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Medical School: The Application Process UCI Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

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1 Medical School: The Application Process UCI Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

2 Overview

3 AMCAS Logistics  May 1st: Application opens  June 1st: First day to submit  Early July: Suggested turn in  Primary Application Deadlines: November 1, 15 and December 1st (depends on school)

4 1. Identifying Information

5 2. Schools Attended


7 4. Course Work * remember to check each school's course requirements: biochem & statistics

8 GPA and Majors  Do I have to be a science major?  What GPA do I need to have in order to apply?  Which GPA is important?

9 Do I have to be a science major? No! GPA? "Suggested" Total > 3.5 **Science >= 3.5 (see MSAR)

10 GPA Tips/Suggestions  Demonstrate an upward trend  Must have substance  Medical schools look at Science GPA (BCPM).

11 5. Work/Activities

12 Extracurricular Activities, Volunteer and Work  How many activities should I be involved in?  Do they have to be medically or science related?  What if I work and don’t have time?

13 Activities Tips/Suggestions  Do what you love.  Demonstrate commitment & passion.  Learn from your experiences.  They will make you a well- rounded individual

14 6. Letters of Evaluation/ Recommendation  How can I get a STRONG letter?  Who do I ask and How do I ask them?  How many letters do I need?

15 LOR: Tips/Suggestions  3-5 letters (2-3 science, 1 non- science, 1-2 other i.e. community service/extracurricular activities  Visit professor Office Hours  Provide: Personal info sheet, CV/resume, personal statement, grade sheet with course highlighted, and self addressed stamped envelope.

16 7. Medical Schools  How many do I apply to?  Which schools do I apply to?  How can I learn more about the school and their particular requirements?

17 Medical School Tips/Suggestions  Refer to Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR)  You can apply to all 133 U.S. accredited medical schools.  Realistically, apply to schools that meet personal eligibility and/or likings.

18 8. Personal Statement  This is your time to shine and show them who YOU ARE!  Share your STORY.

19 PS Tips/Suggestions  No particular format or structure  Tell an original story!  Explain and support why you want to be a physician.  Stand out from the other thousands of applicants!

20 9. Standardized Tests (MCAT)

21 MCAT Format  Physical Science (PS): 70 minutes, 52 MC Questions  Verbal Reasoning (VR): 60 minutes, 40 MC Questions  Writing Sample (WS): 60 minutes, 2 essays  Biological Science (BS): 70 minutes, 52 MC Questions

22 MCAT Tips/Suggestions  Tests knowledge, concepts, and critical thinking  Allocate a significant amount of time for studying.  Practice, practice, practice, practice!

23 Fee Assistance Program  MCAT: $235-->$80  Primary Application for each school: 14 free + $30 each additional  Free secondary applications for most schools  Free MSAR

24 Secondary Application  AKA: Supplementary Application  Written responses will be more focused for the school and its curriculum  Letters of recommendation are REQUIRED to complete the application  Individual deadlines

25 Interviews  Review your application and know yourself  Be up-to-date on current medical reform and relate issues  Learn about the school  Devise your own questions for the interviewer(s)  Practice interview techniques/questions (mock interview)  Relax and know you are great!

26 Question Topics  Personal views on certain issues  Challenges  Achievements  Community Service  Education  Family/Community  Ethics

27 Ask Yourself…  Why do I want to be a doctor?  What are my strengths/weaknesses?  What makes me special and what can I contribute?  What is the most pressing health problem in our community today?

28 But Remember to be:  CONFIDENT  PERSEVERANT  PATIENT And to always… BELIEVE in YOURSELF!!!

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