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The Life of Jesus. Situation….. Roman Occupation Waiting for Israel to be reestablished. Waiting for the Messiah. Looking for “David #2” Looking for a.

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1 The Life of Jesus

2 Situation….. Roman Occupation Waiting for Israel to be reestablished. Waiting for the Messiah. Looking for “David #2” Looking for a political and military solution.

3 Old Testament Prophecy Someone from the house of David. The Son of God…..(Genesis) The NEW Lamb of God The NEW Passover feast The NEW Covanent Whipped and beaten Riding in on a donkey Others……..

4 Mary A young virgin Betrothed to Joseph Angel Gabriel announces she will give birth. How? “I am God’s servant.” Immaculate Conception….The Fall did not touch Mary’s child or “without stain.” Mary is from the House of David.

5 Elizabeth Zechariah and Elizabeth were childless. Older Zechariah told by an Angel, but he doubted. Struck dumb His name shall be John. When the child was born Z. said his name shall be John. Parallel miracle birth. John the Baptist.

6 Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth. Roman census required them to go to Bethlehem. 9 months pregnant. NO ROOM Stable Jesus is born in a stall.

7 Who is this child? Shepherds. “Glory to God in the Highest and peace on those with whom He is well pleased.” 3 Magi or Wisemen. Simeon at the Temple. Dies. Mary was not always understanding. Herod tried to kill all male babies. (Exodus) Jesus’ family flees to Egypt (Exodus).

8 Early life… Very little is said or known. Son of a carpenter. At 12 Jesus is sitting/listening in the Temple “Amazed” at his understanding. They left town and “forgot Jesus” They found him in “My father’s house.”

9 Meanwhile…… Out in the Wilderness John the Baptist is – Yelling – Camel hair and eating Locust – Baptizing people. “Prepare Ye the way of the Lord” Repent! Especially you…Herod…sleeping with your brother’s wife!!!

10 Jesus Arrives At age 30….teaches for 3 years…dies at age 33. Jesus and John meet….technically cousins. Baptize me….No YOU baptize me. The Holy Spirit descended LIKE a Dove. A voice from heaven says, “You are my son….” Jesus’ ministry begins.

11 The Temptation of Jesus After his baptism Jesus goes into the Wilderness for 40 days. During this time Jesus was tempted by Satan. – Money, Power, Riches, Land….. Jesus replied each time, “It is written.”

12 The Bumpy Road Begins…. Jesus returns to Galilee/Nazareth Begins teaching in the synagogues. One day he reads the prophecy regarding the coming of the Messiah from the Book of Isaiah. When he sits down he tells them that the prophecy has just come true. Isaiah focusses on the poor, blind, prisoners, and oppressed. They want to stone him. “No prophet is welcome in his own town…..”

13 What does Jesus teach…. The Law has been distorted. There is corruption and distortion in the church. Hypocrites are bad. The poor are great…the rich are bad. The heart matters more than the action. Get rid of your racist ways. God wants all people. Stop sinning and get back to God. Frequently chastised the religious leaders for hypocrisy and making people miserable.

14 What did Jesus do…. Gathered 12 men as followers – Not important people Hung out with socially unacceptable people – Poor-Non Jews-Tax Collectors- Prostitutues. Roamed the Middle East talking and preaching. Often taught in Parables – Prodigal –Light –Seed –Rich Man –Builders Often violated social norms and taboos. – Samaritan woman at the well.

15 Miracles…. Three types – Over disease Leprosy was a sign of your father’s sin Deaf, Blind, Lame….all symbolic – Over nature Calms a storm, multiplies fish and bread. – Over Spirits Cast out demons. Silenced demons

16 The Big Miracle Lazarus was a friend of Jesus’ Come Jesus…he’s sick Jesus waited. Roll back to stone….but he’ll stink. Lazarus…..COME FORTH. The power over life and death.

17 After 3 years…. Crowds love him. Everyone has heard of him Rome is aware of him Jewish leaders fear and hate him. People have begun to call him the Messiah.

18 Peter’s Declaration Who do people say I am….? Some say John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, a prophet Peter says “You are the Christ. The son of the living God.” – Upon this rock I will build my church. – What you say in heave/earth will be done. – The first Pope………

19 John is executed John was really upsetting Rome. Herod’s Illegitimate daughter danced…. – What do you want? – The head of John the Baptist

20 Some toughies from Jesus….. Shake the dust from your feet…. Pick up your cross and follow me… I have come to bring division…. Hate your mother and father…. To remarry is adultery…. Heaven and Hell can see each other… No one is married in heaven…. Narrow is the gate into heaven…. Wide is the road to destruction….

