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Campus Testing Coordinator Spring 2015

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1 Campus Testing Coordinator Spring 2015
3-5 STAAR Training Campus Testing Coordinator Spring 2015

2 What Jodi looks like at the Assessment Conference!
What YOU look like when you know training is tomorrow! NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

3 take the place of reading and the appropriate manuals
This training does NOT take the place of reading and the appropriate manuals NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

4 Early April Administration
Monday March 30 Tuesday March 31 Wednesday April 1 Thursday April 2 Friday April 3 Elementary (3-5) 4th Writing Day 1 4th Writing Day 2 5th Reading Make- Ups Return Materials (make-ups allowed if needed) Warehouse staff will pick up Non-Scorables the week after testing Student Holiday/ Staff Development INCLUDES ALL TEST VERSIONS – STAAR (English & Spanish) STAAR SOA, STAAR A, STAAR L (on-line) NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

5 Late April Administration
Monday April 20 Tuesday April 21 Wednesday April 22 Thursday April 23 Friday April 24 Elementary (3-5) 5th Math 3rd Math 4th Math 3rd Reading 4th Reading 5th Science Make-Ups Return Materials Warehouse staff will pick up Non-Scorables the week after testing INCLUDES ALL TEST VERSIONS – STAAR (English & Spanish) STAAR SOA, STAAR A & STAAR L (on-line) NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

6 May Retest (Reading Only)
Monday May 12 Tuesday May 13 Wednesday May 14 Thursday May 15 Friday May 16 Elementary NO TESTS 5th Reading Make-Ups Return ALL Materials INCLUDES ALL TEST VERSIONS – STAAR (English & Spanish) STAAR A (on-line) NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

7 June Retest (Reading Only)
Monday June 22 Tuesday June 23 Wednesday June 24 Thursday June 25 Friday June 26 Elementary NO TESTS 5th Reading Make-Ups Return ALL Materials INCLUDES ALL TEST VERSIONS – STAAR (English & Spanish) STAAR A (on-line) NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

8 Policy & Procedure Highlights

9 Policy & Procedure Highlights
Math Raw score information provided in spring 2015 New performance standards will be available summer 2015 No SSI for May or June retests Writing The purposes for writing have now been assigned to a particular day for grade 4. Day 1: Personal Narrative Day 2:Expository NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

10 Policy & Procedure Highlights
STAAR A Online accommodated version of STAAR. TEA does not refer to this test as STAAR “Accommodated” because it is not a different test version. STAAR A is exactly the same test as STAAR, but has embedded accommodations such as: visual aids, graphic organizers, clarification of construct-irrelevant terms text-to-speech functionality. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

11 Online Testing

12 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015


14 Standardized Oral Administration (SOA)
For regular STAAR test Can independently select and change his/ her level of reading support during the test administration. Administered to an eligible student for whom the appropriateness of this type of oral administration has been discussed and documented. It is advised that students complete the STAAR SOA online tutorial (SOA webpage) prior to test administration. This tutorial allows students to become familiar with the tools available to them during the online SOA test session. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

15 Standardized Oral Administration (SOA)
Text-to-speech panel that students can use to hear selected text: test questions answer choices graphics as allowed in a traditional oral administration of a paper assessment Available in the following grades and subjects for students eligible for an Oral Administration: grade 4 reading and mathematics grade 5 science NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

16 Standardized Oral Administration (SOA) Resources
Information and student tutorials are available at: NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015


18 STAAR A Accommodated online version of STAAR for students who meet eligibility requirements Available for all grade 3-8 and EOC test Administered for the first time in spring 2015 Offered ONLY in English (No Braille or Spanish) Similarities to STAAR Differences in STAAR A passing standards no field test questions time limits assessed online administration curriculum test blueprint embedded accommodations and accessibility features progress measures NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

19 How does STAAR A make test content accessible?
Tools Embedded Accommodations Accessibility Features Answer Eliminator Pop-ups Text-to-Speech Highlighter Rollovers Zoom Eraser Blank Graphic Organizers Color and Contrast Pencil Writing Checklists Place Marker Notepad Dot Tool* Line Tool* Ruler* Calculator* Reference Materials* * These tools are subject specific, and only appear in applicable tests. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

20 Summarize Eligible Text-to-Speech
YES – TTS Provided and TA can read Pop-Ups and Rollovers Math Q & A Science Q & A Reading – Pre-reading Text Reading Q & A Writing Revising Selections Writing Revising Q & A Writing Prompt (at student’s request) NO – TTS NOT Provided; TAs Must NOT read Pop-Ups and Rollovers Reading Test – Reading passages/selections Writing test – Editing Selections Writing test – Editing Q & A NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

