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MIFA’s mission & vision Mission: MIFA engages the community to sustain the independence of seniors, transform the lives of families in crisis, and equip.

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1 MIFA’s mission & vision Mission: MIFA engages the community to sustain the independence of seniors, transform the lives of families in crisis, and equip teens for success. Vision: MIFA works to unite our diverse community to address the challenges of poverty.

2 MIFA’s history Founded in 1968, in the wake of Dr. King’s assassination Church and community leaders came together to address major social problems like poverty, racial division, and hunger Today, we serve 55,000 individuals annually through nine programs

3 Volunteer support MIFA was volunteer-driven in its early days, and that tradition continues Today, more than 2,000 active volunteers support our programs Each hour of volunteer work is valued at $21.36 Last year, volunteers contributed the equivalent of more than $3.3 million

4 We transform the lives of families in crisis Emergency Services provides utility, rent, mortgage, and food assistance to those in financial crisis. Last year, requests for utility assistance increased by 19% over the previous year, while rent and mortgage increased by 40% and 24% We helped 3,500 families financially and more than 11,000 with food Emergency Housing Partnership is a service delivery system for families facing homelessness. In FY11, 910 households representing 3,318 individuals received assistance. Follow-up contact with clients revealed that 89.5% were still in stable housing situations after three months, 89.4% after six months, and 88.8% after 12 months. Housing opportunities provides transitional housing, case management, and life skills training for homeless families.

5 We equip teens for success COOL (College Offers Opportunities for Life) is a college readiness program providing higher education counseling, mentoring, life skills, ACT preparation, and assistance with the college admissions process. The high school graduation rate in MIFA’s ZIP code, 38126, is 45% 44 of COOL’s 45 seniors graduated high school and were accepted by colleges in 2011

6 We sustain the independence of seniors Meals on Wheels delivers 3,300 hot, nutritious lunches daily to seniors at their homes and at congregate sites. Handyman provides wheelchair ramps for low-income senior homeowners and works to combat blight in targeted neighborhoods. Long-Term Care Ombudsman advocates for the rights of thousands of residents in nursing homes and other care facilities. Transit, MIFA's oldest program, transports seniors to appointments around the city.

7 We sustain the independence of seniors Senior Companion pairs low-income, able seniors with homebound, disabled, or critically ill peers, helping clients with activities of daily living and providing family caregivers much- needed respite. Companions receive a stipend for their work, in addition to the value of social interaction and a sense of purpose Clients may be homebound, terminally ill, self-neglecting, at-risk for institutionalization, or have Alzheimer’s or other conditions

8 Senior Companion history This nationwide program began in 1974 The Memphis Area Senior Companion Program was established in 1985 Our 115 companions serve more than 600 clients each year Since the program was created, 865 companions have participated in this service

9 Senior Companion statistics 75% of companions are being treated for high blood pressure 50% are being treated for type I or type II diabetes Companions also suffer from various forms of cancer, heart issues, etc.

10 Senior Companion statistics 100% of surveyed clients reported that they have benefited from the Senior Companion program 100% of surveyed clients reported that they are happier as a result of this service

11 Senior Companion requirements Companions must be age 55 or older and meet federal low-income requirements They must commit to serving clients 15 to 20 hours per week They receive an annual physical exam, monthly training, lunch three days per week, transportation reimbursement, and a tax-free stipend Companions also receive the benefit of feeling needed and appreciated, while clients receive prolonged independence and companionship at no cost

12 Senior Companions can… Help with laundry, meal preparation, feeding, dishwashing, medication reminders, and other light chores Maintaining a safe environment for clients Help with dressing, grooming, and using the restroom Provide support in movement, exercise, activities outside the home Provide emotional support Inform client of available services in the community

13 Senior Companions cannot… Perform tasks intended for medical professionals, custodial staff, or paid staff Advance funds to clients or deposit cash for clients Perform major household repairs, window washing, lawn mowing, heavy lifting, furniture moving, or major house cleaning Prepare food for or clean up after anyone other than the client Complete extensive shopping for the client Lead group social activities

14 Senior Companion program Senior Companion provides an invaluable service to both the client and the companion The program is funded by Aging Commission of the Mid-South, Corporation for National and Community Service, and the City of Memphis Division of Housing and Community Development, and through private donations

15 Find out more about all our programs at

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