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2 Welcome & Introductions Janet Jones Manager, Communications Customer Service

3 Agenda The Voice Network Directory Reduction Effort Update on CITES Services – Conference Services – Campus Pagers – Dial-Up Internet Access Tools for Unit Coordinators Questions & Answers

4 The Voice Network & Unit Coordinators Beth Scheid Associate Director, CITES Network Facility

5 Overview Voice RFP Process Review Vendor Finalists Vendor Negotiations Final Design Process Current Status/Next Steps Challenges

6 Voice RFP Process Status of current Centrex contract: Renewed for 3 yrs with two 1 yr renewal options (taking us through June 2012) Working with WTC consultants to oversee Centrex modernization process and help determine a rate and funding strategy for campus voice and data services

7 Voice RFP Process Review and input from campus committees Made strategic technology choice to go forward with a hybrid PBX-IP solution

8 Vendor Finalists Consolidated Communications Inc. partnered with Nortel NEC Unified Solutions

9 WTC Vendor Negotiations How to get the best technical configuration How to control change orders How to minimize disruption How to maintain your leverage with the vendor

10 RRFP Implementation Technical Services Agreement Award FinalDesign Master Purchase Agreement OK Reconcile RRFP to RFP WTC’s Voice RFP Process- Phase III

11 WTC Vendor Negotiations Reduces surprises Controls change orders (avg. 3%) Provides focus to the implementation process Favorable pricing Good terms and conditions

12 Final Design Process Detailed survey of campus voice locations Over 400 buildings in-scope in CU Out-of-scope buildings include those on other campuses (UIC, UIS), most Residence Hall rooms, Certified Student Housing, Orchard Downs

13 Final Design Process Partner with building voice coordinators and IT Pros CITES team to meet with each unit Similarities to network upgrade project data gathering (marking up floor plans, finding user needs, etc.) CITES will provide base data and will ask unit to verify/update information

14 Final Design Process EXAMPLES OF DATA TO BE COLLECTED Jack ID Telephone number Phone Type (single line or multi line) Bridged/Extension Set type How it is used (fax, elevator, emergency, modem, voice)

15 Final Design Process Vendor education sessions Determination of VoIP readiness Determination of Node readiness (vendor walkthroughs) Determination of 18-month phased cutover Vendors assimilate and crunch data to ultimately provide final design and pricing

16 Current Status Completed Technical Service Agreement for each vendor Held kick-off meetings with WTC for teams involved in final design work Drafted planning assumptions Started negotiations for Master Purchasing Agreement for each vendor

17 Next Steps Schedule meeting with each vendor for them to: Provide overview of proposed system and changes since original RFP response (August 2007) Describe migration to VoIP plans and info on current and anticipated SIP features SIP = procotol for setting up/tearing down calls Describe plans for wireless/mobility and network requirements

18 Next Steps Provide overview of voicemail and unified message system Provide overview of ACD system Review proposed TDM telephones Review VoIP telephone options Review dual-mode wireless telephone options Review station design process

19 Next Steps After all data is collected and analyzed, a Revised RFP will be issued Vendors will then provide updated design and final pricing Final winner will be determined

20 Challenges Funding for implementation Timing for Board of Trustees approval Buildings not under scope of Network Upgrade Project VoIP readiness Centrex contract expiration date

21 Questions?

22 Directory Reduction Effort Janet Milbrandt Manager, CITES Business Affairs

23 Why Now? Departmental requests to “opt out” Significant waste of Directories UI effort to “go green” Budget Crunch

24 Current Process Inefficiencies Obtaining Directory Counts from Depts Department Contact lists are difficult to maintain. Pre-Distribution Process is manual

25 How many directories are needed – by line; by dept; by division? How do we streamline departmental submission of directory counts? Available FY2010 options Discuss Long-Term Goals Discussion Points

26 Bridging the Gap Collaborative Effort: Feb – March 2009 Department Telecom Coordinators Creative Services CITES Business Office


28 Updates on CITES Services Janet Jones Manager, Communications Customer Service

29 CITES Services Conference Service Campus Pagers Dial Up

30 Conference Services

31 Conference Services - Current Station Controlled – Initiated from Campus Phone – Supports up to Six Participants Operator Arranged – Require Scheduling via Campus Operator – Seven Audio Bridges Six can accommodate up to 29 participants One can accommodate up to 59 participants