21 STAAR A- Key Points Reference materials available online can also be printed for students – use non-ruler version. Students must use the online ruler tool. Students NOT required to be eligible for Oral Administration Text to speech is available for the entire Math, Science, and Social Studies tests, as well as the Pre-reading text, Revising selections, and the Revising test questions for Reading and Writing. Text-to-speech does NOT read aloud pop-ups or rollovers, but the TA may read aloud these imbedded accommodations (at the student’s request) on the portions of the test that allow text-to-speech TAs are NOT allowed to read aloud any text in reading selections, editing selections, and editing items. This is indicated by a DO NOT READ icon at the beginning of these sections. It does not appear on every page (screen), but it applies to every screen displaying these portions of the test. Pop-ups and Rollovers associated with these pages my NOT be read aloud either. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

22 STAAR A Key Points Online tests – students will need headphones; available for paper testing with TEA permission Provide students who are eligible for Supplemental aids those materials – all aids are not imbedded in STAAR A ELLs taking STAAR A are allowed to receive linguistic accommodations if LPAC determines it is necessary (clarification in English, Bilingual Dictionary, Extra Time) STAAR A Writing Test is 2 days – students submit test on Day 1, but will need authorization codes to login for Day 2 testing – save those or print 2 sets At any point during the session, the TA can assist students (who request help) having trouble navigating through the assessment or managing the tools Character count for Writing compositions is 1,750 characters. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

23 Important Information for 4th Grade Writing
For the 2015 administration of STAAR A, it is not necessary for students taking 4th grade STAAR A writing to meet the eligibility criteria for Basic Transcribing. This specific group of students may have their writing compositions transcribed into the online form in TestNav in accordance with guidelines listed in the accommodations triangle document for Basic Transcribing. Note: This is not a requirement of the administration and decisions regarding this provision must be based on individual student need. TEA will review this policy for subsequent administration years. Students in all other grades and subjects must meet the eligibility requirements for Basic Transcribing as described in the corresponding document found in the accommodations triangle. Important Information for 4th Grade Writing NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

24 STAAR A Resources TEA webpage: STAAR A Student Tutorials: NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015


26 STAAR L ELLs may take STAAR L if:
Student has not yet attained Advanced High TELPAS Reading rating Student is within first 3 years in U.S. schools (unless unschooled asylee/refugee, then first 5 years) STAAR L is for students who require moderate to substantial linguistic accommodation to understand the English used on STAAR mathematics, science, and social studies assessments. STAAR L is not for ELLs for whom a bilingual dictionary and/or extra time would suffice. STAAR allows these linguistic accommodations.

27 STAAR L Eligibility Criteria
STAAR L is for Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies only, not Reading and Writing No field test items embedded in STAAR L STAAR L is online and each student will need headphones Offered online – can request permission for a student to test on paper. (TEA approval process)

28 STAAR L Online Tests Online interface provided certain linguistic accommodations for qualifying LEP students: Clarification in English at the word or phrase level for pre-determined words or phrases Words read aloud at the word-by-word level Available for mathematics, science, and social studies in all applicable grades No test administrator-provided accommodations Students will need headphones Tutorials should be used to familiarize students with clarification and read aloud accommodations and standard TestNav tools.

29 Enter Accommodations Information
STAAR L Online Tests Enter Accommodations Information Linguistic accommodations to be recorded along with other applicable accommodations on the Student Test Details screen in the Assessment Management System. STAAR test administrator manuals include instructions for how to record this in the online system. Can only be recorded after student has completed test.

30 STAAR L Resources TEA webpage: STAAR L Student Tutorials: STAAR L Practice Sets: If a test has been submitted and accommodations information needs to be entered, you will need to make these selections from the Student Details screen. 1. Go to Test Management > Manage Test Sessions. 2. Click the session name to which the student belongs. 3. Click a student’s name to open the Student Test Details screen for the student. 4. Click the Edit button. 5. Select the accommodations information for applicable students. Note that accommodations fields are displayed only after the test has been submitted. 6. Click the Save button. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

31 Things to Remember about Online Testing

32 Remember: Students are NOT permitted Internet access during testing. Also, electronic devices with Internet or photographic capabilities are NOT allowable. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

