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Middle School Education Program 2015-2016. Columbia Public Schools CPS Middle Schools.

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1 Middle School Education Program 2015-2016

2 Columbia Public Schools CPS Middle Schools

3 Leia: Sixth Grader Columbia Public Schools Starts her day at 7:30 ends at 2:35 Is excited about new opportunities Will be a part of a team of teachers/students Begins every day with an advisory “family” Has 4 core classes taught by her 4 team teachers (ELA/English & Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science) Will have 2 periods when she can experience elective and exploratory classes Has an intervention time (RtI) for help and/or enrichment Gets to “dress out” for P.E. class Can choose to be involved in extracurricular clubs and intramural sports

4 Schedules Columbia Public Schools Leia 6 th grade Advisory 18 minutes ELA 50 minutes Social Studies 50 minutes Exploratory Classes or Band/Orchestra 50 minutes Math 50 minutes Lunch 25 minutes Science 50 minutes PE/EEE/RtI 50 minutes Exploratory Classes or Band/Orchestra 50 minutes Sample 6 th Grade Schedule

5 Exploratory Electives *World Languages Exploration *Health Art Performing Arts Comprehensive Music Exploring Technology Exploring FACS Exploring Computers in Business * Everyone takes!

6 Band/Orchestra Elective Students can choose to participate in Band or Orchestra Daily Elective Choice Year-long commitment Must contact Band or Orchestra teacher at your middle school to “try out” instruments

7 Middle School Lockers Locker in team area for books, coat, etc. Locker partners (sometimes) Combination locks “Assigned” locker breaks (don’t need to open locker after every class)

8 P.E. & SPORTS Locker rooms – dress out! Alternating day PE/RtI/(EEE) (A/B Day) 6 th Grade Intramurals Sports Program 7 th /8 th Grade - compete against other middle schools (basketball, track, football, volleyball, cheer) ????Recess????

9 LUNCH, LUNCH, LUNCH!!! Hot Lunch, Cheeseburger, Pizza, Subs Lots of extra choices Eat with your grade level Choose where you sit Same Student Id. Number Clean-up your own area

10 CLUBS & ACTIVITIES Such as…. Student Council Robotics Club Drama Club/School Plays Chess Club Games Club Math Counts Reading Club World Cultures Club

11 So…What is 6 th really grade like… Advisory Family Team of Teachers & Kids 4 Core Classes and 2 Exploratory Periods Hallway time - Change Classes/Teachers PE & RtI (or EEE) rotate every other day New Friends! Exciting Opportunities! More Freedom = More Responsibility! Jump Start Day… ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE!!???!!

12 ORIENTATION NIGHTS Coming this Spring! Visit YOUR Middle School Presentation for students and families Hear more about what it’s like to be a 6 th grader Find out about before and after school opportunities Tour the building (check out classrooms, lockers, gym, lunchroom, etc.) Each Middle School will share specifics about dates/times

13 Students will be placed in 6 th grade Math unless they indicate an interest in taking an above-level math course. (5 th grade teacher recommendation with parent input) 7th grade Math or possibly even 6 th grade Algebra could be an option for some students: These options are only appropriate for extremely accelerated mathematics students. Because these students will be skipping grade level math content, a testing procedure could be necessary. Contact Dana Hibbard at the Aslin Building for testing details. or

14 Questions? Guidance Counselors Gentry Middle School 573-214-3243 Katherine Danielle Jefferson Middle School 573-214-3212 Mike Barbara Lange Middle School573-214-3253 Carey Belinda Oakland Middle School573-214-3220 Doug Nawassa Smithton Middle School573-214-3263 Dylan Jessica West Middle School 573-214-3233 Debbie Poese Amanda Taylor

15 Gooo… Middle School! Lange Leopards West Vikings

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