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The Learning Zone Erica Shears. Welcome to The Learning Zone.

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1 The Learning Zone Erica Shears

2 Welcome to The Learning Zone


4 Mark Week #1 & #2 Mark is a bright 4 th grader who enjoys discussing assignments and viewing all possible answer choices from every angle. On Week #1, we worked on one writing assignment: – Intro & 1 st paragraph Mark finds it easy to express his ideas orally and then incorporate them into his writing. On Week #2, we worked on three short essay question based on the book: The Middle of Somewhere. While doing these assignments, Mark and I first discussed all answers before proceeding to writing.

5 “Steph” Week #4 & #5

6 Stephanie Very excited that she was reading CHAPTER BOOKS! Quickly understood the concept of the relationship between letters & sounds. We always had fun while we read!

7 Jordan Week #7 & #9

8 Jordan Jordan loved this book! The title of this book caught my attention, so I showed it to Jordan and read the title out loud. He asked “are you going to open it?” I handed him the book for him to open it, but he quickly returned it to me and told me to open it. We joked around by passing the book back and forth until we finally took it back to our table to read.

9 Henry Week #8 & #10

10 Second grader VERY advanced reader Has difficulty staying on task Flamboyant imagination! I helped henry with: Analogies Identifying : nouns, verbs, adjectives Loves playing dominoes!

11 Eduardo Week #3 & #6 Eduardo is a second grader. On week #3: – Mathematics: 100 chart and two digit subtraction On week #6: – TAKS preparation dealing with filling in blanks and completing sentences.

12 The High School Tutors. They assisted us and Ming.

13 Overall, I enjoyed completing my field work at The Learning Zone. The program was running smoothly each time I arrived and the students were aware of the rules and the routine of the program. I love how the program helps high school students learn about the education field while they complete their needed community service hours. One of the things that stood out the most to me was Mingh’s classroom management skills. Everything had an assigned spot and that helped the program run better!

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