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Look for your child’s message to you on the banner. Leave a message for them to read tomorrow morning!

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1 Look for your child’s message to you on the banner. Leave a message for them to read tomorrow morning!

2 THE MARINERS’ TEAM  Mrs. Brisbois - Science  Mrs. Crane - Special Education  Mrs. LaPlatney - Math  Mrs. Jorgensen - Social Studies  Mrs. Mazzella - Language Arts  Ms. Doucette - Paraprofessional  Ms. Hallden - Paraprofessional  Mrs. Sutherland - Paraprofessional

3 MARINERS’ SUPPORT TEAM  Mr. Costa- Guidance Counselor  Ms. Marshall- School Psychologist  Ms. Stallworth-School Psychologist  Dr. DeLeeuw - Principal  Mrs. Brungard- House Secretary

4 You are the most important person in your child’s life! Working Together Teacher Parent Student

5 Communication Tools for ELMS Parents and Guardians Check Website – for general information, events, special notices, team and/or class Sign up for Friday Newsletter for school information & local information Activate Edline & Confirm Email – for progress reports, report cards

6 Go to About Us, Weekly Newsletter to View or Subscribe to Email

7 What is Edline? Edline is the online portal we use to distribute report cards and progress reports Provides teachers with an easy communication tool

8 Go to to activate your Follow steps to create a screen name and password

9 Verify your email or add a secondary email address Verify your email address or add a secondary email address

10 Edline Email Confirmation Sample email from edline:

11 Why Confirm Email? Teachers can send out information to the team/kiva, a class, or an individual You get reminders when reports are posted If you forget your password or need to change it you can reset on your own If you have any further questions or need assistance with your Edline account, call Jennifer Berchielli, computer consultant, at 860-691-5520 or email

12 Student Safety Goal: Balance student safety concerns with a welcoming and responsive school and community partnership

13 Procedures for Safety Use the front, main entrance when visiting ELMS A buzzer/camera system will assist us to confirm your identity and purpose for visit Please make appointments whenever possible with teams or teachers ELMS conducts mandatory safety drills throughout the year

14 Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) Research shows that preventing violence in schools involves: – Positive, predictable school-wide climate – High rates of academic & social success – Formal social skills instruction – Positive active supervision & reinforcement – Positive adult role models – Multi-component, multi-year school-family- community effort These are the same elements for a positive school climate

15 More on PBIS PBIS encourages staff and parents to share 4 positive comments with children for every 1 negative comment. Students will sometimes be rewarded for positive behavior by receiving a Viking Voucher. These tickets may be used for raffle drawings. There will also be an agenda raffle to check if agendas are being filled out. Feel free to talk to your children about PBIS.

16 Connections Connections is our advisory program here at the middle school. Groups of 11-13 students are assigned to one adult advisor. Connections groups meet two times per month for 30 minutes where they complete lessons and activities related to a monthly school-wide theme.

17 Advisory programs have been shown to: Help students grow emotionally and socially Contribute to a positive school climate Enhance student-teacher relationships Promote mutually respectful relationships with peers Improve students’ decision-making and communication skills Create a sense of belonging to school Improve student learning

18 Monthly Themes September- Team Building October- Responsibility November- Community December- Wellness January- Goal-Setting February- Acceptance March- Cooperation April- Leadership/Citizenship May- Friendship/Closure

19 Student Success Plan Overview (SSP) The Student Success Plan (SSP) is an individualized, student driven plan that will be developed to address every student’s needs and interests to help every student stay connected in school and to achieve postsecondary educational and career goals. Connecticut State Department of Education Student Success Plan Overview

20 What is required from school systems in Connecticut? The SSP will begin in the 6 th grade and continue through high school to provide support and assistance in setting goals for: Social, emotional, physical and academic growth. Meeting rigorous high school expectations. Exploring postsecondary education and career interests. Connecticut State Department of Education, 2012

21 Student Success Plan Overview 1. Academic Development SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) Kiva Activities Student Led Conferences Connections Groups 2. Career Development Interest Inventories and Career Exploration Life Skills Classes 3. Social, Emotional and Physical Development Lessons and Activities Connections Groups

22 1. Positively Enthusiastic… Hooray!! 2. OK… (Middle school language = “good”) 3. Not so good… (Find out why and tell us.) 4. They don’t share… (Find a way to reward them for sharing something – anything!)







