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December STAAR EOC Test Administrators Training Date, 2013.

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1 December STAAR EOC Test Administrators Training Date, 2013

2 This training does not replace your responsibility to read and follow all manuals. READ THE MANUALS

3 Monday Dec 2 nd Tuesday Dec 3 rd Wednesday Dec 4 th Thursday Dec 5 th Friday Dec 6 th English I Writing English I Reading Make-up English I Writing English II Writing Make-up English I Writing & Reading English II Reading Make-up English I & II Writing, and English I Reading Make-up English II Reading Monday Dec 9 th Tuesday Dec 10 th Wednesday Dec 11 th Thursday Dec 12 th Algebra IBiology Make-up Algebra I US History Make-up Algebra I and Biology Make-up US History Check in all Test TESTING DATES - EOC Campus Test Administrators need to be trained by November 18 th due to the holiday week.

4 HB5 and SB2 Who will test in December? Students that have taken and not met Level II or are completing the course for the following subjects: English I and II (reading and writing) Algebra I Biology US History

5 There are NO STAAR Modified tests available!

6 EOCs – each subject has a booklet and answer document, labels for English assessments, and precoded answer documents for all other assessments 4 hour timed test with extended time to the end of the school day (4:15 p.m.) Answer document has a “date” block that must have the date the test was taken bubbled in

7 Campus Coordinator Responsibilities Read the coordinator’s manual, the coordinator supplement, the accommodations web and manual, and the test security supplement Read the test specific administrator manual Attend test coordinator trainings Receive and manage testing materials Be responsible for all secure testing materials on your campus Prepare answer documents for testing Coordinate all campus testing logistics Train all test administrators Establish and monitor testing procedures to insure test security

8 Campus Coordinator Responsibilities Responsible for test security at all times Supervise and actively monitor testing Verify appropriate score codes, testing accommodations codes, and all other coding is correct on answer documents Prepare and return all testing materials to the district test coordinator Be the campus contact for all questions about testing Report testing irregularities and security violations immediately to the district test coordinator Submit an answer document for all students that took the test(s). This includes completing and updating student records if done as an on-line test(s)


10  Account for all secure materials before, during, and after each test administration  Protect the contents of all tests booklets and student answer documents  Ensure that only trained and oathed individuals handle testing materials  No person may view, reveal, or discuss the contents of a test or answer document unless specifically instructed to do so by the procedures in the test administrator manuals  No person providing an oral administration may write notes, calculations, or any other marks in a test booklet or in any other location  Test materials inventory must be retained –for five years

11 Departures from Test Administration Procedures Incidents resulting in a deviation from documented testing procedures are defined as testing irregularities Each person participating in the testing program is responsible for reporting immediately to the campus testing coordinator any violation or suspected violation of test security or confidentially, including all testing irregularities

12 Testing Irregularities Procedural Less severe and more common Examples: – Eligibility Errors – IEP Implementation Issues – Improper Accounting for Secure Materials – Monitoring Errors – Miscellaneous Other Serious Potential referral to SBEC Examples: – Assisting students with responses to test questions – Viewing secure test content – Duplicating, recording, or capturing electronically secure test content without permission from TEA

13 Penalties for Prohibited Conduct  Placement of restrictions on the issuance, renewal, or holding of a Texas educator certificate, either indefinitely or for a set term;  Issuance of an inscribed or non-inscribed reprimand;  Suspension of a Texas educator certificate for a set term; or  Revocation or cancellation of a Texas educator certificate without opportunity for reapplication for a set term or permanently.  Possible criminal prosecution under TEC ξ39.0303, Section 552.352 of the Texas Government Code, and Section 37.10 of the Texas Penal Code. REVOKED Any person who violates, assists in the violation of, or solicits another to violate or assist in the violation of test security or confidentiality, as well as any person who fails to report such a violation is subject to the following penalties:

14 14 Attend training and read the manual If your room is being used, prepare it for testing (cover or remove unauthorized materials) Before test administration

15 15 Ensure each student receives the correct assessment and testing materials Actively monitor students Do not do any of the following: provide assistance view the tests without authorization discuss confidential student information check for strategies During test administration

16 16 After test administration No unauthorized viewing (TEA approval needed) No scoring of student responses No discussion of confidential student information No erasing stray marks or darkening response ovals No copying of students answer documents YOU CANNOT COPY ESSAYS OR SHORT ANSWERS Account for all test materials

17 Testing Irregularities If something is going to go wrong, what’s it likely to be?

18 18 Reporting Irregularities Notify the CTC immediately if you become aware of the following types of irregularities: Eligibility, Timing, Monitoring or Procedural Errors Cheating IEP/IAP Implementation Issue Improper Accounting for Secure Materials Note: Remember on all irregularities you will need to report the who, when, where, what and why.

19 Collecting Documentation All irregularities require the following documentation to be submitted: Incident report (done by CTC) Signed statement(s) from individual(s) involved (typed, printed and signed name and dated) The local disciplinary referral form will be used to report disciplinary actions taken against students for cheating, cell phone issues, and or disruptions. A copy will be included in the report.