33 Warning: You can combine, but directions are different!
Campus Logistics Schedule and organize testing sessions Access TAMS to place students in testing sessions, confirm demographics Prepare for other accommodations and materials Work with Technology Staff to prepare computers Students may be grouped across grade levels and subject-area tests for STAAR A, STAAR L or SOA May need a more isolated setting for certain types of accommodations Make certain TAs and students practice with the online tutorials for STAAR A, STAAR L and SOA Warning: You can combine, but directions are different! NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

34 Campus Logistics Ensure student records are verified and score codes and demographics entered in TAMS for STAAR A, STAAR L or SOA administrations Collect and destroy Student and TA Authorization forms (secure documents) Collect and destroy any graph paper, scratch paper, or reference materials on which a student has written NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

35 STAAR Policies

36 Allowable Test Administration Procedures and Materials, DCCM Pg.O12
Are allowed for any student who uses them Regularly, Independently, and Effectively (RIE). Examples are: Signing test administration directions for students who are deaf or hard of hearing Translating test administration directions into the native language of a student Allowing student to read the test aloud to themselves Reading aloud or signing the Writing prompt for any student who requests it General reminders to stay on task NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

37 ATAPMS, Continued Providing the following assistive tools: Scratch paper, extra graphing paper Blank place markers Colored Overlays Magnifying devices Highlighters, colored pencils Tools to minimize distractions (Stress balls or noise-reducing headphones Preferential seating Small group or individual administrations NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

38 Start and Stop Times, DCCM, pg. S-5
Students provided 4 hours for each test (3-5) NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

39 Late Arriving Students, DCCM, p. S5
These students will have a later start and stop time You may test late arriving students if: they will have the full four/five hours to test If they have been given Extended Time, you must decide if they will have enough time to test that day or should test on a make-up day Testing may start or end before the regularly scheduled school day but should take no longer than approximately 7 HOURS for those with extra time (same day) NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

40 Breaks, DCCM, p. S6 Allowable, but do NOT stop the clock for:
Water breaks Bathroom breaks Snack breaks or Short mental or physical breaks Allowable, and you must stop the clock for: Lunch Emergency situations Consolidation or movement of students to another testing area Medical breaks START AND STOP TIMES FOR THE SESSION MUST BE RECORDED ON THE SEATING CHART NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

41 Dictionary Policy, DCCM, pg. S-8 Calculator Policy, DCCM, pg. S-9
Dictionary/Thesaurus is not allowable for grades 3-5 and is considered an accommodation if used. Calculators are not allowable for grades 3-5 unless the student qualifies for the accommodation. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

42 Accommodations

43 Accommodations Local Decision TEA Decision NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

44 Type 1 Accommodations Meet one eligibility criterion AND
Student must routinely, independently (where applicable), and effectively (RIE) use during classroom instruction and testing No Accommodation Request to TEA required Routinely - used often enough to be familiar Independently - only applicable to some accommodations Effectively - meets student ‘s needs as evidenced by scores and observations with and without accommodation use NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

45 Oral Administration Who is eligible for an Oral Administration?
NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

46 Reminders for Oral Administration
NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

47 Evidence of Reading Difficulties
As defined by TEA, for students receiving special education or Section 504 services, what does the eligibility criteria “evidence of reading difficulties” mean? A problem with reading The problem could be caused by a learning disability in reading. The problem could be caused by other conditions, for example: ADHD Emotional or behavioral disability Processing or memory issue The ARD or Section 504 committee decides if the student exhibits evidence of a reading difficulty. (Note the student must be receiving some type of services if s/he does not have dyslexia or a related disorder) NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

48 Types of Oral Administration
Guidelines for oral admins apply to paper tests and braille tests. Reminder – all guidelines for oral admins apply to SOA Test Administrators must be trained in specific procedures for oral admins – use the “Oral/Signed Administration” materials in Appendix C of TA manual Must use same test form for students and TA’s test booklet (district overage for gr. 3-5 is always Form 01) Includes different levels of reading support Parts of the test questions and answer choices at student request All test questions and answer choices throughout the test Test Administrators must be told which level of support each student is to receive NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

49 Grouping for Oral Administrations
Consider level of reading support pace at which students work number of students one Test Administrator can handle the environment and how distractible are individual students Plan for mixtures of support level and pace know what level of support each student receives remember the four-hour time limit move around the room and read aloud to students individually or to small groups of students working at a similar pace NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

