-14% of world's electricity o Strength: reduces carbon dioxide emission o Weakness: tank explosions and radiation Biomass Energy o Strength: renewable source o Weakness: expensive, releases gas that may contribute to global warming Compressed Natural Gas o Strength: less air pollution, natural o Weakness: slow fueling process, expensive, reduction of engine performance

7 Alternative Energy Sources Geothermal Gas o heat from inside the Earth o Strength: reduces acid rain by 97%, power plants are smaller than nuclear power plants, can be used immediately for heating (pipes in the ground) o Weakness: hard to find location to trap the energy, health hazards (mercury), usually near site of dangerous locations (volcanoes and earthquakes)

8 Alternative Energy Sources Hydroelectricity o electricity obtained by harnessing power of water flowing downward o Strength: causes no pollution because it is fueled by water o Weakness: will not function during drought

9 Alternative Energy Source Wind Power o the conversion of wind energy to a useful form of energy o Strengths: It can supply electrical power o Weakness: energy produced is not at a constant rate because it is dependent on the wind.

10 Alternative Energy Source Solar Power o energy from the sun o Strengths: low maintenance o Weakness: does not work on stormy or cloudy days or at night. Wave Power o There are 3 types: Buoys & Floats, Oscilating Water Columns, and Focusing Devices o Strengths: renewable energy source o Weakness: Storm can damage devices

11 Alternative Energy Source Tidal Power o merge of wind and solar energy o Strengths: more efficient than coal or oil o Weakness: the Turbine Frames will destroy marine life.

12 Alternative Energy Sources A form of renewable energy taking advantage of renewable resources such as wind of sunlight However, this can be costly 6000 to 10000 for per kilowatt for solar energy Strengths Practically free energy They will not emit CO2 Weaknesses Large amount of space needed Poor consumer market

13 Big Solutions to Global warming Geo Engineering o Aerosol Cooling o Mirrors in space o Cloud Formation o Iron Fertilization o Ocean Mixing o Greenhouse gas remediation  Carbon Sequestration o Arctic Geo engineering  Permafrost of methane


15 Problems to Geoengineering Studies have shown that trying to shade the sun, aerosol cooling, might not even change the climate at all. It might even mess up Earth's hydrological cycle by slowing it down. Aerosol cooling also doesn't solve the ocean acidification, nor does it help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

16 Is it Possible to just Adapt? Adaptation: making adjustments to future changes Being considered in some places and cities Cities in danger of extreme consequences are beginning to adapt Methods to Adapt to Global Warming Develop more drought tolerant crops Increase storage of water Control the weather ( cloud seeding,pouring liquid nitrogen into sea, soot to absorb sunlight) Damming glacial lakes Migration

17 Comments and Critiques on Adaption Comments It is easier than both big and small changes It will create jobs Critiques It is unknown exactly what will happen or how severe the climate changes will be It will take a long time to implement the changes such as building each new street

18 Chicago's Big Leap Forward Chicago has begun to invest in order to adapt to the changing climates In the next century Chicago is expected to have a huge heat wave They have created much more modern roads These roads absorb water They are using trees that are more resistent to heat and disease


20 Other Countries attempts to adapt India Using rice varieties that can survive being submerged for two weeks o These crops of rice also now resist the diseases and pests that the original was susceptible to However, it is unknown how this inserted gene will affect the crop

21 Adapting in less developed countries Poorer nations such as Africa, Bangladesh and small islands are more seriously affected by global warming developed countries have contributed billions of dollars to aid these poorer nations Africa has droughts due to less precipitation As a result drought resistant crops are used and desalination plants are planted medical research for diseases such as malaria

22 Other Cities' attempts to go Green More cities are planting trees and converting vehicles to hybrids (NYC planted over 322,000 trees last year) NYC also bought more land to ensure its water supply NYC has three solar empowerment zones to go green and use alternate power sources

23 Solar Empowerment zones Areas that have multiple solar panels on the surrounding buildings that create clean energy Reduces peak electricity demand and pollution Built in three regions where solar power is the most beneficial and usable Uses solar energy and has a "day-peaking" energy usage profile that changes as the day changes

24 Political Problems to Solutions No definite cost for the solutions Nations do not want to sacrifice Poorer countries want to industrialize It is not clear what effect their actions will have If other nations do not participate, they feel that their actions will be meaningless Developing nations do not want to fix what they think is the industrialized nations' problem


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