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Physician Assistant (Associate) Program University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Medicine Department of Family and Preventive Medicine.

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1 Physician Assistant (Associate) Program University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Medicine Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

2 University of Oklahoma Physician Assistants Professional member of the health care team. Direct extension of the physician used to improve access to high quality health care. Often works in similar capacity as physician but work is always guided and supervised by a physician. PA’s do NOT work independently (without physician supervision). The Physician does not need to be physically present when the Physician Assistant provides services. The physician retains overall responsibility for the care of the patient. PAs work within the scope of practice of their supervising physician

3 University of Oklahoma Scope of Practice Obtain a patient’s accurate medical history Perform a thorough physical examination

4 University of Oklahoma Scope of Practice Ordering and analyzing laboratory and diagnostic tests Performing routine diagnostic tests such as PAP smears and EKG’s

5 University of Oklahoma Scope of Practice Diagnosing and treating medical problems

6 University of Oklahoma Scope of Practice Prescribe medications Write medical orders in hospitals

7 University of Oklahoma Scope of Practice Make hospital rounds Initiate and manage emergency treatment

8 Assist in surgery Debride, suture and care for wounds Cast and splint fractures and sprains University of Oklahoma Scope of Practice

9 Minimum 90 hrs (most with degrees) English Composition: 2 semesters U.S. Government : 1 semester History: 1 semester Psychology: 1 semester Psych Elective: 1 semester College Algebra or higher: 1 semester Microbiology: 1 semester General Chemistry: 2 semesters General Physics: 1 semester Pathogenic Microbiology Virology Immunology Human Physiology: 1 semester Human Anatomy: 1 semester (or two semesters of A&P) Only need of one semester of one of these three courses (not all three) University of Oklahoma Prerequisites

10 Organic Chemistry 2 semesters Biochemistry or Cell Biology 1 semester Medical Terminology 1 semester Cadaver dissection course encouraged Bachelor Degree Students are encouraged to pursue a degree that requires these courses University of Oklahoma Proposed Prerequisite Changes

11 Minimum GPA for Consideration to the Program: 2.75 GPA - 3.69 75% - 3.87 or betterMaximum 4.0 25% - 3.56-3.86Minimum 3.2 10% - 3.41 or lower SCIENCE GPA – 3.69 75% - 3.81 or betterMaximum 4.0 25% - 3.31-3.8Minimum 2.92 10% - 3.19 or lower University of Oklahoma Grade Point Averages

12 LAST 60 HOURS GPA - 3.73 75% - 3.89 or better Maximum 4.0 25% - 3.61-3.88 Minimum 2.9 10% - 3.49 or lower GRADUATE COURSE GPA: 3.70 with at least 42 hours 75% had >3.89 and > 49 hours Maximum 3.94/81 hours 25% had 3.52-3.89 and > 27 hours Minimum 3.27/11 hours 10% had <3.37 and < 17 hours University of Oklahoma Grade Point Averages

13 Poor GPA If you can’t make the grades - stop and fix the problem Last 60 hours important - “A’s”. Don't get discouraged if you started out slowly in college – improving your GPA from year to year counts for a lot. A less than stellar first two years in college can be made up to some extent with a good finish If C’s in applied sciences (anatomy, physiology, micro, path, etc) may need to repeat to get good grasp of the basics or take upper level courses (biochem is better than taking gen chem again) – make A’s University of Oklahoma Grade Point Averages

14 GRE score average or better ( not a major factor unless you have a low GPA) Written – 4.53 75% - 5.00 or betterMaximum 6.0 25% - 4.00-5.00Minimum 3.5 10% - 3.95 or lower Quantitative – 597 75% - 650 or betterMaximum 750 25% - 550-640Minimum 390 10% - 498 or lower Verbal – 467 75% - 520 or betterMaximum 620 25% - 410-510Minimum 320 10% - 390 or lower University of Oklahoma Graduate Record Exam

15 Deadline is October 1 Apply early (to make sure everything gets in) – we do not start looking at applications until after the October 1 deadline Check application status online to see if anything is missing or incomplete – information is entered daily so check website (if it is not on the website then we do not have it) It is student’s responsibility to make sure everything is in by October 1 Nothing submitted after October 1 st will be accepted Prerequisites do not have to be complete by the October 1 st deadline If GRE scores are not in by October 1 st that ok – we will accept them from the testing center after the deadline as long as the test has been taken by September 30 University of Oklahoma Application

16 256 applicants in 2008 144 called for interview 50 admitted University of Oklahoma Acceptance rates

17 Three PROFESSIONAL references or ORU committee letter References should come from people able to provide an objective evaluation of you Physician, PA, professor, leadership sponsor, work manager, volunteer supervisor are good When asking for a letter do the following: Give as much time as possible and give them a deadline Ask them to write you a strong letter of recommendation (not just an average one) Give them information about yourself (resume) so that they can highlight your achievements University of Oklahoma Letters of Recomendation

18 “Why I want to be a PA” No tears - cut to the chase Why do you want to go into this profession? Your motivation to become a PA will help shape the way you go about achieving your goal If you do it for the right reasons people will likely recognize that, same thing applies if you are doing it for the wrong reasons Sell yourself Second time applicant…. What have you done to improve yourself? Whatever your reasons for going to PA school just make sure they are from the heart. We want to see if you can communicate in writing University of Oklahoma Position Statement

19 Pre-Health Professions clubs are often good sources of information Focus on work experience, volunteerism, leadership experience, and involvement in professional clubs (clubs, sororities, fraternities, diversity groups, etc) List shadowing experiences Document time spent with PA students University of Oklahoma Resume

20 Can be hard to get health care experience More important to find out the role of a PA Volunteering One of the best things you can do to enrich yourself is to perform volunteer work - helping other human beings is part of what medicine is about Part of what will set you apart as an applicant are those things that show traits such as compassion and caring University of Oklahoma Health Care Experience

21 Should be done for the reason of learning about the function and role of a PA The experiences should not be for the amount of time spent with a PA, but for what was learned during the time spent with the PA (what does a PA do?) Ask questions of the PA on what they like/dislike about the profession, hot topics, the future of the profession, etc. Recommend one primary care and two specialty areas University of Oklahoma Shadowing

22 Occurs in early to mid-January Allows use to get to know you up close and personal We are mostly interested in what kind of person you are and how you would fit into our program During the interview itself make eye contact, smile and try to relax as much as you can Be honest and forthright with your answers Come prepared for all the favorite interviewer questions such as: why do you want to be a PA? Tell me about yourself. Tell me what you know about our program, etc. Know why you want to be a PA rather than any other profession University of Oklahoma Personal Interview

23 Well-Rounded Personality It takes a well rounded person with an ability to communicate accurately and efficiently to become a successful Physician Associate. This includes a person who has been willing to step beyond academia and correspond with their community. Those “life experience” blend well with profession of Physician Associate. Team Player The Physician and Physician Associate role is that of cooperation. The ability to work in an environment that fits with both you and your Supervising Physician’s beliefs is imperative. Your role within that environment is constantly changing. Their may be times that you may need to take the lead in a situation but always remembering the role of your Physician. In addition, an incident my occur that requires you to play more of a contributing member and not a leader. Motivation The medicine and health field is constantly changing with the discoveries to improve health care. Therefore, as members of the health care field, you must be motivated to stay current within this field. University of Oklahoma PA Characteristics

24 Prepare for possibility of not being accepted Don’t get discouraged Many students do not get in the first time Seek advisement Get degree, if not done already Spend more time shadowing PAs Come to class and talk with students Improve GPA (especially upper science) Health care experience Take graduate hours University of Oklahoma What if Not Selected?

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