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Urban\Disadvantaged Teaching

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1 Urban\Disadvantaged Teaching
How to succeed and make a difference

2 Your Experiences Possible Causes: Manifestations in School:

3 Your Experiences Possible Causes: Parental involvement Younger parents
Neighborhood (unsafe) Gangs Services to individuals with disabilities (school) Lack of medical care Work outside school or care for family members Manifestations in School: Behavior management more difficult Value of education diminished Violence Less parental involvement Lower test scores Cultural expectations or restrictions Sometimes a $$ issue High administrative and teacher turnover

4 Know the terrain My experience Contributing Factors
Low level of education and low value in education Low SES (often measured by rate received free/reduced price lunches) Higher rates of dysfunctional families (care by aunts, grandparents, no one) Lack of role-models Behind academically (difficulty transition to higher ed) Jenny’s experience at CCP

5 Know the terrain Contributing Factors
Low performance on standardized tests PSSA exams (>90% below basic, level 1 of 4) Peer standing is IMPORTANT Pressure to conform to expectations (music, behavior, clothing, sport/activity interests) Increased likelihood of violence Often poorer facilities and equipment Exceptions Poorer access to learning resources Textbooks, computers, other

6 Know the terrain Contributing Factors
Homework may or may not be assigned For some teachers, “no win” situation Defiance (insubordination) of the teacher is much more common Happens in all schools but is more common: talking without permission, interrupting others, leaving seats without permission, wisecracks Continue to teach but address it briefly so class knows there will be a follow up Truancy is more common (may have jobs) Vulgarity is more common

7 Self care Teaching in urban, difficult schools can be personally taxing. Remember to ask for help from your colleagues or other teachers Don’t be alone in certain places, REPORT intimidation or threats

8 Plus Side Although urban/disadvantaged teaching can be the most taxing, you have a greater ability to make a difference here than almost anywhere. Students will gravitate to you for untold issues once they trust you and understand you are there for them. If you can succeed, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment

9 Advise for Urban Teachers
Create and maintain consistent EXPECTATIONS from the beginning Do not allow the students to go crazy and do as they wish Understand their world Walk around the community, attend sporting events, understand the music & culture Build rapport Ask about their personal lives Demonstrate that you care but you are tough Yo C, J sponge Keep emotions in check Sometimes they will refuse directions, even curse at you; keep your cool. Clear and decisive; don’t look “afraid” even if you are. Follow through (mean what you say) Have a clear and progressive series of consequences (avoid Draconian punishment) Use daily grading and assessment to keep on task Motivate the students Why is this important? Why is school important Income by degree

10 Advise for Urban Teachers cont.
Create a high level of organization and routines so students know what is expected. Establish lines in the sand where behaviors are known to be unacceptable Refusing to follow directions Start the year with their favorite activity and use it as a reward (premack principle). WPHS – First 30 minutes was instructional and last 15 was recreational (students could choose activities) PAPER TRAIL IS IMPORTANT I kept an incident notebook and recorded problems which occurred in class organized by period, student, and date. That way, if I called home or spoke with an administrator, I had documentation.

11 Advise for Urban Teachers cont.
Link instruction more with the work force (more career focused) Discuss nutrition and health care more Black bags for lunch each day Run the BEST program you can based upon the limitations. It may not be the ideal but is the best possible. Then, each year try and make improvements

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