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RPMS Conventions. Screen Editor Commands Exiting/Saving Exit and save text E Quit with optional save Q Deleting Character before cursor Entire line D.

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1 RPMS Conventions

2 Screen Editor Commands Exiting/Saving Exit and save text E Quit with optional save Q Deleting Character before cursor Entire line D Formatting Join current line to next line J Reformat paragraph R To see all of the commands H=Help

3 Editing with replace… Example: SIGNATURE BLOCK TITLE: V23 SENIOR SYSTEM ANALYST Replace The "Replace" and "With" prompts are case sensitive. To replace the entire entry Type ellipsis points—three periods (...) at the "Replace" prompt and then type in the new entry at the "With" prompt. These prompts are only presented when an entry is greater than or equal to 20 characters in length. If the entry is less than 20 characters, the current default entry, if any, is displayed; type the entire new entry after the prompt. These are VA FileMan conventions. –… To replace the whole line –END To add to the end of the line –@ To delete the entire entry

4 General RPMS Conventions ? Provides information about what the system expects to receive at a given prompt. ?? Provides more detail concerning what the system expects to receive at a given prompt ??? Provides maximum information concerning what the system expects to receive at a given prompt

5 Conventions, continued… ^ Will allow you to exit an option or prompt (Shift 6) ^ Also known as the jump symbol Allows you to jump from one menu option to another @ This is the delete command // A prompt followed by this indicates a default answer. You may either press enter to accept or change the answer. DEVICE –Enter a printer or SLAVE –Enter HOME or just press enter to display to your screen

6 Date Formats JANUARY 5, 2001 Spell out month JAN 5 2001 Abbreviate month 5 JAN 01 Date first 1/5/01 Numbers with slashes 010501Numbers with zeros 1,5,01 Numbers with commas 1.5.01 Numbers with periods 1/5 Omit year JAN 5 Abbreviate and omit year RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions

7 Date Formats (cont) TFor today’s date T+1 For tomorrow T+7 For one week forward T-1 For yesterday T-3W For 3 weeks ago T-3M For 3 months ago 29 Year 1929 01 Year 2001 JAN, 2001 Omit the precise day

8 RPMS Namespace AG Patient registration... [AGMENU] **> Locked with AGZMENU ALL Adverse Reaction Tracking... [GMRAMGR] **> Locked with GMRA-SUPERVISOR BHS Behavioral Health Information System... [AMHMENU] **> Locked with AMHZMENU BI Immunization Menu... [BIMENU] **> Locked with BIZMENU BMC Referred Care Information System... [BMCMENU] **> Locked with BMCZMENU RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions

9 Common Options TBOX User’s Toolbox This option allows the user to edit certain attributes e.g., VERIFY CODE and ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE CODE. It also displays basic help information. VA View Alerts This option is used to select alerts or notifications produced by application packages for viewing or to perform any actions associated with the alert or notification received e.g., discharge summary’s, operative reports. Continue The 'Continue' option is similar to 'Halt' in that it allows a user to exit without having to back up through the tree of menus. Halting with 'Continue' will cause the computer to remember what the last option being executed was, and next time the user signs on, there will be the choice of resuming processing at that option. RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions

10 More Common Options Halt The HALT option ends the RPMS session. This is useful if you are several levels deep in a menu and do not want to 'carriage return' back to the beginning in order to exit. MailMan Menu MailMan is a general purpose computerized message system. It allows the user to Send and Receive messages, as well as manage his baskets. Restart Session This option allows the user to return to the sign-on logic so that a session can be restarted without dropping a telecommunication line. Time This command displays the time and date RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions

11 RPMS TBOX Change my Division Display User Characteristics Edit User Characteristics Electronic Signature code Edit Menu Templates... Spooler Menu... Switch UCI TaskMan User User Help RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions

12 Electronic Signature Code TBOX User's Toolbox (This option may be entered from any menu.) Electronic Signature code Edit (Type EL for shortcut to that option) Press enter to accept each value until you reach “Enter your Current Signature Code” INITIAL: BRR// press enter SIGNATURE BLOCK PRINTED NAME: BETTY R RUUTTILA// press enter SIGNATURE BLOCK TITLE: COMPUTER SPECIALIST// press enter OFFICE PHONE: 2610// press enter VOICE PAGER: press enter DIGITAL PAGER: press enter Enter your Current Signature Code: Your typing will not show. Signature code must be 6 to 20 characters in length With no control or lowercase characters. ENTER NEW SIGNATURE CODE: Re-enter your NEW SIGNATURE CODE for verification.

13 List Manager Screen Display The list manager utility enables RPMS applications to display a list of items in a screen format. RPMS applications that use list manager: PCC Data Entry Women’s Health Patient Immunization Record PGEN/VGEN Coding Queue RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions

14 List Manager PCC/EHR VISIT AUDIT Oct 03, 2011 15:33:20 Page: 1 of 41 Visit Dates: Jan 01, 2011 to Oct 03, 2011 an asterisk beside the visit number indicates the visit has an error # VISIT DATE PATIENT NAME HRN FAC HOSP LOC CL INS PRIM PROV STATU 1)* 07/07/11@07:44 DEMO,JOHN 55 WW 20 PEDIA A 20 HESS,BARB NO 2)* 07/13/11@09:35 DEMO,JOHN 55 WW 01 GENER A 01 HESS,BARB NO 3)* 01/03/11@15:33 GUMP,BJ 876 WW BJB SOCS A 48 P BRUNING,B I NO + Q - Quit/?? for more actions/+ next/- previous >>> D Display Visit R Resort List F Move V File N Note Display C Chart Audit History E Move V File 2 Dates M Modify Visit H Health Summary T Change Date/Time A Append to Visit O One Patient's Visits U Resequence POVS G Visit Merge X Visit Delete Z Add a Visit S Status Update B Merge 2 Diff Dates Select Action: D//  Navigate to the LEFT and RIGHT RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions

15 More Actions in List Manager Select Action: D// ?? The following actions are also available: + Next Screen < Shift View to Left PS Print Screen - Previous Screen FS First Screen PL Print List UP Up a Line LS Last Screen SL Search List DN Down a Line GO Go to Page ADPL Auto Display(On/Off) > Shift View to Right RD Re Display Screen Q Quit Enter RETURN to continue or '^' to exit: RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions

16 Informative Websites RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions

17 RPMS Help & Feedback Tiered Services – Organizational Structure: Please follow the tiered structure below when obtaining support. RPMS Orientation & Keyboarding Conventions For all calls or e-mails please provide: –Your name –Site/Facility/Area –Phone number


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