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S ECOND G RADE Q&A Presented by Mrs. Kissell & Ms. Ellis.

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1 S ECOND G RADE Q&A Presented by Mrs. Kissell & Ms. Ellis

2 AGENDA 5:30 Welcome! Grab a snack and drink READING: Accountability - how do you know your child is REALLY reading? Engaging your child at home - practical quick tips you can use! Different types of reading you can do with your child MATH Warm ups (engaging your child in fun QUICK math activities) Word problems - thinking outside the box Math games QUESTIONS???? 6:30 Wrap it up!

3 A CCOUNTABILITY : H OW DO YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD IS REALLY READING ? We know that in order for students to become better readers, they must read! Set them up for success by doing some pre-reading activities: Scan a book and then talk about what you saw. Create a schema into which they can place the information they read about. Talk about vocabulary words, provide examples of how to use them in a sentence. Engage your child by providing them with a clear purpose for reading. I can sit here all day like this and those suckers think I’m reading!

4 E NGAGING YOU CHILD AT H OME BIG IDEA: Posing a question or challenge about the story provides your child with a purpose for reading. QUESTION: In chapter 1 of Freckle Juice when Andrew is talking to Sharon, her tongue reminds him of something. When you finish the chapter and find the answer come tell me what it is! QUESTION: You know, when I was looking through chapter 1, I noticed a word on page 13 that described Sharon’s reaction to Andrew not being able to find his place. Come act out that reaction to me once you’ve read about it!

5 D IFFERENT TYPES OF READING YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR CHILD Choral: reading in unison Echo: the learner echoes a skilled reader Turn taking (paragraph for paragraph or page for page) Re-reading for fluency and comprehension

6 W HY CHORAL READ ? Provides support and practice for students before they read on their own You can model fluency Improves ability to read sight words THIS IS GOOD: For patterned or predictable books For shorter books At the independent level of the reader We read together!

7 W HY E CHO R EAD ? Echo reading helps learners: Gain confidence in reading aloud Learn sight words Read material that might be too difficult to read on their own Practice proper phrasing and expression THIS IS GOOD: When something needs to be read aloud (reports, poems, performances) Help learners read material that is too difficult for them to read on their own.

8 ECHO READING HINTS: Read a sentence aloud with fluency and expression Have the learner track with their finger while you are reading

9 T URN T AKING Alternate reading paragraphs or pages. Good way to motivate learners to read a longer text. With advanced readers you can take on character roles and read the dialogue in a story.

10 R E -R EADING : O NCE IS NOT ENOUGH ! Re-reading is a crucial part of the reading process Good readers will reread a piece several times until they are satisfied they know it. 3 times is a great number to go by!

11 MATH!!!!!!!!!!! Math is no longer taught the way we learned it! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

12 W ARM - U P You need a pencil & a sprint 1 minute timed test Solve as many as you can! Go!

13 M ATH W ORD P ROBLEM Do your best to solve the word problem Be ready to share HOW you solved it. We are interested in your THINKING process!

14 MATH GAMES – O H THE FUN YOU CAN HAVE WITH A DECK OF CARDS ! Cyclops 21 Top it! Addition Top it! Subtraction Who’s the greatest? All directions for games can be found on our district website, Ms. Ellis’ pages “mathematics”.

15 M ATH E VERYDAY, E VERYWHERE ! Incorporate math into your daily life! See packet for 10 ideas you can start using tomorrow!

16 O NLINE F UN ! We have a class website with loads of information and links to fun online games. Our school website (from the Ophir School District home page) has additional information as well as videos.


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