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Apartheid in South Africa By: Thomas Camp By: Thomas Camp And And Thomas Liney Thomas Liney.

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1 Apartheid in South Africa By: Thomas Camp By: Thomas Camp And And Thomas Liney Thomas Liney

2 Many non- whites were killed or beaten severely for little to no reason. http://socialjustice.ccnmtl.columbia. edu/images/thum b/5/5e/Apartheid.j pg/180px- Apartheid.jpg

3 Many non- whites were shot and killed as a result of the non- whites protests. http://autocww.color ContentFiles/Sociolo gyAndReform/Apart heidApartheidTensio ns.jpg

4 Many white persons would kill non-whites just for a small crime like trespassing. za/pages/governence- projects/apartheid- repression/graphics/BA HA-apartheid- signage.jpg

5 In South Africa there were more Non-whites than there were Whites but the whites had all the guns. http://s54963.gridse content/uploads/20 08/11/apartheid.jpg

6 www.creativeroots.o rg/wp- content/uploads/200 9 Women choosing not to take passes that would force them into a life of slavery.

7 Non- Whites could not pass the boundary to the white area. http://1.bp.blogspot.c om/_m41tc6ViD58/S _7uwI4EoDI/AAAAA AAAAyk/ZlTkSwEeVf I/s1600/Apartheid+ph otograph.jpg

8 Non- whites could not use the same restroom as the White people. www.questconn Toilet_signs.jpg

9 Colored people were even segregated from water fountains. m/_RgPYO7YVySE/SD icmECiQsI/AAAAAAAA AJI/L6mLjkaCH2g/s400 /ellioterwitt06.jpg

10 The Registration act of 1950 segregated whites and non- whites in almost everything in everyday life. http://www.awesomes er/d67185069f.jpg

11 Walter Sisulu was an anti- apartheid activist and Co- founder of the African National Congress Youth League sulu/walter.jpg

12 South African Nelson Mandela was put behind bars and when he got out of jail became the President of South Africa. http://www.zaffnew content/uploads/2 011/01/Nelson- Mandela.jpg

13 Apartheid ends in 1991. http://www.oryxmedi content/gallery/peopl e/ANTI%20APARTH EID%20PROTESTO RS/195.jpg

14 Nelson Mandela is elected president of South Africa officially ending Apartheid. 6/96F26B8C8171472F F24260A9E7AD0.jpg

15 Outline of Presentation  Slide 1: Children running for safety during Apartheid  Slide 2: Black people reading the news of people being killed  Slide 3: Strict warnings for Non-Whites during Apartheid  Slide 4: Graffiti showing Non-Whites had guns versus number of people  Slide 5: Women not accepting passes during Apartheid  Slide 6: Clear boundaries existed for Whites and Non-Whites  Slide 7: Even bathrooms were segregated between Whites and Non-Whites  Slide 8: Water fountains were also segregated  Slide 9: The Registration Act of 1950  Slide 10: Walter Sisulu, Anti-Apartheid leader  Slide 11: Nelson Mandela in jail  Slide 12: People celebrating the end of Apartheid  Slide 13: Neslon Mandela elected President after Apartheid

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