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Tweets & Sweets Transforming Employees into Effective Communicators.

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1 Tweets & Sweets Transforming Employees into Effective Communicators

2 First things first Believe it or not, you’re in PR

3 What is PR? PR is the business of inducing the public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, firm or institution.

4 The Realization Did you know that YOU are involved in public relations on a daily basis? Any and all co-op employees are viewed by the member as part of the PR department. –Linemen –Customer Service Representatives –Maintenance Workers –Not just the PR Manager or CEO

5 The co-op’s reputation Your employees are ambassadors of your business, representing it to the community and the member. That can be good or bad Tell employees that the co-op’s reputation rides on their reputation

6 First Impressions A first impression maybe the only impression

7 Good impressions are sweet! The average person will tell approximately 10 people about a positive experience Satisfaction with the last transaction is a major driver of customer loyalty

8 Bad impressions The average person will tell approximately 100 people about a negative experience Remember satisfaction with the last transaction is a major driver of customer loyalty What turns members off: –The waiting game –The zombie –The antagonist –The bare minimum –The know-nothing –The liar

9 Ways to sweeten impressions Treat others the way you want to be treated Know the co-op business Use one another as resources Share knowledge

10 A step in the right direction Think about what you do and how you do it The member you help today could be your boss, neighbor or in-law tomorrow

11 Remember the 5 Ws Who? –You, the employee ~ the co-op’s most important asset What? –Public relations When? –All the time Where? –Everywhere Why? –Builds the co-op’s reputation

12 How to transform your employees Gathering information Distributing information

13 Gathering Information

14 Let them eat cake! Sweeten up those you need information from –Cupcakes to system operators –Biscuits or brownies to linemen –Thank you gifts to helpful employees

15 Distributing information A well informed employee is: –A more effective communicator –A better ambassador –A happier employee

16 How we do it Open, honest communication –Three Phase ~ Employee newsletter –Broadcast “everyone” e-mail –Broadcast phone message –Safety meeting or other all employee meeting –Intranet –e-TV –Special campaign materials

17 The Big Three @ Flint Intranet –Table Talk –Member Notices –Outage Viewer –Rules & Regs and Bylaws –ERP –MSR Helpdesk –Rates –Employee Directory –Forms

18 Intranet

19 The Big Three (continued) e-TV Special campaign materials –3 Must Says Wallet card –Q& A –Whitepaper –Press release

20 3 Must Says Boil your message down to the 3 absolutely must says

21 A well informed member-owner… Is a happier member-owner The message is the same across ALL channels –GEORGIA Magazine –Bill stuffer –Bill message –On hold messages –Ads –Web site –Press releases –Facebook –YouTube –Twitter

22 Web site

23 Facebook

24 You Tube

25 Twitter

26 What comes around… Reward your employees for their ambassadorial service –Timely –Visible Change will never take place if it’s not supported or rewarded

27 Quick Rewards Handwritten thank-you note Small gift of appreciation Seek out their opinions, ideas and talents Acknowledge them publicly in newsletters or articles Give feedback

28 Sweet! The benefits of having employees being effective communicators –Will set things right on message boards –Will alert you if there is trouble brewing –Could fill in if the PR department is unavailable –Leads to happier employees and happier member-owners



31 Craigslist

32 Questions? Marian Douglas, APR, CCC Manager of Public Relations Flint Energies 478.218.5600

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