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Online Cell Phones Laptops Gaming Devices. INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM.

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1 Online Cell Phones Laptops Gaming Devices


3 WEB 8.0 What are children putting online?

4 eww! what is she wearing? eww! what is she wearing? Bullying + Technology = Cyberbullying

5 Help protect children from bullying Bullying is often seen as an unfortunate, but natural part of adolescence. However, pediatrician Dr. Sharon Cooper warns, “Cyberbullying can affect the social, emotional, and physical health of a child.” For these reasons, it is important that steps are taken to help children deal with and respond to cyberbullying.

6 Cyberbullying ▪ Spreading rumors and gossip ▪ Posting pictures of someone without consent ▪ Stealing passwords to assume someone else’s identity ▪ Threatening or harassing with offensive language

7 Information Acceleration Send

8 Signs of Cyberbullying Act nervous when receiving an e-mail, IM, or text Seem uneasy about going to school Withdraw from friends and family Stop using the computer or cell phone A cyberbullying victim might

9 STEPS TO DEAL WITH CYBERBULLYING Tell children not to respond to rude e-mails, messages, and comments. Save the evidence, such as e-mail and text messages, and take screenshots of comments and images. Also, take note of the date and time when the harassment occurs. Contact your Internet service provider (ISP) or cell phone provider. Ask the website administrator or ISP to remove any Web page created to hurt your child.

10 If harassment is via e-mail, social networking sites, IM, and chat rooms, instruct children to “block” bullies or delete their current account and open a new one. If harrassment is via text and phone messages, change the phone number and instruct children to only share the new number with trustworthy people. Also, check out phone features that may allow the number to be blocked. Get your school involved. Learn the school’s policy on cyberbullying and urge administrators to take a stance against all forms of bullying. Make a report to, and if you feel something illegal has occurred, inform law

11 Save the messages for evidence Block or ban the bully from contacting your child Set up a new account Sign Up Email Address: Password: Report to the website, school, bully’s parents, or law enforcement

12 Cyberbullying Behaviors ▪ Quickly switch screens or close programs when you walk by ▪ Use the computer at all hours of the night ▪ Get unusually upset if they cannot use the computer ▪ Laugh excessively while online ▪ Avoid discussions about what they are doing ▪ Use multiple online accounts or use an account that is not their own

13 Consequences of Cyberbullying

14 Cyberstalking 720 ILCS 5/12-7.5 Sec. 12-7.5. Cyberstalking. (a) A person commits cyberstalking when he or she engages in a course of conduct using electronic communication directed at a specific person, and he or she knows or should know that would cause a reasonable person to: (1) fear for his or her safety or the safety of a third person; or (2) suffer other emotional distress.

15 (c) For purposes of this Section: (2) "Electronic communication" means any transfer of signs, signals, writings, sounds, data, or intelligence of any nature transmitted in whole or in part by a wire, radio, electromagnetic, photoelectric, or photo-optical system. "Electronic communication" includes transmissions through an electronic device including, but not limited to, a telephone, cellular phone, computer, or pager, which communication includes, but is not limited to, e-mail, instant message, text message, or voice mail… (3) "Emotional distress" means significant mental suffering, anxiety or alarm… (4) "Harass" means to engage in a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person that alarms, torments, or terrorizes that person… (6) "Reasonable person" means a person in the victim's circumstances, with the victim's knowledge of the defendant and the defendant's prior acts…. (e) A defendant who directed the actions of a third party to violate this Section, under the principles of accountability set forth in Article 5 of this Code [720 ILCS 5/5-1 et seq.], is guilty of violating this Section as if the same had been personally done by the defendant, without regard to the mental state of the third party acting at the direction of the defendant….720 ILCS 5/5-1

16 Don’t just be a bystander!

17 Talk to kids!


19 More than one student has secretly taken a cell phone picture or video of a teacher. Students make a deliberate attempt to provoke their teachers. Students then capture the response on video, and post it online where anyone may see it.

20 Teach children how to use technology responsibly.

21 Preparation for Today It is critical that students know how to use Internet Communication Technology safely and effectively, and educators are essential to students attaining this knowledge.

22 Online Communication Tools Increasing numbers of education professionals are using online communication tools both personally and professionally. Improper or incautious usage may have consequences for educators which include embarrassment, ridicule, and job termination.

23 Appropriate Comments

24 Be Tech Smart - Personally Even after the school bell rings, educators’ actions may be seen as representative of their schools and their profession. If an educator’s conduct is seen as “unbecoming of the profession,” he or she may be dismissed.


26 When can your comments get you into trouble? Examiner~y2009m3d1-Teenage-fired-for- complaining-on-Facebook---teaching-teens-to- think-before-the-write?comments=true first day at work. omg!! So dull.

27 Educators should remember that content shared online can easily become public, and take steps to protect themselves such as: Consider comments and images before posting them online Using the privacy settings Keeping separate profiles for personal and professional use Not friending colleagues, students, and parents or giving them access to personal blogs and image-sharing sites Being careful about job-related posts Do not make personal posts during school hours or with school- or district-owned devices Do not post content about sex, alcohol, or anything else that you wouldn’t want your students, their parents, or administrators to see

28 - My status, photos, and posts - Family and relationships - Photos and videos I’m tagged in - Birthday - Permission to comment on your posts - Contact information Share a tagged post with friends of the friend I tag Privacy Settings Friends Only

29 Be Tech Smart - Professionally Educators should be vigilant against unprofessional contact with students online. Log all online interactions with students. Limit other misunderstandings by:


31 Talking to administrators Know your school/district polices on the use of online communication tools or help your school develop a policy if it does not have one Give them access to class social media pages, blogs, etc. Discuss procedures for reporting student disclosures or conversations with potentially inappropriate content

32 Talking to students Discuss proper etiquette for communicating online, including your guidelines for acceptable language and content Warn them that online communications are being logged and saved Let them know that you must report disclosures of maltreatment or illegal activities to school administrators


34 Talking to parents Get their consent before using online communication tools Invite them to view class pages and other online communications where appropriate

35 Instead of Facebook try Edmodo Instead of Wikipedia try Wikispaces for Educators Instead of YouTube try SchoolTube Instead of Twitter try Twiducate Why not try these sites designed specifically for schools?

36 ▪ TELL your friends and parents about these resources ▪ ENCOURAGE your PTA to set up presentations ▪ And TALK to your school about using NetSmartz Help people in your community.

37 Thank you!

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