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Design Your Own, Low Cost, Nutrient Dense Diet. Shark stomachs hanging in tree.

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1 Design Your Own, Low Cost, Nutrient Dense Diet

2 Shark stomachs hanging in tree


4 Weston Price spent 20 years researching the diet and health of indigenous people’s eating traditional diets 90% loss of fat soluble vitamins ! 75% loss of major minerals (calcium etc)



7 Environment Determines Genetic Expression


9 Schematic of glyphosate interactions in soil Foliar application of glyphosate Systemic movement throughout the plant throughout the plant Chelation of micronutrients Intensifies stress Accumulation of glyphosate in meristematic tissues (shoot, reproductive, and roots) reproductive, and roots) Translocation of glyphosate from Translocation of glyphosate from shoot to root and release into the rhizosphere Residual soil and residue effects Glyphosate toxicity to: N-fixing microbes Bacterial shikimate pathway Mycorrhizae Biological control organisms Earthworms PGPR organisms Toxicity to root tips by glyphosate or its toxic metabolites (e.g. AMPA) toxic metabolites (e.g. AMPA) Compromise of plant Compromise of plant defense mechanisms defense mechanisms Promotion of soil-borne organisms: Reduced availability or uptake of essential nutrients (Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, N, Zn) nutrients (Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, N, Zn)

10 Weston A Price The diets of all healthy traditional peoples he studied included no refined or denatured foods some sort of animal protein and fat Some animal products eaten raw daily High food enzyme content Seeds grains nuts were soaked sprouted fermented or naturally leavened Total fat content varied from 30-80% of calories eaten only 4% of that from polyunsaturated sources Equal amounts omega 3 and 6 Provision for the health of future generations by providing special nutrient rich food for parents to be.. Sacred food Vitamin A targeted food for these people 4 times the calcium and 10 times the fat soluble vitamins……………. from animal fats!

11 Crop Health Transitions John Kempf Acres USA

12 Food picture


14 Sources of Vitamin A Recommended WAPF Daily intake 12,000 IU, Weston Price found up to 50,000IU daily in some diets Vit A IU Butter, organic pasture fed on high brix grass 50g (1 tablespoon) 6,000 Beef liver 100g50,000 lard 30g2,000 broth (1cup/300g)2,100 eggs (2 egg yolks) 50gms1,000 Olive oil 100g 220 Fish liver (Pike) 100g860 Fish Roe 100g303 Chicken liver 100g31,000 Sheep liver7,800 Cod liver oil

15 Ten Top Beta Carotene Sources Kumara11,509550 Kale10,0001250 Carrots8,3331041 Collards8,0001000 Dark green leafy6,000700 Cos lettuce5,000600 Parsley5,000600 Dried herbs5000600 Broccoli leaves4,400550 Butternut4570560

16 Our Daily Vitamin A Recommended WAPF Daily intake 12,000 IU, Weston Price found up to 50,000IU daily Daily Vit A Butter, organic pasture fed on high brix grass 50gms (1 tablespoon) 6,000 liver 30 gms once a week17,000 (2,500 daily, because vit A is stored) Magic mince 2,500 Lard 30gms2,000 Broth (1cup/300g)2,100 Eggs (2 egg yolks)50gms1,000 Daily Total13820 Plus 10,000 IU cod liver oil

17 Calcium Calcium sourcemgsOur choice dailymgs 1 cup of raw milk160 mg 1 cup kefir/yoghurt160mg2 cups keifer320 45gms cheese 45045gms450 2 Tbsp butter 1002 Tbspns200 well made broth 1 cup6001 cups600 casseroles stews soups made with broth 1 cup 300 mg½ cup150 200gms green vege 100mg2 servings200 1/4 cup nuts if soaked 100mg Nettle/raspberry leaf tea1003 cups300 Daily requirement1500mgTotal daily2170

18 eggs, greens, ferments optional bacon/liver weekly/tomatoes, courgettes etc etc OR Kefir, soaked slow cooked grain (black barley) fruit

19 lunch Broth..Soup.. Of all kinds.. Lots of lard with seasonal vege ferment OR Frittata if we had grain for breakfast… lots of butter and or cheese… and seasonal left over vege etc and ferment


21 1 st Step Pics of highly processed food soya milk, hamburgers, GE corn chips, corn oil canola oil grape seed oil, rice bran oil

22 2 nd Step Fish and guts 2 nd Step

23 3 rd Step from 3 rd Step

24 4 th step Ferments pics 4 th Step

25 5 th Step Grains pics 5 th Step

26 6 th Step Butter pic olive oil 6 th Step

27 7 th Step

28 9 th Step 8 th Step

29 Pic of purslane


31 Pics of purple leafed vege red leaves and dark green

32 Pics white fleshed nectarines and peaches

33 Red lettuce

34 Bitter greens endive

35 Olive oil dressing

36 Shallots and welsh bunching onions

37 Choke berries, service berries, medlars quinces, Blood oranges, prune plums

38 Logan berries, blackberries blueberries

39 Maori potatoes

40 Garlic pic

41 6 th step 9 th Step

42 Do some learning Beginner Gardener Booklet Learn to test for nutrient density Learn to understand and work with the laws of nature around growing nutrient dense food Urban Garden booklet Koanga workshops Koanga Internship Beddoe’s book Nourishment Home Grown



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