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2 INTRODUCTION : Throughout history The family is the first and best teacher in the community. And has a big role in the upbringing of their children on great moral. But with the evolution of the ages led to the emergence of schools Which are attended by children after the age of 5 or 6 years. These schools are known as primary school. And has a very important role in the community owned the Children of the nation and the future flowers. Hence came the attention and coordination to suit the mentality and thinking of students and the conduct of the administrative organization. And the creativity shown by the mental architecture. Because of its role in the organization of this relatively complex process. Where architecture plays an important role where he teaches young students the mentality and the mentality of managers and teachers of adults. And works to convert it to a building which can serve them for a long time. On rules and requirements we will discuss them in this report which is The functional relationships in primary schools. Hence we know that, the school is a building an educational administrator brought up the student from the age of six to twelve, and acquire the ability to understand the good social relations, scientific thinking skills, discover their talents and abilities to help them in Their own lives later.

3 T h e A r e a In this report we will discuss the various functional relationships between the building and the area firstly and the interior components of the building secondly, Which are divided into two groups: Elementary School Educational components Service components Relationships in general : *The building with the area *The building with its components : Educational - Educational Educational - Service Service - Service Relationship Relationship Relationship

4 *The building with the area : -The Building must be in intermediate position to be easily accessible from all directions -Far from the noise and the main streets for students safety -Planting green areas to purify the air to create the appropriate atmosphere for study to remove the tension or Stress of the students *Educational - Educational Relationships : -Classrooms must be far from noise and disturbance -Music Rooms, auditorium and gymnasium should be far away from classrooms to avoid the disturbance and noise - Sciences classroom must be close to the classrooms and with good ventilation and lighting and has a special warehouse to store the tools and the materials.

5 *Educational - Service Relationships : -Administration must be in a center place near to the main entrance - Teacher ’ s room should be close to the classrooms as well as management - The gymnasium must be far from classrooms. -The cafeteria should be in a suitable medium which will waste the student ’ s time. -Health clinic must be as close as possible from all components of school and away from the noise -Restrooms (W.Cs) must be oriented correctly to non-arrival of bad smells

6 *Service - Service Relationships : -Administration should be close to the main entrance and overlooking the stage for a clear vision as well as close to the rooms of teachers to easily communicate. -Teachers room should have a small library and private restrooms. -The gymnasium must be far from the administration, teachers, and close to the health clinic and should be on the ground floor. -Prying hall Should be close to the teachers room and facing the “ Pray direction ” (if possible) -Restrooms should be available on each floor and everywhere to give more comfort to the teachers and students. -The cafeteria Should have a restroom nearby. Also The kitchen must have a health store to save the food for the health and safety of students.

7 science lab *Educational components: Class rooms music room Art rooms

8 Class rooms : A place where the student learns and spends most of the time in which to take classes. This should be a comfortable place ventilation and lighting are good and help to understanding and comprehension Administration, Art, sciences, Music classrooms, courtyard, w.cs Cafeteria, Clinic, Media center, Auditorium Multi purpose room, gymnasium C l a s s r o o m s strong Medium weak

9 Sciences classroom : Where is the explanation of science. And the application of practical experience in it. Classrooms, courtyard, clinic, restrooms Administration Cafeteria, Gymnasium S c i e n c e s classroom strong Medium weak

10 Music Education : Where the student learns the music. Where it develops technical skills and cognitive. Classrooms, restrooms Media center Cafeteria, gymnasium, sciences lab, Administration M u s i c classroom strong Medium weak

11 Art classroom : Students will learn the drawing. And dealing with colors. And the work of the small figures of clay and other things. Which develops intellectual skills. Classrooms, Restrooms Media centerm Administration Music classroom, Gymnasium, Sciences lab, A r t classroom strong Medium weak

12 *Serves Components : Administration Cafeteria Gymnasium Media Center Multi-purpose roomAuditorium Restrooms (W.Cs): Health Clinic

13 Administration : Is the head of the administrative side in the school, Working on the educational process in the best way and it is the connecting link between the students and teachers, so This must be close to them to easily communicate. Classrooms, Restrooms, Entrance, Courtyard Multi-purpose room, Cafeteria, Clinic Media center, Gymnasium, A d m i n i s t r a t i o n strong Medium weak

14 Cafeteria : It is an eating hall and it Must be close to the students and has good ventilation lighting. Service entrance, Restrooms Classrooms, Administration Music classroom, Gymnasium, Sciences lab, etc.. C a f é t e r i a strong Medium weak

15 Gymnasium : Is the place where the students practiced their games of various sports. Because of their role in the development and the health of their body. Clinic, restrooms Multi-purpose room, Cafeteria Administration, Media center, Classrooms G y m n a s i u m strong Medium weak

16 Media Center : It is a place more than an update of the traditional library. There are computers and it is used to read stories to students, or search for a articles or a science experiments or to browse the Internet and other things. To develop the skills of the student educational and cognitive. Classrooms Administration, Sciences, art, Music classrooms Cafeteria, Gymnasium M e d i a C e n t e r strong Medium weak

17 Multi-purpose room : Hall is used for multiple activities and different. Can be arranged in the order in time of need as appropriate use. Can be used as a staging ground or a classroom or small auditorium, etc. Auditorium, Entrance, Restrooms Classrooms, Administration Media center, Music, Art, etc.. M u l t i p u r p o s e room strong Medium weak

18 Auditorium : Is the place which is used in festivals or private parties to see the work of students and their talents in front of their parents and others. Because of its importance in the development of their personality. Multi-purpose room, restrooms Classrooms, Administration Media center, etc.. A u d i t o r i u m strong Medium weak

19 Restrooms (W.Cs): A very important part. Should be available everywhere. Because of its direct contact with all departments. Administration,Classrooms, Gymnasium, Praying space, Cafeteria, Art and sciences classrooms, etc.. R e s t r o o m s (W.C) strong Medium weak

20 Health Clinic : Is the school health center for treatment Injuries.And should be close to the courtyard and gymnasium. Gymnasium, sciences classroom, Restrooms Classrooms, Administration Media center, Music, Art, etc.. C l i n i c strong Medium weak

21 Praying hall: The place where students and teachers perform the prayer. Restrooms Classrooms, Administration P r a y i n g H a l l strong Medium weak

22 Service Entrance Cafeteria Sciences labs Health clinicArt labs Auditorium Multi-purpose room Main Entrance Parking Courtyard Restrooms W.Cs ClassroomsAdministration GymnasiumMedia centerMusic labsPrying space Functional Relationships Diagram :

23 CONCLUSION : Architect, designer of the school: Should make it an ideal building to take out members are able to build a home in the future. So as to provide the appropriate atmosphere for them to study them all good-looking means that will help them to understand and assimilate. It also restricts the building to connect with students and makes it close to them, so that makes the student does not want to come out of it.

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