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2 Agenda  Introductions & Ground Rules  McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance  The Law  Who’s Homeless  Educational Rights of Homeless Children and youth  Role of the Homeless Liaison Break  Homelessness In Massachusetts  Best Practices  Hot Topics  Questions

3 Introductions  Please include:  Your name,  District,  Your job/position, and  Your connection to homeless education

4 Ground Rules  While we will look at some cases, and that can be a good way of learning to work with the law, we must maintain the children and families’ confidentiality.  For questions regarding specific cases please withhold identifying information or see us during the break or after this session.

5 McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act, 2002  Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance  No Child Left Behind  So why do we even have this law?  Homelessness is a journey- not an overnight event-that has enormous impact on children

6 Why McKinney-Vento?  Homelessness affects  Whole family,  Attendance,  The ability to focus and learn,  Educational gaps due to high mobility and  Behavior  Homelessness is often accompanied with  Food insecurity  Lack of medical, dental and mental health services  Loss of connection to family, friends, community

7 The Law  Definition, Who is Homeless?  Educational Rights of Students who are Homeless  School Selection & Enrollment  Transportation  Nutrition  Equal Access & Comparable Services  Title I  See ESE Homeless Education Advisories on Webpage  Role of the Homeless Liaison

8 Definition: Who is Homeless? Anyone who lacks fixed regular and adequate nighttime residence.  This Includes:  Shelters and motels  On the street: cars, parks,….  Doubling up due to Economic hardship, loss of housing or similar reason  Unaccompanied youth  Awaiting foster care

9 Homeless? Case Study  A parent arrives at the Parent Information center to enroll her second grader. She explains that she has just arrived in town and does not have way to prove residency and is unwilling to show you a lease.  Is she housed? Or homeless?

10 Educational Rights of Students Who are Homeless  School Selection & Enrollment  School of Origin  School/District last attended  School attended when student became homeless  Immediate Enrollment Locally  With or without Documentation  Unaccompanied Youth

11 Educational Rights of Students Who are Homeless  Students Records  Transportation  Shared Responsibility  Special Education  Nutrition  Free Lunch and Breakfast  Paperwork  Food Insecurity

12 Educational Rights of Students Who are Homeless  Equal Access & Comparable services  School Courses, Events, Activities  Student Support Services  Preschool  Charter Schools, Vocational Schools, School Choice  Title I  School-wide & Targeted Programs  Addressing the unique needs of homeless students


14 Your Role as the Homeless Education Liaison  Facilitate Enrollment & Dispute Resolution Process  Transportation  Communicating with your counterparts

15 Your Role as the Homeless Education Liaison  Identification  Building Awareness is Key  Professional Development and Training  School committee  Ensure Equal Access & Comparable Services  Referral to Outside Services

16 Your Role as the Homeless Education Liaison  Data Collection  Tracking for internal purposes 1. Support Services 2. Transportation reimbursement  Annual ESE data collection 1. Students that are enrolled with you 2. Enter-do not delete

17 Your Role as the Homeless Education Liaison  ESE contact  You are our way and families’ way of reaching the district!  Monitoring and Compliance

18 Break  Take a few minutes for you and a few minutes to say hello to a colleague!

19 Journey Through Homelessness Case Study  A first grader has made several trips to the school nurse’s office in the past month with vague complaints of not feeling good. Mom recently mentioned that her work hours were cut and the family is struggling. Today the student falls asleep in the nurse’s office saying they cant sleep at home anymore.  What is going on? Could she be homeless?  What can the nurse do? What can you do?

20 Homelessness in Massachusetts  2012/13 School Year by the Numbers  Shelters3,656  Doubled up6,744  Unaccompanied 935  Unsheltered 109  Motels 2,582  Awaiting Foster Care 1,786  Total15,812

21 Homelessness in Massachusetts  State Shelter system Family Shelters Motels Unaccompanied Youth & Adult Shelters Moving out of Shelter & Signing a Lease Enrollment Verification Letter  Doubling up Living with friends or relatives due to economic hardship, loss of housing and similar reason

22 Homelessness in Massachusetts  Summer Campgrounds & Winter Rentals  Couch surfing & unaccompanied youth  Department of Children and Families STARR TCU Temporary foster care and foster care

23 Best Practices  Policy  Template at  ESE summary page  Sample District Policies  Enrollment  Do your enrollment forms cite McKinney-Vento or families in transition  Identification, the key is training  Who: enrollment staff, guidance, principals, nurses  DVDs  Awareness building: school committee, community

24 Best Practices  Student Support Services  Community Based Services and Outreach  Medical, Mental and Dental Health  Food Pantries & Clothing Banks  Local Transportation  Local Housing Advocates  Local Enrichment opportunities  Public Libraries  Municipal Parks and Recreation  YM/WCAs, Boys and Girls, Out of School Time Providers

25 Is your contact information up to date?  Your District’s Contact  Verify your contact information on the ESE website  Update is done by the District’s Directory Administrator- not by ESE;  Parents, providers and other state agencies reference this list

26 Hot Topics  Commission on Youth Homelessness  Passed by the state legislature  ESE is a participating member  First report issued in May 2013  US ICH Open Doors focus on unaccompanied youth  MHSA Young Adult Resource Guide  Statewide Resource  Online at, click on Resources

27 Your Hot Topics?  What are you seeing?  What are you concerned about?  What’s working for you?

28 Questions?  Did we miss anything  Looking for more information  NAEHCY  NCHE  National Runaway Switchboard  Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless

29 We are Glad to Help… ESE Office for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth  Sarah Slautterback, State Coordinator  Elizabeth Harris, Program Coordinator  Website

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