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Burbank Bob Hope Airport Replacement Terminal and Opportunity Site Development October 28, 2013.

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1 Burbank Bob Hope Airport Replacement Terminal and Opportunity Site Development October 28, 2013

2 The Goals Replace an 83 year old building with a safe, modern 14-gate terminal that meets current earthquake design standards and FAA standards for distance from the runways Provide the same conveniences and easy access that Burbank residents and air travelers now enjoy Provide additional amenities which the public has identified and are typically available in a modern airport terminal 2

3 The Goals Maximize the use of the former Lockheed Plant B6 site to develop a replacement terminal and create an economic engine for the region that takes advantage of vacant real estate and proximity of air and ground transportation. 3



6 Preliminary Terminal Concept Preliminary Terminal Concept Site Plan 6

7 What passengers and residents want Don’t “screw it up!” Don’t use local taxes to pay for it! 7

8 What passengers and residents want A variety of restaurants and concessions Larger spaces for TSA passenger and baggage security screenings Roomier baggage claim areas A larger ticket lobby and airline ticket counters 8

9 What passengers and residents want Adequate space for airline administrative, ramp, bag service, and ticket offices More room for airline baggage processing Additional restroom facilities and increased family restrooms Fully integrated designs for ADA accessibility 9

10 Terminal 10 Existing Terminal –14 Gates –6,631 Parking Spaces –210,599 SF Excludes Apron Space Uses Replacement Terminal Size –14 Gates –6,631 Parking Spaces –355,102 SF Net Increase = 144,503 SF (68.6% increase)

11 Space Summary 11 SPACE CATEGORYEXISTING TERMINAL Total Space REPLACEMENT TERMINAL Total Space DIFFERENCE AUTHORITY48,87335,615(13,258) PUBLIC49,28390,10740,824 CONCESSION17,10238,68321,581 AIRLINE COMMON (ENCLOSED) 42,14672,79230,646 AIRLINE COMMON (UNENCLOSED) 7,28428,60921,325 AIRLINE EXCLUSIVE18,91632,82313,907 SECURITY25,02345,39320,370 MECHANICAL / MISC1,97211,0809,108 TOTAL210,599355,102144,503

12 How Will the Burbank Bob Hope Airport Replacement Terminal Benefit the Region? 12

13 Tremendous Opportunity Invests $300-400M in local economy –funded by the FAA, airlines, and airport users –NOT Burbank taxpayers Creates a substantial number of terminal related jobs in construction, transportation, and services Attracts more companies and jobs to nearby Media District North 13

14 Tremendous Opportunity Preserves what is good about the Airport and makes it great – still convenient and friendly with: loading from front and rear of aircraft parking choices (close-in and remote parking) shorter walks single screening area improved baggage claim more amenities 14

15 Tremendous Opportunity Acts as a unique catalyst to attract a mix of highest and best uses and jobs to the adjacent 58-acre Opportunity Site Strengthens Burbank’s appeal as a growing media and hi-tech hub served by convenient air transportation in a modern terminal 15

16 Tremendous Opportunity Introduces Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and the Valley to millions of airport passengers and visitors through a showcase new front door Mitigates traffic congestion with more rail and bus links to the Airport and adjacent commercial areas 16

17 Tremendous Opportunity Locks in place protections for Burbank residents by changing the Airport Authority’s governance rules to require not a simple majority vote but a “supermajority” vote (2 commissioners from each city) –for such actions as adding more gates or expanding the terminal ending the voluntary curfew or changing noise rules acquiring land 17

18 Process and Schedule October 29, 2013 –Burbank City Council Meeting to review the Proposed Configuration of a 14-gate Replacement Terminal and Opportunity Site Development scenario 18

19 Process and Schedule November 14, 2013 –Joint City and Airport Authority Meeting to consider approval of a general project description for a proposed 14-gate replacement terminal and associated airport improvements, as well as development scenarios for the 58 acre Opportunity Site. –This general description will then be used as the project description for study in the Environmental Impact Report. 19

20 Process and Preliminary Schedule End of 2013 - CEQA Project Description and Public Scoping Meeting Early 2015 - Completion of CEQA analysis and Public Comment Period Spring 2015 - Completion of Required Approvals Mid 2015 - Measure B Vote 20

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