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Rules and Procedures Notes!

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1 Rules and Procedures Notes!
Science Room 823

2 Presentation Overview
Classroom rules Rewards Consequences Classroom procedures

3 WARNING! There will be an open notes assignment on what we cover each day, so take accurate notes and listen!

4 What are the rules of this classroom?
Follow directions the first time given. Keep your eyes and ears open! Be prepared with materials before class starts. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Be courteous and polite to everyone (No rude comments, cursing, etc.)

5 School Rules Review some of the school rules

6 Rewards for following the rules:
A fun classroom easy to work in More fun labs Excused homework assignments

7 Consequences for not following the rules
Verbal Warning Written Warning Parent Contact Detention Referral to Dean You could also be removed from labs and given alternative assignments if you regularly fail to follow the rules

8 That’s it For Rules! (pretty simple, right?)
Moving on…

9 Classroom Procedures Entering the room When you are tardy
Getting your attention After an absence Finish class work early Turning in and returning assignments Checking grades Classroom discussions Moving around the room Classroom guests Fire alarms Substitutes Class dismissal Put in fire drill

10 Entering the Room Please enter quietly
Sit down right away. Do not wander around the room or talk with other students. Review the agenda/Lesson. Write in your planner the daily objective, lesson and homework. Begin the In question IQs will be written in your lab books

11 What do I do if I am tardy? You are tardy if you are in your seat after the tardy bell. I will mark a citation for you. If you have an excused tardy, quietly hand me the tardy slip and take your seat.

12 What do I do if I am tardy? (part 2)
If you are unexcused 1st Tardy: Teacher warning/ Student-teacher conference 2nd Tardy: Last Verbal Warning 3rd Tardy: Parent contact 4th Tardy: Deans’ Referral 5th Tardy and up: Discipline Referral

13 Getting your attention
When I need your attention, I will generally stand in the front of the room, say something in a raised voice and wait until everyone’s listening before I start talking Please don’t talk to each other when the teacher is talking. It is rude and distractive for me and takes away from your learning. You will get a citation.

14 Review On a separate sheet of paper that will be turned in, answer the following questions You may use your notes

15 Review Questions Write question and answer!
What are the 4 rules of our classroom? If you do not follow the rules, what are the five consequences? You have entered the room quietly and you have taken your seat without wandering around or talking to others. What two things do you do next? How do you know if you are tardy to our class?

16 What if I am absent? Follow the Entering the Room procedure like normal. Check on the calendar posted on the front board to know what you missed and for any handouts you may need to pick up. If you were absent during a work day, first ask people sitting around you if the calendar is not clear, and then come ask me if you are still not sure. If you are absent during a test or quiz you will have to come in during advisory, before or after school to make it up, after talking to me first. Check the Missed Work Folder Bin for any hand-outs. IMPORTANT! Check the bin right after you have entered the room and checked the calendar.\ May use to get any notes as well.

17 What if I finish my class work early?
Work on any missing assignments from this class or HW Review past class work in preparation for an upcoming test You may work on assignments from other classes ONLY if all work in this class is complete. Read quietly

18 Things NOT to do when you finish class work early
Talk to your friends Write a note Leave your seat Draw (unless it is for a class)

19 Cell Phones: You carry it, you bury it.
Special Note Cell Phones: You carry it, you bury it.

20 Turning in assignments
Always copy question or answer in complete sentences unless told otherwise. Make sure you have your name, per. #, and date on the top right hand side of every assignment. Pass your papers towards the middle of the room, and I will pick them up from the end of the table. Sometimes, I will tell you to turn in things on your way out in your period basket. No-names will be placed back in the period basket. All of the no-names will be thrown away after grades have been posted for a couple of days.

21 Turning in Projects Depending upon the size of the project, you may turn it in in your class period basket or to me at my desk IMPORTANT! Be sure your name and period number is on your work!

22 Late Work I will NOT accept late CLASSWORK without a legitimate excuse. Highest grade on late work is 70%. After three days, only half credit can be earned for a late assignment until the end of the quarter. Please do not put late work in the basket, hand it to me, and write LATE or ABSENT on the top.

23 Review On a separate sheet of paper that will be turned in, answer the following questions You may use your notes

24 Review Questions Yesterday was a work day but you were absent. What is the first thing you do once you are in the classroom? If you are ever absent, you check the ________ for any missed hand-outs. When you finish class early you ARE allowed to _____________ (2 answers) When you finish class early you are NOT allowed to___________ (2 answers)

25 Review Questions 5. What important information should be on anything you turn in? 6. What does Ms. Sahi do with no-name papers? 7. What is the penalty for turning in late work? What is the minimum percentage that you will always get?

26 Grades Grade Reports will be updated and posted on a regular basis on the back bulletin board. All assignments are posted on the board and will be written in your planner daily You can always see what you are missing by checking the Grade Report. May arrange to redo an assignment or retake a test or quiz only if there are no missing assignments.

27 Citizenship Grades Every student begins class with an O for Outstanding Each time you choose to act irresponsibly, you will receive a citation Your second citation drops you to an S for Satisfactory Your fifth citation drops you to an N for Needs Improvement Your eighth citation drops you to U for Unsatisfactory Missing work leads to a drop in citizenship grade as well.

28 Classroom and Group Discussions
PLEASE participate Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. I want to hear what you have to say Make sure all questions and comments are relevant to the discussion topic

29 Moving Around the Room You must ask permission to leave your assigned seat. Do not ask during class discussions or while I am talking unless it is an absolute emergency.

30 Pencil Sharpening I have a pencil sharpener on the front book shelf for you to use before the tardy bell rings. You may ask me for a pencil and one will be checked out to you.

31 Leaving the Room to use the Restroom
Ask at an appropriate time If it is an emergency please hold your pass up, unless you can’t find it, and I will let you go. Students must present a BR pass before leaving the room (there will be 4 passes for 1st qtr., 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and 1 for 4th qtr.) Passes may be saved to get 5 extra credit pts. each at the end of the quarter

32 Special Guests If any teacher, student, or administrator enters the classroom… Students should remain in their seats, on task, and attentive. You never know who will be visiting!

33 Fire Alarms Get up from your desk and leave everything
Go out the Exit Door to my left, and then out the exit doors to walk past the parking lot to your left. Stay on the sidewalk. Stand with your class, until I have taken attendance and we have been called back to class. Always look for your teacher. Stay with your class

34 Substitutes Same classroom rules and procedures apply You will have to serve after school detention with me if any misbehaviors are reported to me by the substitute teacher.

35 Class Dismissal The teacher dismisses you, not the bell, or the time on the clock. Do not start packing up prior to instruction to do so Wait until the teacher officially dismisses you before you get up, do not start walking around in the room You may not start packing up without finishing and showing me your answer to the “OQ”

36 Review Questions How can you find out what grade you are getting in this class? True or False… You can get up at any time to throw garbage away. What is the procedure for sharpening your pencil? What is the procedure to go to the bathroom? During a fire drill (or actual fire) what do we do? True or False… When the bell rings, you are free to go because the bell dismisses the class.

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