50 Extra Time (Same Day) (Type 1) vs
Extra Time (Same Day) (Type 1) vs. Extra Day (Type 2) Accommodations, DCCM, p. S7 Extra Time (same day) is for eligible students with disabilities and ELL students Extra Day is a rare accommodation Applies to students that cannot test for 4 hours at a time Must be submitted for approval through an Accommodation Request Form (ARF) Specific criterion must be met One extra day is allowed for a one-day or two-day test Planning how to implement this accommodation within the testing window for multiple test subjects is essential 2015 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

51 English Language Learners & STAAR

52 ELLs with Parental Denials TAC §101.1005 (f)
Reminder: These students are not eligible for special ELL assessment, accommodation, or accountability provisions No testing in Spanish No linguistic accommodations during testing ELLs with parental denials may, however, use bilingual, ESL, or other allowable dictionaries as part of dictionary policy for STAAR reading and writing tests in grade 6 and up; under this policy, use of dictionaries not considered linguistic accommodation NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

53 ELL Participation in General STAAR Assessment
Remember: STAAR L on-line is for mathematics, science, and social studies. No STAAR L version for reading and writing STAAR Spanish is for grades 3–5 only Linguistic Accommodations are NOT permitted for STAAR Spanish ELLs taking general STAAR assessments are permitted some linguistic accommodations NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

54 Ell Reminders All ELLs participate in STAAR assessments; no exemptions from testing Exception: ONLY Asylee/Refugee students who meet criteria are exempt from STAAR Assessments for 1 year. “Linguistic Accommodations for ELLs Participating in the STAAR Program” available at Linguistic Accommodation policies differ by the type of test ELL test participation information can be found at: STAAR TELPAS Note: Decisions for an entire grade or program are not authorized (e.g., all 4th grade students in a bilingual program take the Spanish-version reading assessment and English-version mathematics assessment) NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

55 Helping ELLs Understand Test Directions
For all tests, ELLs may be helped to understand “SAY” directions and test booklet directions that introduce test sections or item formats. TA is allowed to: Paraphrase administration directions, Translate administration directions, Repeat administration directions, or Read directions aloud TA is not allowed to add directions that are substantively different (no pointers, no test-taking strategies, etc.) Content may not be translated for any other version of the STAAR test NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

56 Linguistic Accommodation Summary
NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015 July 2012 EOC Coordinator Training 56 56

57 Planning for STAAR L Ensure that there is one pair of headphones per student for administrations of STAAR L in which multiple students are tested in the same room (STAAR L online interface allows students to hear words read aloud) Keep in mind that students taking STAAR L online may be eligible to use a bilingual dictionary and/or receive extra time STAAR L is not available for Reading or Writing NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

58 Planning for STAAR L Students must complete STAAR L tutorials prior to the test administration (link to Tutorials is found on Testing Website) Student Authorization Letters are secure documents NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

59 Responsibilities

60 Principal Responsibilities
If your Principal is not a Campus Testing Coordinator, they are still required to be involved in test administration Minimize interruptions for CTCs during test preparation Attend trainings and sign oath Support attendance at campus training sessions Ensure security and confidentiality of the test materials Approve Test Administrators, campus plans, and schedules for testing days Walk the building and evaluate test locations Assist with First Hour Checks NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015 Student Assessment

61 CTC Responsibilities Contact person for all test-related communication on your campus Required to read TA manuals Responsible for: planning, training, and execution of testing test security on your campus verifying precoded test material supervise and actively monitor testing accountability of all test material and for the accurate completion of all answer documents reporting any suspected testing irregularities and/or security violations immediately to the District Test Coordinator All of this is done with the support of your Principal NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

62 Preparing your TA Remind them the importance of
supervising and actively monitoring testing Review and walk your building to ensure all inappropriate material has been removed Student seating areas are arranged appropriately Make sure that all desks are cleared of books and other materials that are not required or allowed for the test Allow enough time for your TAs to READ the Test Administrator Manual between training and test administration Ensure that TAs observe all rules regarding test security and confidential integrity of the state testing system Administer the tests in strict compliance with the directions in the TA Manual NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

63 Testing Procedures and Tasks Before, During and After Testing

64 CTC Procedures Testing materials:
open boxes carefully from the top do not write on the top of the boxes (flaps without labels) verify secure test booklet counts in Test Hound within 48 hrs of receipt discrepancies must be reported to Jodi Pafford immediately order additional materials with using the Google Doc as soon as you know you need materials pre-code labels / answer documents Placed in locked secure area when not in use NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

