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Location Information Sea Life Protection Hanauma Bay Legend.

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1 Location Information Sea Life Protection Hanauma Bay Legend

2 Location Hanauma Bay is located about 10 miles east of Waikiki just off the main coastal road (Kalaniana’ole Highway, Route 72) Menu

3 Information Hanauma Bay has become a popular tourist attraction due to the variety of fish About 3,000 people now visit Hanauma Bay each day, making it one of the most visited beaches in the State Home to over 400,000 tropical fish including: milletseed butterfly fish, yellow tangs, trumpet fish, Moorish idols, puffer fish, parrot fish, surgeon fish, angel fish and the Hawaii State Fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a For more historical information click herehere Menu

4 Sea Life Menu

5 Protecting Hanauma Bay Stand only on the sand Don’t touch the reef Don’t feed the fish Do not litter Use the restroom before swimming Menu

6 Legend of Hanauma Bay 2 men were in love with the most beautiful maiden in Hawai‘i, Keohinani. To decide which man she would marry, an arm wrestling contest was held. At nightfall still no winner was declared. Keohinani loved both men and it pained her to see their suffering. To end the pain she called asked the gods to transform her into a hill so the suffering would end. Instantly, she was transformed into part of the crater, today called "fair mountain.” Her father was pleased by her humble act of kindness and transformed himself into the crater rim above her that encircles Hanauma Bay. These two inter-twined ridges remind us today of the locked arms and the sport of arm wrestling that gave rise to the crater rims of Hanauma Bay. Menu

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