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Earthquake Drill. Prior to 12:00 Go over expectations for cooperation Discuss DUCK, COVER, HOLD and have them practice DUCK UNDER DESK COVER HEAD HOLD.

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1 Earthquake Drill

2 Prior to 12:00 Go over expectations for cooperation Discuss DUCK, COVER, HOLD and have them practice DUCK UNDER DESK COVER HEAD HOLD DESK LEG/OTHER PART Have their backpacks ready for them to grab as though it was the end of the day Remind students to be silent in exiting and at alpha groups Remind student leaders to take initiative to organize alpha groups alpha within the group and keep students silent

3 At 12:00 p.m. Sound of rumbling MAY come over the PA Students DUCK, COVER, and HOLD When rumbling stops (or you estimate 30 seconds to have elapsed), give order to EVACUATE (students grab backpacks; teacher grabs emergency backpack) Students “really” injured/trapped/dead will have an index card thusly indicating

4 Exit building through nearest door Self-explanatory Get outside QUICKLY Students report to their ALPHA group corresponding to the first letter of their primary last name Adults report to the flag pole

5 Doors and Injuries/Deaths Doors: Leave locked door wide open if room not clear; close locked door if room is clear Injuries that can be moved without causing further serious injury should be moved and students report to alpha group Serious injuries or trapped personnel or deaths left in room and reported at flag pole

6 Students at Alpha Groups Student leaders take charge and line up alpha groups in alpha order within the line while the adults are at flag pole Student leader is the most senior ranking cadet at the alpha group Student leaders make all students be quiet until directions are given from alpha group adult leader

7 Adults at Flag Pole Listen for name to collect your nametag Leave black backpack at flagpole Report anyone left in room Once your nametag is received, report to your team Alpha group leaders and student care go to center circle of Leaders’ Field First Aid goes to lunch area ICS leaders not in another group stay at CP Search and rescue goes to PE shed Accountability goes to Fire Gate Security begins perimeter lockdown Supply goes to open supply shed

8 Alpha Groups/Student Care CPT Diab – Branch Leader A/B/C – Ms. V. Garcia D/E/F – Mr. C. Fuentes G/H/I – Ms. A. Sarmiento J/K/L – Ms. J. Johnson M/N – Ms. Z. Zaharaides O/P/Q – Ms. Norrita Giambalvo R/S – CW3 Jay Tartaro T/U/V/W/X/ Y/Z – Ms. K. Tran

9 Alpha Groups/Student Care 1. Get binder with stickers and roster from the center circle. 2. Call out names of students and PHYSICALLY PUT STICKER on student lower collarbone area. Stickers have student photos and medical alert info on them. 3. Verify that all student stickers remaining are in fact missing students and not some kid who was not paying attention; verify that each student has a sticker 4. Note on checklist who is missing 5. If student is injured, send to first aid with two accompanying students, write notation on roster 6. Student helpers’ stickers are marked with a highlighter and can be released after they check out with the alpha leader and alpha leader makes notation on roster 7. Return remaining stickers QUICKLY to the center circle 8. Center circle leaders will run leftover stickers to the CP/Flag pole 9. Alpha group leaders get kids in alpha group to sit in a circle and do kumbaya activities

10 More on alpha groups 10. Students who need to go to the restroom must go in pairs and be checked out/in by the alpha group leader. We will set up temporary buckets for restroom use (with privacy) at the rear of the tent area. 11. Students who are being released to parents must be checked out on the roster by the alpha leader when a runner requests them. 12. Keep students calm, comfortable, and relatively quiet. They are allowed to use their phones and/or other electronic devices.

11 First Aid – Padilla, Branch Leader Padilla, Wells, DeAvila, Tejada (cadet medics) Report to the lunch area Get medical equipment from the storage shed Rearrange tables as necessary Administer first aid as needed Administer mental health aid as needed If a death occurs, contact CP

12 Search and Rescue: SSG Kirby, Branch Leader Team 1: Johnson, Wall, Jandreau, Rodriguez Team 2: Hudson, Fox, Solache, Templeton Team 3: Maduena, Elson, Milam, Moler Gather equipment from conexes Stand by as three separate teams until Incident Commander indicates a need for S/R services Perform S/R as directed Report results to CP

13 Student Accountability (Mrs. Reeder (Mrs. Camacho): Branch Leaders) Team meets at fire gate Two leaders stay at CP to determine overall accountability Team retrieves accountability bin remnants from center circle (Four filing boxes, Signs, Pens/Cameras, etc) Team sets up tables and signs and boxes and follows instructions in bin Runners TranslatorsStudent ReqStudent RelStudent workers Attendance Clerk Company Staffs Ms. B Martinez Ms. D. Camacho Ms. S. Jackson Mrs. M. Reeder Mr. J. Rand Ms. G. Ching Ms.D. Camacho Campus Supervisors Bn Staff

14 Request and Release Process 1. Parent comes to Fire gate. 2. Parent goes to station corresponding to their CHILD’S last name. 3. Staff pulls student info sheet and asks requestor for ID. ID verified if person on emergency contact list (printed on back of form). 4. Ticket given to parent and sent around to main release gate. 5. Corresponding ticket attached to student sheet given to a runner. 6. Runner goes to alpha group and asks leader for child. Alpha leader notes child departure on roster. 7. Runner takes child to release gate. 8. Staff at release gate calls for child’s requestor, verifies tickets match and puts student sticker on form. 9. Student goes away with requestor. 10. Form given to Mrs. Camacho to record departure on master list.

15 When parents go nuts When kids is injured/missing/dead, parents brought into First aid area and handled by mental health team Mrs. Wilson is the parent liaison As necessary, mental health can be summoned from first aid station Security can be summoned as needed Try to handle outside earshot of other parents Move to someone in authority who can help (Start with Mrs. Wilson)

16 Security and Supply (Solache, Branch Leader) Security locks down campus and focuses on student request area unless called elsewhere. Supply unlocks storage unit(s) and stays there to distribute supplies as needed. Other ICS personnel perform roles as needed (liaisons, etc) Wilson (Parent Liaison) French (Agency Liaison) Wilson (PIO) Jackson (Ops) Ryan (IC)

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