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Can individual behaviors and beliefs effect whole civilizations?

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1 Can individual behaviors and beliefs effect whole civilizations?

2 Jesus of Nazareth  Augustus ordered a census, or count, of people to be taken in 1 A.D.  Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem.  Mary gave birth, most likely in the Spring. (“shepherds in the fields” suggests this.)

3 Jesus of Nazareth  Wise men from Persia noticed a star and traveled to Judea, and told the “local” king, Herod, of a new king’s birth.  Herod had babies killed; Jesus and his parents escaped to Egypt.  Question: How did the Roman’s respond to Herod’s order?

4 Jesus of Nazareth  They returned when Herod died, but to Nazareth, where Joseph was a carpenter.  Age 12, (at the traditional time of Jewish Bar Mitzvah), Jesus went to a festival at the temple in Jerusalem, and began teaching.

5 Ministry  At age thirty, Jesus began ministry at a wedding.  1 st miracle was reportedly turning water to wine.  He taught in synagogue. (Jewish roots)  Kicked out of home town. (divisive teaching)  Baptized by John the Baptist (new application of old ideas)  Began to teach to crowds (new application of old ideas)

6 Ministry  Gathered followers called disciples  Told stories to teach lessons called parables  Criticized Jewish leadership

7 Ministry  Grew in popularity  Followers included tax collectors, zealots, and fishermen  The gospel records three years of ministry; healings, casting out demons, and teaching and feeding people

8 Execution and Betrayal  Jesus was betrayed by his follower, Judas Iscariot.  Jesus was arrested just prior to Passover.  The trial began in Jewish court.

9 Execution and Betrayal  Jewish leaders accused Jesus of false teaching, of breaking their laws and blasphemy.  Jewish leaders accused Jesus of trying to rebel against Romans, of leading a revolt.

10 Execution and Betrayal  Jesus was beaten, but with no power to execute, the Jewish leadership took Jesus to the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate.. ... Then back to Herod Agrippa  beaten again  dressed in a robe...

11 Execution and Betrayal  Jesus was sent back to Pilate with a crown of thorns on his head.  The Roman Governor gave Jews a choice for Passover, Barabbas chosen.  Jesus was scourged by Romans, and then carried cross to Golgotha.

12 Execution and Betrayal  Jesus was crucified. A brutal form of execution commonly reserved for dangerous criminals or traitors.  Died quickly, in approximately 6hours,  Buried nearby in the tomb of a follower.  Three days later followers declared he had risen from the dead.

13 Beginnings of Christianity  Fifty days later at Pentecost Christianity spread in Jewish temple when followers spoke in different languages to a huge crowd, 3,000 baptized  Christianity was seen as a sect of Judaism, met in temple

14 Christianity Spreads  Jews begin to persecute Christians, Saul of Tarsus killed 100’s, then...  He converted to Christianity.  Christianity spread to Anatolia, Greece and even Rome

15 Christianity Spreads  Twelve disciples called Apostles spread religion to India, Africa, Europe and Asia,  They wrote teachings and letters to gatherings called churches, the New Testament, Paul wrote most of it (well, sort of...)  Christianity still seen as an outlaw illegal religion by Roman Empire  Roman persecution killed 1,000’s

16 Martyrdom (... According to tradition)  Peter founder of church in Rome, leader of Apostles, crucified upside down  James flayed with knives in India  Paul was tried before Emperor Diocletian, may have been beheaded in the Colosseum.  John survived being boiled in oil, and exiled to island of Patmos, reportedly wrote Revelation there.  Every apostle except John martyred.

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