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Great change is made through small steps... Attachment 5 2009-2012 Area Plan Public Hearing Handout.

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1 Great change is made through small steps... Attachment Area Plan Public Hearing Handout

2 The Mission of the AAA is… “To provide leadership in addressing issues that relate to older Monterey County residents; to develop community-based systems of care that provide services which support independence, and which protect the quality of life of older persons and persons with functional impairments; and to promote citizen involvement in the planning and delivery of services.”

3 Targeting The OAA funds must be directed to seniors most in need of assistance who are least able to advocate on their own behalf. Preference must be given for seniors in greatest social and economic need, with particular attention to serving low-income minority individuals and older individuals residing in rural areas.

4 What is an Area Plan? An Overview of Monterey County that Describes:  The Demographics of Seniors and Adults with Disabilities  The Available Resources In the County  The Constraints in the County  The Needs of Seniors  The Goals and Objectives of the AAA

5 Senior Needs Assessment Findings

6 Barriers to Accessing Services

7 Senior Provider Surveys Offer cultural competency trainings to help us meet the needs of diverse seniors Help us advocate more effectively Share best practice information Help us to publicize our services

8 Public Hearings Title III B Minimum Percentages  30% Access (case management, assisted transportation, transportation, information and assistance, and outreach)  5% In-Home Services (personal care, homemaker and home health aides, chore, in- home respite, daycare as respite for families, telephone reassurance, visiting and minor home modifications)  25% Legal Assistance

9 Goal 1: Develop Community Based Systems of Care Identified Needs: Transportation & Information Objectives: Staff participation on the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council Investigation of a taxi voucher system for rural areas Create a distribution plan for our resource guides

10 Goal 2: Increase the Quality of Existing Services Identified Needs: Cultural competency & Increased Senior Center Activities Objectives: Link providers with training opportunities Share information about innovative practices Identify providers in South County that could offer senior services or insight into cultural competency Arrange for local speakers to provide health and medication management information to senior centers/congregate meal sites

11 Goal 3. Advocacy Identified Needs: Advocacy, Increased Visibility and Community Partnerships, & Volunteers Create distribution list and update website to share information more efficiently. Identify legislative priorities to advocate on behalf of seniors and adults with disabilities. Provide community presentations in rural areas about elder abuse Promote the Ombudsman Program and help to recruit volunteers

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