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TAKS Field Test Virtual Training Kempner High School - January, 2005 A Road Map to Success.

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1 TAKS Field Test Virtual Training Kempner High School - January, 2005 A Road Map to Success

2 Agenda Virtual Training Program overview Purpose of the training Who, What, When, Where? Critical accountability issues Before the test During the test After the test

3 Virtual Training TAKS

4 This virtual training is offered to teachers, administrators and other staff members as an alternative to a before-or-after-school “live” training session. It in no way diminishes the critical nature of state-mandated training sessions, nor does it take the place of the “live” TAKS training that will be held in February and April. Signing the Oath of Test Security and Confidential Integrity at the end of this presentation is your acknowledgement that you “certify, warrant, and affirm that (you) have received training on testing procedures, that (you) have read the coordinator/test administrator manual governing the administration of the statewide student testing program, that (you) understand (your) obligations concerning the security and confidential integrity of this test, and that (you) are aware of the range of penalties that may result from a violation of test security and confidential integrity.”

5 TAKS Program Overview TAKS

6 Program Overview The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) assesses the statewide curriculum, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). TAKS assesses students in ways that closely reflect sound classroom instruction.

7 Purpose of the Training TAKS

8 Purpose of the Training To meet TEA’s requirement that all testing administrators and monitors are to be trained in general testing procedures as well as procedures unique to each test administration To include practical advice from experienced test administrators To help identify critical information To facilitate an optimum testing day with the least amount of “glitches” To motivate campus staff to produce sound and accurate data for campus accountability at both the state and federal levels

9 Who, What, When, Where? TAKS All Juniors who are not exempt from the TAKS test. Exit-level ELA Field Test Thursday, January 20, 2005, periods 1 - 4 Twenty-one selected classrooms in the 200’s wing.

10 TEST DAY SCHEDULE 7:00 – test administrators and relief/hall personnel sign out testing materials in the library 7:30 – 11:00 – testing Overflow room will be available for students who do not finish by 11:00 Materials check-in begins at 11:00 or whenever all students in the room have completed the test There will be NO TAKS pull-outs on Thursday, January 20

11 Critical Accountability Issues TAKS

12 Critical Accountability Issues All testing personnel must be trained before handling secure materials. All test materials are secure documents. Secure test materials may not be duplicated. All tests must be administered in strict accordance with the instructions contained in the test administrator manual.

13 Critical Accountability Issues No person may change any response or encourage or instruct a student to do so. No person may reveal the contents of a test booklet or answer verbally or nonverbally any question that relates to the contents of a test before, during, or after test administration. No person other than the student may “clean up” an answer document. Any breach of test security must be reported immediately to Ms. Duyka.

14 Critical Accountability Issues There are severe penalties for losing a test booklet or an answer document!

15 THE LAW Any person who violates, assists in the violation of, or solicits another to violate or assist in the violation of test security or confidential integrity,and any person who fails to report such a violation are subject to the following penalties: 1.Placement of restrictions on the issuance, renewal, or holding of a Texas teacher certificate, either indefinitely or for a set term; 2.Issuance of an inscribed or non-inscribed reprimand; 3.Suspension of a Texas teacher certificate for a set term; Or. 4.Revocation or cancellation of a Texas teacher certificate without opportunity for reapplication for a set term or permanently.


17 View this entire presentation and read the Field-Test Administrator Instructions (in your box). Review the “Administrators”, “Displaced Classes” and “Testing Rooms” charts (Also in your box). Notify Ms. Duyka immediately if you see a problem. Notify your students ahead of time – and often – of where they are to report on test day. Remind those students who normally leave your class for TAKS pull-outs that there will be NO pull- outs on test day. If your regular classroom is a testing room, take down or cover any instructional displays that might aid students during the test. BEFORE THE TEST

18 Materials Provided for Testing “Do not disturb” sign Two attendance rosters Sticky notes with student id, name, and grade A restroom pass Pencils and “some” highlighters One “white” eraser Answer document for each enrolled student Test booklet for each student Tracking list and Auditorium Sign-in sheet ***NEW*** testing irregularity report form


20 ACTIVE MONITORING IS CRUCIAL! Be on time for your testing assignment Have students place their belongings at the front of the room Seat students alphabetically using the sticky notes provided Take accurate attendance on both rosters – one will be collected and the other will remain in your basket Do not test anyone who is not on your roster – direct them to a hall monitor Walk around the room frequently and monitor testing Read instructions exactly as the manual dictates Stay awake! If you need a restroom break, flag down a relief person or ask a hall monitor to find one. A VIP cannot relieve you during testing. Maintain test security at all times! Fill out “Testing Irregularity Report Form” if necessary

21 ANSWER DOCUMENTS ARE PRE-CODED Do not allow students to “bubble” the front page of the answer document – if a student finds a discrepancy (wrong birth date, name misspelled, etc.) document this on the irregularity sheet Check all answer documents before turning them in – if a student has bubbled anything on the front page you must have the student erase it This also applies to stray marks – you may remind the student to erase stray marks but you cannot do it for them Have the student use the white eraser provided in your basket Active monitoring can eradicate this problem!

