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Book p.58 Making Holiday Plans The Lee family was planning to go on a holiday. Mr. Lee took some travel brochures home to show his family. Book p.58.

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2 Book p.58

3 Making Holiday Plans The Lee family was planning to go on a holiday. Mr. Lee took some travel brochures home to show his family. Book p.58

4 Book p.59 Edmond wrote an e-mail to his friend, Steve, to tell him about all the excitement in his family. Here is Edmonds personal recount.

5 Book p.59 Hi Steve, How are you? My father has decided to take our family for a holiday in April. We were all very excited when Dad came home with some travel brochures today. The brochures on Sun Resort in Malaysia were most interesting. When Mum looked at the pages that showed the bedrooms and bathrooms, she was delighted. She imagined herself having a whole weeks rest from housework. My sister, Anna, was thrilled when she saw the pictures of coral and beautiful tropical fish. She really enjoys swimming and snorkelling. As you know, my dad loves to play golf! Sun Resort is located right next to a golf course. Dad was already dreaming about swinging away at the ball! I was excited about the water sports available at Sun Resort, especially canoeing. You know I love canoeing. I hope I will be able to practise my canoeing skills at Sun Resort! Dad worked out what it would cost for us to go in April. Then, when he told Mum it was worth it, Anna and I knew we were really going!

6 Book p.60 It all seems too good to be true! We plan to go for one whole week. Dad has to go back to the travel agent this week and book the holiday. Ill keep you posted. Got to go now. Edmond

7 Book p.61 During breakfast the next morning, the Lee family talked about what they were going to do at Sun Resort. What are all of you going to do at Sun Resort? I am going to paddle a canoe at the sea. Anna is going to swim and snorkel at the coral reef. I am going to read books and take some photographs at the beach. We are going to have a great time at Sun Resort!

8 Book p.62 Edmond talked about his familys holidays plans with his classmates. My uncle is coming on 7th April to visit us. He is going to stay with us for two months! So when will you be leaving, Edmond? I am going to Sun Resort for a week in April! What are you doing during the holidays? My family will be leaving on Friday, 8th April. We are leaving in the morning.

9 Book p.62 in December in the morning We use in together with the name of a month or a time of a day to talk about when something happens. on Friday on 7th December We also use on together with the name of a day or a date to talk about when something happens. for two months We use for to talk about how long something lasts.

10 Book p.63 You have to drive up this hill. Then, drive down the road towards two big red houses. Go into the small lane between the two red houses. Drive along the small lane until you reach a bridge. Go across the bridge and look out for the Sun Resort signboard. It was April at last! The Lee family was on its way to Sun Resort. Mr. Lee had trouble finding Sun Resort, so he asked someone for directions. Here are the directions she gave him.

11 Book p.64 The Lee family talked about what they preferred to do during their holiday. Would you rather spend the day at the beach or on the golf course? I would rather spend the day on the golf course. Would you rather go snorkelling or canoeing today? I prefer snorkelling to canoeing because I want to see the coral reef but I know that you would rather go canoeing. Lets do something we both like. We could go cycling or go swimming. Which do u prefer? I prefer cycling to swimming.

12 Book p.65 The Lee family talked about their plans for the next day. Tomorrow, I will get up early and go shopping. What will you do tomorrow? I plan to spend the day on the golf course. What do all of you plan to do tomorrow? I will play some games in the Games Room. What about the rest of you? I will try something new tomorrow. Lets have a game of beach volleyball together! Sure! That would be fun!

13 Book p.66 During her holiday at Sun Resort, Anna wrote a postcard to her friend, Helen. She wanted to tell Helen about the fun she was having on her holiday. Dear Helen, My family and I are having a great time at Sun Resort. I went snorkelling and saw different tropical fish and coral. The colors of the fish and coral are simply brilliant! I look forward to showing you my colorful fish and coral pictures when I see you next week. Lots of love, Anna Helen Chow Flat A, 8/F, Lucky Building 68 Happy Road Causeway Bay Hong Kong We begin with a greeting and the receivers name. We usually tell the receiver where we are. The main message is usually a recount of events. We end with a closing phrase and our name. The receivers address is written at the back of the postcard.

14 Book p.68 When we want to choose a holiday destination, we may read a number of travel brochures to decide the best place to visit. Look at the holiday brochure below. Olympus Resort Olympus Resort is located on a beautiful tropical coast. It is only half an hour from the airport. Shuttle bus services are provided to nearby shopping centers, restaurants and theme parks. Attractions There is a nature reserve within walking distance from the resort. Enjoy the peace of the reserve. Walk through the forest and hear the chirping of the birds. A shuttle service will take u to the shopping centers. You can also get fantastic food at reasonable prices. Dont forget to try the famous chocolate ice-cream cake at Café Demaz! For those who want excitement, the theme park is the place to be. Experience the rides of your life! The title of the brochure tells what it is about. The opening paragraph tells us some general information about the resort. The attractions tell us what we can see or do around the resort.

15 Book p.68 Facilities Two swimming pools 18 hole golf course Tennis courts Games room TV room Gift shops Other services Local doctor on call Childcare services Banking and postal services The list of facilities for guests tells us what we can find in the resort. Additional information is given at the end of the brochure.

16 Book p.70 ou count out around shout tousers down towel how shower tower ow

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