29 CCSS Mathematics Standards What are the learning expectations? Grade K- 8 Math Content Standards Build deep understanding, not just procedural skill Develop fluency (speed and comfort) in computation, measurement, and ratios and proportional reasoning. Apply math understanding by solving real world problems and actively discussing solutions. Grade 9-12 Math Content Standards Emphasize the use of mathematics and statistics to analyze problems, understand them better, and improve decisions. Apply mathematics to novel situations with multiple solutions, as college students and employees regularly do.





34 Common Core Standards and integration of new expectations includes, but is not limited to: Reading novels, short stories, and non-fiction to develop comprehension and note-taking skills. Writing to a variety of prompts emphasizing persuasive, expository, and narrative techniques Listening, speaking, viewing & presenting Conventions of standard English including spelling and grammar Research and Media Technology

35 Language Arts Expectations 1. Do your best everyday. Let us know when you are having a rough day. 2. Read at least 25 minutes Sunday-Friday night from a book you care about and can read fluently (150 words per minute). You MUST document the exact number of minutes read and pages on a reading log. Read more for “Advanced” grade.(See Math assignment on daily reading) 3. Arrive on time to class with your homework, an SSR book, an updated reading log, a writing utensil, the school agenda, binder, and notebook.

36 1. READ 2. read 3. Read 4. Read 5. Read 6. READ 7. Read 8. r e a d 9. Read 10. READ

37 What’s Academy? 30 minutes of extra Math and LA instruction time Flexible Grouping and targeted instruction Opportunities to challenge students Extra opportunities to practice skills

38 Computation with: Whole numbers Fractions Decimals Sample of Topics Includes Problem solving Algebraic reasoning Geometry Place value Estimating Math

39  Geography Skills  American Culture  Africa*  Canada  China*  Veteran’s Day November 11th: If you would be willing to join us on one of our panels- please let me know * Cross-curricular unit with Language Arts

40 Chemistry Water Weather Habitats Human influence on the environment (LIS) Also, I would like to invite you to come in and speak to the students.

41 Co-teaching is… Approach to program delivery where two or more teachers (general and special education teachers) share teaching responsibilities within a general education classroom. Definition of Co-Teaching

42 Co-teaching is… When both teachers interact with all of the students at different times. Using various arrangements of students and group sizes, so each student’s educational potential is recognized.


44  Check-in, Read the message, Unpack  Morning News Show (Homebase)  Two classes  Academy (extra Math and LA)  Lunch (shared with one 5 th gr. team & one 6 th gr. team)  Class  1 st Special  One more class!  2 nd Special  Homebase/dismissal

45  Drinking only water in class nut free  Eating healthy, nut free snacks Our second and last academic classes are designated snack classes. *New café breakfast..

46 Consistent use of Agenda One Homework Folder for all assignments Set a routine time and place to do work Handouts available for more homework tips Done!To Do

47  Why… -Reinforces classroom learning -Apply skills to real world applications -Teaches responsibility and time management  When… -Nightly (approximately 50-60 minutes …plus additional 25 minutes of reading time)

48  Teacher… ◦ Appropriate connection to lesson ◦ Timely evaluation of student work  Student… ◦ Agenda should have all assignments written down daily; use of homework folder is highly encouraged. ◦ Complete with quality to best of their ability ◦ Submit on time ◦ If absent, students should get missed assignments from teachers ◦ Read 25 minutes daily (including weekends) ◦ Study multiplication facts daily  Parent Check… -Check agenda and homework hotline/school webpage -Check completed work

49 (860) 691-5430 Spanish Homework Hotline: (860 691-5420) French Homework Hotline: (860 691-5421) OR Welcome to the 21st Century…. Visit the Mariners Homework webpage

50  E-mail  Phone  Website  Homework Hotline  Agenda  Parent Conference  Help Students Develop Good Communication Skills  Edline*- Remember to access electronic report card * Quick tutorial at end of tonight’s presentation if time

51 Pick up letters from the Teachers Leave a message for your child Pick up a copy of the “Mariners’ Monthly” Sign up for e-mail notification of website updates Tips for Homework Success

52 Thank You for Coming! We look forward to seeing you again… Student Led Conferences on Tuesday, November 5th Parent visitation days in January

53 Any General Questions?

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