21 Campus Test Administrator Responsibilities

22 Test Administrator Responsibilities Read the Test Administrator Manual. Attend training conducted by your campus test coordinator. Receive secure testing materials from your campus test coordinator. Observe all rules regarding test security and confidential integrity of the state testing system. Administer the tests in strict compliance with the directions in the Test Administrator Manuals. Supervise and actively monitor testing. Do not provide any unauthorized assistance to students during testing. Do not view the test, discuss the test, or score a student test either before, during, or after testing.

23 Test Administrator Responsibilities Mark the appropriate score code, test taken information code for each student test date, and accommodations used Return all testing materials to the campus test coordinator immediately after students finish testing Report testing irregularities and security violations immediately to the campus test coordinator Prepare statements for submission to DTC if involved in a testing irregularity or test security violation

24 ACCOMMODATIONS Refer to STAAR Accommodations and Optional Procedures for STAAR tests – Orals on reading are questions and answers only TA and students must have same form number – Supplemental Aides – only those approved – Transcription – does not apply to time limit

25 TIMED TESTS Refer to TEA time policy Do not go over the 4 hour limit unless the student has extended time Extended time does not exceed the normal school dismissal time On issues that stop the clock during the 4 hour test are: – Lunch – Nurse – Emergencies

26 DICTIONARY USE Refer to TEA Dictionary Policy and the Linguistic Accommodations for ELLs Students must use school’s dictionaries

27 CALCULATOR USE Refer to DCCM and TEA policy Required for Algebra I and Biology – See manual for requirement and types – Students must use school calculators – Calculators must be cleared prior to and after the test

28 Campus Input to Training ADD Slides here on the following – School specific plans Testing Rooms Cell phone – not used by students or staff Covering material on walls (includes all hallways, library, cafeteria, etc…) Time tests and lunches Check in and out procedures What’s allowable after testing – students go back to class Who’s watching the hallway and restroom (remember that there is no work/grading etc in hallways) Seating charts - name, ID, date, test, time start/stopped, administrator’s name, campus, district, and signature Oral test administrator must have a separate training - see appendix


30 SEATING CHART  District seating chart form only  Must contain the following information  District and Campus, Room, Test Administration, Subject, Grade Level, Date, Test Administrator(s) name printed and signed, Student’s full name, Student’s local ID, Start and Stop time for room and individual students if needed  Must be readable  Booklet and form number  Stop time on each student  If using a computer lab place a design behind the seating chart the defines seat numbers

31 OTHER 31

32 EOC Answer Document Complete the score code for all test. “O” can only be used with DTC approval. The date the test is taken must be bubbled in

33 What about transcribing? It is the responsibility of the test administrator to check that the student has bubbled in the answers. If an answer document is checked in and found to be missing answers, DO NOT check the student’s booklet until approval has been obtained from TEA. Looking at a booklet is a testing irregularity (serious). If the student has the accommodation for transcription, then complete transcription and note on the top of the answer document the reason and name of person that transcribed. Not included in the 4 hour window for basic transcription

34 Returning Material

35 Answer Documents EOC test have a separate answer document for each test. A student will have labels and precoded answer documents for the test(s) that Pearson shows they need to take. English tests have labels (like TAKS). All others are precoded. (See examples)

36 Be sure to confirm and check that all information is correct and that the test booklet number, score code, accommodations assigned and test date are filled in.







43 Completing Answer Documents Scored answer documents include: S - Scored (student took the test) A – Absent (student was absent from testing for the entire window) O – Other (DTC approval required. Illness or incident) Voided answer document – Any precoded answer document not used

44 Packing Answer Documents Only packed by subject – English I Writing – English I Reading – English II Writing – English II Reading – Algebra I – Biology – US History All English voids can be banded together All math, science, and social studies voids can be banded together

45 Information must be filled in. Leading zero’s are required. No more than 100 answer sheets under a class ID sheet and no more than 200 under a band.

46 Information must be filled out and bubbled in for each subject test On top of first band of answer document per subject.

47 RETURNING TESTING MATERIAL Booklets - in numerical order. Booklets should be face up Answer documents - accounted for and in alphabetical order Absent and “O” coded answer documents on top

48 Preparing Materials for Return Verify that no answer documents have inadvertently been left in test booklets Verify that all test booklets and answer documents are accounted for. This includes blank answer documents All secure test booklets must be put in serial number order Make sure that any transcribing that is required for special testing situations has been completed, documented and the form completed Make sure the correct score code is marked on each answer document Verify that student information, date test taken, and accommodations coding on answer documents is accurate

49 Oral Administration and Transcription Two types of oral administration – Full the test administrator will read from the same booklet form number the student(s) has or Form 1 is used – Partial the test administrator will read over the student(s) shoulder on the parts requested by the student See Appendix B for full training

50 Appendix B Confirm same booklet form number or that you have Form 1s for full oral administration You are seeing secure contend and must initial and sign an additional section on the oath Do not respond to test questions, make notes, discuss the content of the test at any time and do not answer the test questions in the booklet Only the questions and answers can be read aloud on the Reading tests Supplemental materials may be read Maintain a neutral voice at all times Students can request re-reading as many times as necessary Do not name or describe graphics. Follow instructions on page 134



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