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1 Mission Center Renovation Tzu Chi Northwest Region (10/15/2012)

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1 1 Mission Center Renovation Tzu Chi Northwest Region (10/15/2012)

2 2 2.5 miles Located in the Center of Silicon Valley Within 10 minutes: SJ Airport, Bisunesses, Hi-tech Companies, Gov Agencies, Schools, Residents

3 Very Convenient Transportation Montague Expressway Tzu Chi Mission Center Oakland Road

4 4 1 st Building (21,000sf) 2 nd Building( 9,000sf) 3 rd Building (13,000sf) 43,000 sf on 3 acre Land

5 5 建築平面圖 Assembly Hall Book Store Bud dha Hall Rec. Lobby Class- rooms Dining/ Kitchen Admin Senior Center War ehou se M/P Rooms Studio Court Yard Integrated Four Missions & Six Service Centers

6 Tzu Chi’s Four Missions 6 Charity Medicine Education Humanistic Culture

7 Six Service Centers 7 1. Medical Clinic 2. Senior Service Center 3. Youth Education Center 4. Community Education Center 5. Environmental Conservation Center 6. Disaster Relief Shelter

8 Medical Clinic Will be located in Milpitas office. Start from dental services, then medicine & acupuncture Emphasize preventive care, medical education, humanistic culture, out- reach operations.

9 9 First Building: Education, Humanistic Culture Center: Entrance Lobby Right: Classrooms Left: Assembly Hall, Bookstore

10 10 Lobb y 2,100 sf Buddha Hall 1800sf Assembly Hall 6300 sf Book Store 2,700 sf Classrooms 7,200 sf ( to 2 nd bldg ) Assembly Hall Capacity: 500 people Bldg. 1 Floor Plan Entrance

11 Future Bookstore Spiritual Cultivation & Growth

12 12 Future Assembly Hall Location

13 13 Future Classroom Area Youth Education Community Education Humanistic Culture Volunteer Training

14 14 To 2 nd bldg Office Edu Resource Center Reg. Classroom Tea Ceremony/Flower Arrangement Art Classroom Computer Classroom Reg. Classroom Rest rooms Maint. Room Classroom Area Floor Plan ( 7,200 sf ) Offices, Resource Center, Multi-purpose Classrooms

15 Youth Education Center 15 Focus on character and humanistic education for all ages. Offer Tzu Chi youth programs from elementary to high school levels. Facilitate Tzu Chi Collegiate Group.

16 Community Education 16 Provide learning of practical skills and humanistic culture. Offer classes like tea ceremonies, flower arrangement, photography, calligraphy, sewing art, music, yoga, computer, etc.

17 Bldg 2. - Administration and Communication Support bldg 1 and 2 Operations

18 18 Caferteria 1800 sf Kitchen 1,000sf Admin, Finance, Facility, IT 5,000sf Sky lite To bldg 3 To bldg 1 Comm Center Bldg 2 Floor Plan

19 Future Court Yard : 5,000 sf Normal : Court Yard Event : Outdoor Eating Area

20 Bldg 3 : Senior Center, Studio, Warehouse, Enviromnental

21 21 Multipurpose Room Senior Center 5,000sf Studio & Media Production 1,000 sf Ware house 2500sf To bldg 2 Garde n Bldg 3 Floor Plan

22 Future Audio/Video Studio Media production 22

23 23 Environmental Education Promotion Recycling Workshop Organic Garden

24 24 Serve healthy seniors initially with enriching social environment and programs. Later will offer Day break programs for light Alzheimers’ seniors. office Restroom to bldg 2 Activity Room (50 people) Volun teer room Small activity room (10) Breakroom Recept ion Garden W al k W a y Senior Center Floor Plan (5,000 sf)

25 25 Renovation Finance Already raised enough finance for “purchasing” cost. Need to raise for “renovation”: – Old building ( 8,000sf ) – New Center Campus ( 43,000sf ) Estimated total cost: $5,000,000

26 26 Renovation Progress 2010 : Master Planning, Partial Usage 2011 : City Planning Review and Approval 2012 : Design Development 2013 : Construction Start and Completion

27 Do it ourselves whenever appropriate to save cost.

28 28 Recycled and reused materials whenever possible

29 29 Public Hearing 11/2/2011 Finally passed public hearing after four City’s review cycles - one of the most complex planning projects, commented.

30 Route 66 Bus 30 Route 66 bus daily taken by Tzu Chi Northern Cal founder “Silicon Valley Arma” happens to have a bus stop right in front of the new mission center building.

31 Waves of Hope are created by accumulating every drop water.

32 We Need Your Support 32 10/27/2012 6:00pm 10/28/2012 2:00pm

33 Please go to facebook to connect with supporters for-Tzu-Chi-NW-Region-Mission-Center/151585268318901 for-Tzu-Chi-NW-Region-Mission-Center/151585268318901 33

34 34 Fundraising Event Blog

35 35 Thanks For Your Support

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