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First Grade Spanish Immersion Program. Woodcrest Purpose Woodcrest Spanish Immersion School is a supportive community that is focused on working together.

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1 First Grade Spanish Immersion Program

2 Woodcrest Purpose Woodcrest Spanish Immersion School is a supportive community that is focused on working together to ensure our students’ academic, social, and emotional growth to achieve the Spring Lake Park Essential Learning Targets.

3 First Grade Classes There are 4 sections of first grade: - Señora Sierra’s Class –Señora López-Gallardo Class –Señorita Aranda’s Class –-Señora Marcouiller

4 Student Expectations At Woodcrest the focus of classroom management is on self-discipline and learning to take responsibility for one’s actions. A student’s right to learn and a teacher’s right to teach should not be denied because of disruptive behavior. Expecting and encouraging appropriate student behavior is the responsibility of all employees who have direct contact with students.

5 Student Expectations The Responsible Learning management plan states the expectations for student behavior as well as consequences for inappropriate and unacceptable behavior. Woodcrest uses the Responsive Classroom practices in working with students to become responsible learners. We expect students to use as much Spanish as their skill level allows.

6 Student Expectations If your child receives a “bottom line” a report will go home to you and your child’s teacher will call you by the end of the day. Please sign the report and return it to school. Your signature does not mean you agree with what happened, but that you have been informed of the report.

7 Students need to complete their homework at home. Parents need to supervise them and make sure they have it neatly completed and correct before sending it back to school. Organize a special place just for homework. Avoid distracting elements. Homework Expectations

8 Students need to read at least 15 minutes everyday, that includes parents reading to them. Look for a special, quiet place to develop this habit. Reading in English, Spanish or any other language is alright. Reading time

9 Learning Targets Daily learning targets are posted in your child’s classroom for each subject. Learning objectives will be included in every classroom newsletter.

10 Curriculum Language Arts Math Social Studies Science Health

11 Language Arts Reading Comprehension Reading Fluency Writing Vocabulary Listening and Speaking

12 Math Number Sense, Computation, and Operations, Money Sense, and Telling Time. Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability Spatial Sense, Geometry, and Measurement Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

13 Social Studies Individual Development and Identity People, Places and Environments, Geographical Regions and Reading Maps.

14 Science Environmental Science (Geography) Earth Science (Rocks) Life Science (Plants)

15 Health Safety (safety rules for pedestrians and bicyclists, safe/unsafe items to eat) Dental Health (teeth, healthy and unhealthy food, healthy habits) Staying Well (germs, prevention)

16 To ensure the safety of our students, all visitors must sign in at the Office upon each visit and obtain a visitor’s badge. The main entrance door will be open during the school day. All other outside doors will remain locked. Visitors

17 Attendance When children will not be in school or will arrive late, please call our 24- hour attendance as early as possible. (763) 600-5809 If you do not notify the school, we will need to contact you.

18 Celebrations & Treats All food items eaten at celebrations or bought for birthday treats need to be commercially processed. No home prepared foods may be distributed to students for student safety reasons.

19 School Day The Woodcrest student day begins at 9:10 and dismissal is at 3:45. Students are welcome in their classrooms after 9:00 a.m. Classroom supervision will not be provided before this time. Students eating breakfast can enter at 9:00.

20 General Schedule Morning Work/Silent Reading Time Morning Meeting/Calendar/Literacy Activity/Bathroom Specialist Classes / Writing Math Lunch/Recess Whole Group Literacy Lessons Small Group Literacy Lesson Science / Art/ Poetry / Work Time Clean up / Wrap up

21 School Breakfast & Lunch You can deposit lunch money into your child’s account through the school’s website or send it to school with your child. Please make sure your child’s account number is written on the check or envelope when sending lunch money to school.

22 Cell Phones, Video Games, I Pods, & Other Electronics Any devices that may be disruptive to the learning environment are not allowed in the classroom. If the device is disruptive, it will be confiscated.

23 Gum & Toys Students are not allowed to have gum in school. Non academic items will be taken “at teacher discretion” if it becomes a problem.

24 Report Cards Students receive a report card three times during the school year. The report card reflects the Spring Lake Park learning targets, what we want students to know and be able to do. The student performance levels are based on the end of the year targets.

25 Report Cards Exceeds Standard: Consistently performs above grade level target with above grade level material. At Standard: Consistently achieves grade level target independently after instruction with grade level material. Approaching Standard: Developing skills and concepts of grade level target with some help from teacher with grade level material. Minimal Progress Towards Standard: Needs continuous teacher support for work towards grade level target. NA: Not assessed or taught at this time.

26 Thank you for coming. We look forward to a fantastic year of successes with your children.

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