21 The beginning of the end….. Jesus arrives in Jerusalem. Hosanna!!! Rides in on a donkey. Palm leaves are laid down in front of him. – Palm Sunday. – Huge crowds. – He’s the Messiah – He’ll reinstate Jerusalem – He’ll kick out the Romans – We are about to reclaim our rightful place!

22 The Temple Center of Jewish life. People came from far away to offer Sacrifices. – Animals had to be available. – Money changers were needed. – Temple Prostitution. It was a place of commerce and greed as much as a house of prayer. The Jewish hierarchy benefitted from this situation.

23 Jesus at the Temple. You have made my house a den of thieves! Get out! Grabs cords, makes a whip, and drives people from the Temple. He is now a real problem…… But he is so popular…..

24 Not political….. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s…. My Kingdom is not of this world. Confused people…..what about the Romans?

25 Judas Iscariot One of the 12 Apostles Decides to betray Jesus – “Satan entered him” 30 pieces of silver. A LOT of speculation…..not a lot of text.

26 The Last Supper At the Mt. of Olives Predicts his betrayal. – I would never…..Peter. He who dips his bread in the bowl with me… Bread…this is my body broken for you. Wine…this is my blood shed for you. Do this in remembrance of me. This is the NEW COVENANT. – Transubstiation

27 I don’t want to drink this cup of poison Jesus takes Peter John James to go pray. They fall asleep. Jesus knows what’s coming. Prays until tears of blood…. In the end…. “Thy will be done.”

28 Judas Judas arrives with the Temple Guard. Kisses Jesus to identify him. One cuts off the ear of a guard…. But Jesus says stop and heals the guy. They take Jesus away. Peter’d denial 3 times….Rooster Crows.

29 Interrogation Caiphus: Jewish high priest – Are you the son of God? Heresy! – We have no law to kill him – Largely silent Pilate. Roman “mayor” – King of the Jews? – I don’t care about the Jews – I had a bad dream… Off to Herod – Silent Herod. – I’ve heard of you! Do a trick – Silent – You’re not my problem

30 Pilate I don’t want to kill him. – He broke no Roman law. Holiday> Free a prisoner….he’s so popular! – Barrabas or Jesus?? – Crucify Crucify I’ll flog him….. 39 times. Crucify! I wash my hands Goes insane….. Judas hangs himself and his body explodes.

31 Crucifixion Common Roman execution…Obey or this will happen to you. Guards mock and spit…gamble for his clothes. Robe, Crown of Thorns. He’s almost dead. From the 6 th to the 9 th hour. 12-3 p.m. Pilates sign “King of the Jews” Hung between 2 thieves. One good. One bad. Isaiah 53: pierced, silent, more….

32 Final words…. I am thirsty Forgive them My God My God, Why have you foresaken me. Psalm 22 Here is your son Into your hands I commend my spirit It is finished. Pierced his side with spear to see if he was dead.

33 Reaction to Jesus’ death Temple curtain is rent Blood in the streets Earth quake Dead rise Darkness Now called Good Friday – Jesus’ death is good for us.

34 Body He died on Friday. Saturday is Sabbath….so get his body down quickly or it will hang until Sunday. Placed in a borrowed tomb. Body was not prepared for buriel.

35 Easter Friday. Saturday. Sunday. The third day. Women arrive to prepare the body. Jesus says, “Why are you looking for the living among the dead?” Women run back. Peter runs to the tomb. Several different versions of who, when, how.

36 Doubting Thomas Thomas says that unless I see the wounds and touch the holes…. Jesus says it would be better to not need that. Jesus eats…not a ghost. Leaves them…..but don’t leave town yet!

37 After Resurrection Multiple short appearances. Most to believers. Often appears….hidden and then reveals himself.

38 Pentecost Disciples were hiding and afraid. In a locked room. A wind rushed through and then tongues of fire danced on their heads. – Living Sacrifices Speaking in Tongues – Known and unknown language. Now go….The Grand Commission.

39 Saul’s Conversion Saul was a Pharisee Early persecutor of “christians”…but they weren’t called that for a long time. Road to Damascus – Why do you persecute me? Now Paul….wrote most of the letters in the Christian Bible. Largely preached to gentiles – This created the first split and argument.

40 Martyrdom of the 12 All 12 were killed Arrows, Spears, Crucified upside down.

41 Christ will come again…. Armageddon Rapture ?????????? No one will know…but there will be signs.

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