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 Log into Moodle and complete today’s Bell Ringer  When you finish, download today’s notes from Moodle REMINDER: Remember to be checking my website if.

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1  Log into Moodle and complete today’s Bell Ringer  When you finish, download today’s notes from Moodle REMINDER: Remember to be checking my website if you were absent or didn’t get work done the day before AGENDA: 11:30 – 12:20: Majors and Minors Notes 12:15 – 12:20: Break 12:20-1:00: College Research AND Finish Prezi OUTCOMES: 1. List the requirements of college coursework

2 1. Kinds of Colleges 2. Location 3. Campus Setting 4. Costs 5. Majors 6. Learning Environment

3 College Prep

4  A major is simply a specific subject that students can specialize in  Typically, between a third and a half of the courses you take in college are in your major or related to it  By completing a major, you demonstrate sustained, high-level work in one field; and in some majors, you prepare for a specific career  A major can be changed once admitted (if GPA is high enough and if space is available in new area)

5  A major is the primary program of courses meeting the requirements for your degree  Minors are a chance to tailor your degree even further  Usually, the course requirements for a minor is about half the courses needed for a major  While it can be difficult to have a major and minor, if you plan and work out your courses with your academic advisor you can achieve both within four years

6  A major is basically the area you plan to pursue  A minor is something that you are interested in and may help you in your career

7  A double major consists of two majors in a single college  A student with simultaneous degrees has two majors from two different colleges and therefore graduates with two bachelors degrees ◦ For instance, a student may pursue simultaneous degrees in English (College of Letters and Science) and in Architecture (College of Environmental Design)

8  Graduation from Bloomsburg University (as well as many other universities) requires the successful completion of at least 120 semester hours, to include: ◦ Successful completion of all courses required in the major program  An average of 2.0 or higher in all courses required by the major program ◦ Successful completion of general education requirements  A minimum of 1.0 or higher in all general education courses

9  General education courses in higher education are fundamental to a well-rounded college and university education  Courses across disciplines allow students to gain interdisciplinary understanding, attain a broad range of skills and make active and positive contributions to society and in their careers

10 1 An ability to communicate effectively; 2 An ability to think analytically and quantitatively; 3 A facility to make independent and responsible value judgments and decisions according to high ethical values and life-long goals; 4 An appreciation of the need for fitness and life- long recreation skills; 5 A capacity for assessing the validity of ideas and an understanding of the approaches used to gain knowledge through development of critical thinking abilities;

11 6 A greater appreciation of literature, art, music, and theater through stimulation of one's creative interests; 7 An understanding of our society and the relative position of an individual in this society; 8 An understanding of the relationship between an individual to her/his physical and biological environments; 9 A familiarity with the major contributions of human knowledge in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics; 10 An awareness and global understanding of the relative position of the individual in the world community

12  50-60 credits of General Ed classes ◦ Communication – 9 credits ◦ Quantitative/Analytical Reasoning - 3 credits ◦ Values, Ethics, and Responsible Decision-Making - 3 credits ◦ Fitness and Recreation Skills – 2 credits ◦ Diversity Requirement – 6 credits ◦ Humanities – 12 credits ◦ Social Science– 12 credits ◦ Natural Sciences and Mathematics - 12 Credits

13  10 credit Electives ◦ From any area, great way to take classes that fall into a minor  36 Credit of Major classes ◦ Specific required courses – often listed out in order which classes must be taken

14  quirements  Click on the various requirements to look at a list of courses that meet that requirement ◦ Giving you an idea of the types of courses you will take at any four year college

15  Often called Tracks or Programs  Requirements are put together with specific courses that are required  Often times a sequence is put together  Take a look at some examples: ◦  Find a major  Take a look at the requirement  Take a look at the sequence

16  At the bottom of your notes, please list 2 things you learned that you think will be (or would be) helpful in college.  UPLOAD these notes to Moodle

17  Education Quiz #1 ◦ Next Tuesday ---------------------------------------- Make sure your notes are UPLOADED Designate one person from your group to pick up a worksheet from the basket

18  Use your college’s site to find the information on the worksheet in front of you ◦ See if you can find a major that interests both of you  Find out the requirements for that major: ◦ How many gen eds ◦ How many core courses ◦ How many electives ◦ What are some the gen eds that are required?  Is there a schedule or sequence to give you an idea of what to take each semester?  Place this worksheet in the basket when you finish

19  Finish the “College Research” with your partner from Wednesday (if you didn’t already) ◦ Turn in the basket when you finish  Finish your “About Me Prezi” that includes the following: ◦ Your name in large text (the main title) ◦ At least 5 frames or text boxes that gives information about yourself ◦ At least 3 frames or text boxes that tells me about your chosen career, including some information from your research last week. ◦ Play around with the features and include lots of zooming for your path to follow!  Email me the link when you finish

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