65 CTC Procedures Test booklets and answer documents No. 2 pencils
Provide proper testing supplies to TAs: Test booklets and answer documents No. 2 pencils Dictionary (if applicable) Have available supplies: High lighters (per student’s request) Extra scratch/graph paper (per student’s request) Secure test materials when: Going to lunch Moving to another room (make new seating chart) NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

66 CTC Procedures Have a plan in place to:
ensure ACTIVE Monitoring will take place monitor students during lunch and restroom breaks students remain seated during testing collect cell phones or other personal electronic devices students are working only on the subject-area test being administered that day explain attendance procedures provide a clock for all testing areas NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

67 Student Absence Documentation
Student Absentees Due Diligence: Call students who are absent – Document: Reason Absent Attempt to contact For every testing day Keep all copies and supporting documentation for 5 years in case of TEA audit Student Absence Documentation 2015 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

68 procedures on your campus?
Other CTC Procedures How do you handle these procedures on your campus? Time Policy Breaks Lunch Attendance Procedures Dictionary Policy NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

69 Test Manuals Scripts cover multiple subjects and programs, TAs must mark the pages needed To accommodate some differences in programs, the scripts use call-out boxes Wider boxes with bold print have specific instructions to be read to students Narrow boxes with italicized print have procedural instructions for TAs. 2015 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

70 Test Administration Directions
All test administration directions must be read aloud verbatim to students and followed exactly. This includes having the student write their name on the line at the top of their test booklet Before the day of testing make sure your TAs mark (flag) their Test Administrator Manual with the correct call-out boxes Confirm that TAs have the correct manual. You can request they show it to you before issuing their testing materials 2015 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

71 Testing Procedures Must have a trained TA for every 30 students; must have one in each testing area at all times Ensure TAs complete seating charts including start and stop times Utilize a second seating chart when students relocate to another area Ensure 4-hour time limit is documented on the seating charts and adjust accordingly for any student who starts testing late. 2015 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

72 Testing Procedures CONTINUED
Ensure TAs are actively monitoring Arrange lunch schedules and breaks for TAs with trained Relief staff Arrange for and prepare consolidation rooms Train and supervise staff to perform 1st Hour Check (if used-best practice) to ensure students are taking the correct test, have their designated accommodations, are in the correct location, TA Manual is in place and in use, room is arranged correctly, clock is visible, etc. 2015 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

73 Testing Procedures CONTINUED
Ensure TAs remind students to mark answers on their answer document; answers marked in a test booklet will not be scored Students may not be required to mark their answers in the test booklet before placing them on their answer document Students are seated and testing area is quiet NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

74 Changing Rooms During Testing, DCCM, p. S42
Students who have extended time can be relocated to a “Consolidation Room” Trained TAs, additional #2 pencils, Material Control Forms, and seating charts should be there for relocated students. Remove or cover all instructional aids Students must place their answer document inside their test booklet. TAs or other trained staff escort materials and students to the room. Students are not allowed to transport test materials NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

75 Changing Rooms During Testing CONTINUED
Students are NOT allowed to discuss the test at any time when changing testing rooms or going to lunch When a student indicates s/he is finished, the TA who accepts the document must check to see if responses are marked Do not assume the previous TA has already done this. The LAST person to handle a student’s answer document is responsible for checking to make certain responses, including compositions, are recorded 2015 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

76 CTC Duties After Testing
Headers – Campus, Group, and VOID Use clear tape on bands Tape shut boxes of non secure materials after verified in Test Hound Review the “Secure Materials Turn-in Checklist”. This tells you what original documents to return to RAAD with your scorable test materials Proper Box Label example image 2015 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

77 Answer Documents

78 Precodes & Data Review precodes (Precode Verification)
Hand bubble a new answer document if you find errors in student name, PEIMS number, and/or date of birth Other errors can be overridden on the answer document (program information: LEP, Ethnicity…) Local IDs: must NOT start with a zero and be entered left justified. Void student answer documents of those who took the STAAR Alternate assessment DO NOT SUBMIT AN ANSWER DOCUMENT on any student that takes STAAR Alternate NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

79 Answer Documents Precoded labels – grade 4 writing Precoded answer documents – STAAR grades 3-5 Reading, Mathematics, and Science Score Codes: “A” = absent “O” = other (illness, testing irregularity, EOC/above grade level, etc) “*” = student did not test on the answer document for indicated subject “S” = test to be scored NOTE: 1. For each subject area only ONE score code should be gridded 2. If a student takes only one of the two Writing days of testing and is unable to take a “Make Up” test, the score code is still ”O”. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

