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Hi My Name is Tim.. “We bring who we are to what we do.” Tim Cusack.

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1 Hi My Name is Tim.

2 “We bring who we are to what we do.” Tim Cusack





7 Good News Anything good in your life Anything you're grateful for Things you appreciate




11 Personal Crest * A happy time in life * A sad time in life * Something you're proud of * A value you're not willing to budge from * Something you'd share with others for a better life


13 The Science of: Happiness Wellness Meaningfulness

14 What is it? A joyful, contented life A sense of well-being Pleasure + engagement + meaning Being Mindful

15 Where did it come from? Buddha Jesus - God - Allah Ancient philosophers Today - positive psychology

16 Happier people are: more sociable more energetic charitable make better partners tend to have healthier families good for communities and society at large

17 More Reasons live longer on average better health, lower blood pressure more productive at work and play higher income Life is just more enjoyable.

18 What Influences Well-being? 50%Set Point: Your temperament 50%Is changeable: Your environment Habits Job Mental activities

19 Our Set Point Day to day life After a winning the lottery After a major trauma

20 Why we are not happier…. What we think will make us happy is sometimes wrong We are not good at predicting what makes us happy WE CHANGE: needs, wants, interests

21 Why we aren't happier… Hedonistic treadmill  when I get a new car  when I get a raise  when I win the lottery  when I have a better body

22 Why we are not happier… Comparing ourselves to others-ENVY -more money, nicer car, bigger house, nicer clothes, better looking, etc. We compare only to what we see on the outside of others We rarely compare ourselves downward

23 Top 10 Countries for Happiness 1. Denmark6. Finland 2. Switzerland7. Sweden 3. Austria 8. Bhutan 4. Iceland9. Brunei 5. The Bahamas 10. Canada

24 Unhappiness and Geography United States is #23!! Last Three – Republic of Congo – Zimbabwe – Burundi

25 SOAPY* Increasing Levels of Well-being Social Connections Optimism Appreciation Purpose/Passion Yes * Bill O'Hanlon

26 S OAPY: Social Connections People with 5 + friends outside family are 50% more likely to say they are very happy Belong to groups - churches, teams, clubs Even people who describe themselves as living at the bottom of the life pool, but have close ties are fairly happy College classmates who value prestige/success more than friends were 2x as likely to be fairly or very unhappy

27 S O APY: OPTIMISM Optimisticvs.Pessimistic - time limited - permanent - just a rough spot - out of my control - I have resources- I’m a loser

28 SO A PY: APPRECIATION Expressing gratitude has an immediate positive effect Those who are grateful, tend to be happier When receiving gratitude & appreciation from others, the receiver feels valued Gratitude exercise: 7 x 3

29 SOA P Y: PURPOSE/PASSION Finding meaning in life beyond oneself; connecting to something bigger A feeling of purpose is the best predictor of happiness Three components: – connection, compassion, contribution


31 Ways of Being Happy Expressing gratitude Nurturing social relationships Managing hardship and stress Learning to forgive Savoring life’s joys Practicing spirituality and mindfulness Eating healthy food

32 Tim’s Recommended Books The Pursuit of Happiness by David G. Myers, Ph. D. The How of Happiness, by Sonja Lybomirsky Kitchen Table Wisdom, Naomi Remen Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell The Comedy Bible, by Judy Carter The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron Authentic Happiness, by Martin Seligman The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle


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