32 Conference Services – What’s Coming Continue to Provide & Support Station Controlled Replace Leased Audio Bridges with Cisco MeetingPlace – Expand Capabilities – Offer Collaboration Capabilities

33 Conference Services – What’s Coming Enhanced Audio – Able to accommodate larger conference calls Total of 180 ports – More flexible in managing capacity – Provide additional feature Security code to join conference Recording Web Collaboration – Share Whiteboard, Documents, Files Videoconferencing Bridging

34 Conferencing Services – What’s Coming Today – Equipment is installed – Internal Testing – Development of Support Structure July – Audio conferencing available – Web conferencing available TBD – Videoconference Bridging

35 Conference Services – What’s Coming Demonstration

36 Campus Pagers

37 Campus Pagers Today 1074 Active Campus “Pocket” Pagers – 825 (77%) Deployed in 4 Units – 249 (33%) Deployed in 68 Units Over 50% of Units Deploy Less than 10 Pagers Monthly Recurring Charge = $ 2.50 Coverage Area Limited to Champaign County

38 Issues with Current Service Financial Issues – Expenses Outweigh Revenue Operating Expenses Increase Number of Pagers Deployed Decrease FY07 = $ 9.1K Loss; FY08 = $ 9.7 K Loss

39 Issues with Current Service Service Issues – Aging Infrastructure & Equipment No Longer Supported by Maintenance – Single Points of Failure One Campus Antennae One Paging Terminal

40 Pager Service Options Option #1 – No Infrastructure Upgrade – Monthly Rate Increase to $ 4.00 – Continue Rate Review Based On Activated Services Options #2 – Upgrade Existing Infrastructure – Monthly Rate Increase to $ 4.50 – Continue Rate Review Based On Activated Services

41 Pager Service Options Option #3 – Upgrade and Expand Infrastructure – Monthly Rate Increase Unknown (Est = $ 8) – Continue Rate Review Based On Activated Services Option #4 – Retire Campus Service & Investigate Off Campus Offerings Statewide ServiceNumericAlphanumeric Vendor A$ 3.50$ 7.00 Vendor B$ 7.00$ 12.50 Vendor C$ 12.95$ 15.95

42 Investigating Off Campus Service Customer Focus Group F&SVetMed KrannertHousing Identified Pager Service Needs & Requirements – Coverage, Redundancy – Frequency Used – Epage Gateway Compatibility – Text Message Capability (Size) – Device Management (Rental vs Own) – Maintenance & Fees (Repair, Reprogram)

43 Campus Pagers – Next Steps Obtain Recommendations from You – Additional Needs & Requirements – Suggestions of Off Campus Providers Submit Request for Information to Off Campus Providers Develop Response Matrix

44 E-Page Gateway E-Page Gateway NOT Part of Paging System – Picks up Email Directed to '' Formats to Alphanumeric Pager Message No Plans to Change E-Page Gateway Service – Pager Number Changes Require Update to EDE Interoperability Requirements or Equivalent Included in Request Gateway Already Supports Off Campus Pager Providers (Verizon Wireless, Arch)

45 Dial – Up Internet Access

46 Dial-Up Internet Access Uses Telephone Lines to Provide UIUCnet Access Late ‘80s at 56 Kbps (kilobits per second) Financial Issues Operating Expenses Increase Number of Users Decrease –1999 = 15,000 users –2008 = 1,400 users Retirement Date = July 1, 2009 – 91% Decrease

47 Tools for Unit Coordinators Janet Jones Manager, Communications Customer Service

48 Tools for Unit Coordinators Improvements to Web Site – Improvements to webTSR Available for Phone / On-Site Consultations

49 Tools for Unit Coordinators Want to Hear from You!

50 Questions?

51 Thank You! Event Survey – Presentation Materials –

52 Contact Information CITES Communication Customer Service – 333-1161 – Janet Jones, Manager – 333-8499 – Lynne Ellis, Assistant Manager – 244-7676 –

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