22 Dictionaries English-language dictionaries must be provided to students for the Reading and Written Composition section of the English Language Arts field tests. Students may also use a thesaurus or a combination dictionary/thesaurus. Foreign-language dictionaries are not permitted. Students may not use a dictionary on the revising and editing section of the ELA field tests.

23 Dictionary Usage Instruct students to raise their hand when they have completed the Reading and Composition section. They must do this before breaking the seal to the Revising and Editing section. Collect that student’s yellow “sticky note” from their desk. Check off their name on your “keeper” roster. After this point they may no longer use a dictionary. Be sure to let students know that they may go back and work on the reading and composition section but once the seal is broken to the next section they may no longer use a dictionary or thesaurus.

24 Hall Personnel YOU ARE JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INTEGRITY OF THIS TEST AS THE TEST ADMINISTRATOR – BE PREPARED. Pick up your materials in the Library at 7:00 a.m. – Be on time for your assignment, remember, the person you are relieving has a class to teach. Help students find their assigned rooms using the lists provided. Students may use the restrooms in the 200’s wing only, one-at-a- time, with the pass provided. Students are not allowed to use cell phones or discuss the test. Do not allow students to use the restrooms near the elevator or in the Commons – KEEP THEM IN THE 200’S WING Question students who just seem to be wandering. Keep the halls as quiet as possible. Be available to help a test administrator in case of emergency or if they need a restroom break – a VIP cannot relieve a test administrator – WALK YOUR HALLS. Collect attendance rosters from your hall at 9:00 a.m. Give the sheets to Ms. Duyka. Stay at your post until your relief comes. If your relief is late, or if a test administrator tells you that their relief is late, tell Ms. Duyka. We cannot leave students unattended during the test.

25 Watch Closely For Cell phones/picture phones Calculators Electronics “Cheat Sheets” Students who are not taking the test or who are “random bubbling” Sleeping students

26 Leave the room unattended Test a student who is not on your roster Turn your back to the students or “hang out” at your door Turn on the computer Read or grade papers Converse while students are testing Talk on your cell phone Leave testing materials unattended Leave your room until your relief arrives –If your relief is late, tell the hall monitor DO NOT

27 STUDENT BREAKS Restroom passes will be provided Only one student may go to the restroom at a time Student must put their answer sheet in their test booklet and close it Student must use the restroom in the 200’s wing – not the restrooms near the elevators or the commons Restroom monitors must not allow students to discuss the test or use their cell phones


29 When a Student Finishes the Test Remind student to clean up any stray marks – remember, we can’t! Collect the answer document and the test booklet Student may read a book or rest – no electronics, dominoes, or cards! No talking or interaction with other students!

30 Test Administrator Fills in the “Test Form” Field The Test Form Code is “17”.

31 If a Student Does Not Finish by 11:00 Administrator collects test booklet and answer document Student may not leave the room Administrator fills out (2) forms Tracking list Auditorium sign-in sheet When relief person arrives, administrator walks student to auditorium FIRST and then brings testing materials for check-in to library (NO STUDENTS ALLOWED IN LIBRARY)

32 Room # __________ Date: ____________________________ TRACKING LIST FOR STUDENTS WHO NEED EXTRA TIME FOR TAKS ADMINISTRATION Teacher’s Name ____________________________________________________ No. of test booklets to Overtime Room ______ No. of Students to Overtime Room _______ NAME OF STUDENT (PLEASE PRINT)BOOKLET NUMBER ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________


34 Test administrators must –Verify that no answer documents have inadvertently been left in a test booklet –Verify that every answer sheet includes Test Form Code (17) –Verify that all test booklets and answer documents are accounted for –Return 1. the answer documents in alphabetical order 2. the test booklets in numeric order 3. the Field-Test Administrator Instructions manual 4. all unused test booklets and answer documents 5.the Irregularity form copy of the roster 7.Pencils, erasers, restroom passes Take all materials to the library and wait until you are checked in and “signed-off”

35 Now, please read the Field Test Administrator Instructions booklet and sign the Oath at the back. Review the three charts (draft copies) for accuracy and inform me (Flo Duyka) immediately of any problems. Return the entire booklet to the testing office or my box no later than Jan. 18. If everyone complies, we will be able to continue training “virtually”. If you wish to print any or all pages of this presentation, right-click and choose “Print”.

36 The End

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