80 Submitting Answer Documents
Grade 3-5: submit one answer document for mathematics and reading (With the exception of the date change for 5th Math) Grade 4: submit one answer document for writing Grade 5: submit one answer document for science STAAR and STAAR Spanish will use the same document for a given grade and subject If a student is testing in one subject in STAAR or STAAR Spanish and the other subject on STAAR A or STAAR L: submit one answer document for STAAR/STAAR Spanish, and grid the * (asterisk) to indicate that the test was taken somewhere else during the same test administration NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

81 Precode Label STAAR NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

82 Writing Tracking Graphic Sample Booklet
Sample of mark for ensuring students are on the correct answer document page NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

83 Writing Tracking Graphic Sample Answer Document
Same as booklet mark NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

84 STAAR NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

85 5TH Grade ONLY March 2015 STAAR Assessments
Answer Documents for Grade 5 Reading labeled “March 2015 Mathematics and Reading” contain sections for both mathematics and reading Make sure students mark their responses to the reading questions on the reading portion of the answer document. Students should not mark any answers to the reading questions in the mathematics section. Leave the SCORE CODE and TEST TAKEN INFO for mathematics blank. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

86 5TH Grade ONLY April 2015 STAAR Assessments Answer Documents
Campus will receive two sets of precoded answer documents for students in grades 5 one set for the administration of grade 5 mathematics one set for the administration of grade 5 science both sets of answer documents precoded with the same student data Make sure students mark their responses to the reading questions on the reading portion of the answer document. Students should not mark any answers in the Reading section. Leave the SCORE CODE and TEST TAKEN INFO for Reading blank. 5TH Grade ONLY 2015

87 Form Numbers English or Spanish
Answer Documents Two Book Numbers Form Numbers English or Spanish Program Information – DCCM Appendix A NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

88 Answer Documents Score code Absent Other NISD 3-5 STAAR Training
Linguistic accommodations, as well as Type 1 and Type 2 accommodations are to be marked in this area . Mark the accommodation bubble for each accommodation that is documented and made available to a student, even if the student did not use the accommodation during testing. Score code Absent Other (Cheating/Sick) General Accommodation When a student is taking a STAAR and a STAAR L Oral Administration Braille Administration Extra Day SCORE Test to be scored Large print Linguistic Accommodation NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

89 Marking Accommodations on Answer Documents
Note: Small Group and Individual Administration is NOT an Accommodation and does NOT need to be marked on the answer document! Check the “S” score code GA~ General Accommodations (Type 1) BR~ Braille (Type 1) LP~ Large Print (Type 1) OA~ Oral Administration (Type 1) (no OA on Writing) XD~ Extra Day (Type 2) LA~ Linguistic Accommodations NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

90 Bubbling for Accommodations
Example 1: Mark the “GA” bubble to indicate that a Type 1 or Type 2 accommodation not listed in the previous bullets was available to the student Example 2: If Oral Administration (for example) is the only accommodation, mark ONLY “OA”. You do not need to mark the “GA” bubble. Example 3: Mark the “LA” bubble to indicate that any Linguistic Accommodation was available to a student NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

91 Students Taking More Than one Test Version
Students taking STAAR and STAAR-L, STAAR A, or STAAR SOA (a combination of paper and online: NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

92 Returning Material

93 Return and Check-In Secure Materials Check-in
See Secure materials turn-in checklist Answer documents - accounted for on Class ID sheets Hand gridded Answer Documents must be on top of group Voids under a Voided Document ID Sheet Non Secure Materials Test Booklets– (used and unused) inventoried in Test Hound and placed in boxes in accordance with your Test Hound documentation. NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

94 Information must be filled in
NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

95 Place on top of answer documents per subject
Information must be filled out and bubbled in for each subject test Place on top of answer documents per subject 2015 NISD 3-5 STAAR Training

96 County-District Number
Void any precoded answer document that was not used Fill out all information County-District Number NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

97 Preparing Materials for Return
Place Hand-Gridded answer documents on top!!! Verify that no answer documents have inadvertently been left in test booklets Verify that all test booklets and answer documents are accounted for Make sure that any transcribing that is required for special testing situations has been completed and documented Make sure the correct score code is marked on each answer document Verify that student information, test taken information, and accommodations coding on answer documents is accurate NISD 3-5 STAAR Training 2015

98 Contact Information Jodi Pafford (office) (cell) Melissa DeSimone Ronda Cagle

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