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Oklahoma Senate Bill 1507 A precautionary tale… OK-SAFE, Inc. 2008.

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1 Oklahoma Senate Bill 1507 A precautionary tale… OK-SAFE, Inc. 2008

2 SB 1507 Introduced 2/4/2008 State documents and reports; requiring documents be filed with Governor and Legislature in electronic format; requiring financial documents be filed in electronic format. Effective date. By: Gumm (S), Dorman (H)

3 Legislative Process… …

4 Title – Amending 62 O.S. 2001 AS INTRODUCED “amending 62 O.S. 2001, Sections 41.29, as amended by Section 1, Chapter 301, O.S.L. 2003, 41.33 and 41.34 (62 O.S. Supp. 2007, Section 41.29)” Title 62. Title 62. Public Finance


6 Measure Passes Both Houses… 3/3/08 Measure passed: Ayes 44/Nays 1 3/4/08 Left the Senate 4/14/08 Jett added 4/14/08 Title stricken 4/21/08 Amended 4/21/08 Title restored 4/21/08 3 rd Reading Measure passed: Ayes 95/Nays 0 4/22/08 Returned To Senate

7 The Senate… 4/22/08 H.A. read 4/28/08 H.A. adopted 4/28/08 Measure passed: Ayes 47 / Nays 1* (*Sen. Anthony Sykes)

8 The Amendment… “Amending Section 1, Chapter 36, O.S.L. 2003 (74 O.S. Supp. 2007, Section 2121) Germane? Not really. Title 74. Title 74. State Government

9 Title 74, Section 2121… As used in this act: 1. “International trade processing authority” means a public trust heretofore created pursuant to Section 176 of Title 60 of the Oklahoma Statutes with powers to construct, acquire, equip and operate an international trade processing center;

10 Heretofore: “Up to the present time; before this; previously: Stricken – means going forward

11 Continued… 2. “International trade processing center” means a facility constructed and operated for the purpose of facilitating the export of goods or services produced in the United States and the import of goods or services to the United States that are produced in other countries;

12 And… “Other governmental entities” means the State of Oklahoma, its agencies and political subdivisions, public trusts other than an international trade processing authority, other states and their agencies and political subdivisions, and the federal government and agencies thereof; and

13 “ Project ” or “ project ” means… any facility constructed or improvements made under the provisions of this act by an international trade processing authority for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, equipping and operating an international trade processing center, including rail, water, air, highway intermodal facilities, and commercial support facilities, and shall include all buildings, structures, landscaping, infrastructure, utilities, roadways, railways, parking structures, parking lots, sidewalks, personal property and fixtures, equipment and machinery, and other improvements which an international trade processing authority may deem necessary for the operation of such project, together with all property, rights, easements and interests which may be acquired by an international trade processing authority for the construction or operation of such.

14 Call the Governor…!

15 Recalled by SCR 89 5/1/08 Returned by Governor! 5/5/08 Signing rescinded 5/5/08 Senate rule suspended; vote to reconsider; Ayes 46 / Nay 0 5/7/08 and 5/14/08 Bad language removed and measure passed 44/0

16 Continental Gateway Authority 1999 – Created 2003 SB 439 (Nichols) - International Trade Processing Centers “As introduced by Senator Nichols, SB 439 will designate the Oklahoma Department of Commerce as the sponsoring agency for the Continental Gateway Authority (CGA). “The Continental Gateway Authority is comprised of county commissioners who with the help of community leaders have developed the idea of locating an International Trade Center in McClain County,” explained Senator Nichols.”

17 Continental Gateway Authority… Centrally located development along the NASCO Corridor. NASCO ’ s mission is to develop the world ’ s first international, integrated and secure, multi-modal transportation system, along the International Mid-Continent Trade Corridor…

18 Thank you to… The Lord Those who called and

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