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2 Children identified aspects of Tudor history that we had covered so far.

3 Establishing a broad question then focusing on a more specific question With the aid of a range of Tudor history books, were able to think of questions they would like to answer in a whole class discussion context. Through discussion children identified what area they would like to learn more about and could think of the best ways to research the topic.

4 Considering how to answer the question. The variety of ways in which information gathered can be effectively presented. Deciding upon a plan or idea to implement. Through discussion, many ideas of how they could proceed with their work and present their information were thought of. As a whole class, ideas such as poems, dance, drama, newspaper reports, graphs and charts, painting and musical compositions were put across.

5 Group leaders became apparent very quickly at the decision stage. Due to the nature of some tasks children needed help. For example, with organising materials and cutting difficult fabric.

6 Some children needed reassurance that their ideas would work and some wanted to be told what to do. However there were children who were extremely confident with their ideas and these tended to be the group leaders. Decisions were arrived at through discussion with the group and consultation with an adult. Most children were clear about their plan eventually.

7 Most children enjoyed the freedom of the task. Many became excited about their ideas. Most needed some help with organising and realising their goal. Higher ability children only asked for help when they really needed it. Some lower ability children were happy to let others do the work for them.

8 My plan is to do a dance and to also learn something from it and to have fun while we are doing the dance. It is the best way because if we just stood at the front of the class and just told the story without moving it would be boring for me and for the people watching it………. Children could identify their role in their tasks. They were all aware that they knew little of the Tudor period of History before they started their work. The children were very clear of their ideas, but did not always think about possible problems they might encounter by proceeding with their ideas, only really focusing on the positives. They were also very pleased with their final work, and did not offer many ways in which the process of their work and the final product could be improved.

9 All children realised that what they did could benefit other children who are learning about the Tudors. They also knew that they had learned a great deal and had enjoyed learning.

10 Children have learned from the experience. They have all discovered they can enjoy the process of learning. Children need help to evaluate learning experiences in order to be more reflective about their learning.

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