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Employer Engagement December 2008 Philippa Langton.

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1 Employer Engagement December 2008 Philippa Langton

2 World Class Skills – Leitch targets and aspirations Strategic drivers of demand New economic climate Three key drivers of change

3 National Targets Young People 2010/11 82% achieve Level 2, 54% achieve Level 3, by 19 86% 17 year olds in learning, NEET down to 7.6% FE success rate of 80% Adult 2010/11 79% qualified at Level 2, 56% at level 3 130,000 apprentices to complete, 65% success Sustainable employment & progression in work

4 Aspiration for young people More young people will have the opportunity to progress into high-quality education and training...... this will include increased participation at 16 and 17 and major improvements to the Apprenticeships programme as we continue to expand it to include increasing numbers of young people and adults. Government Investment Strategy 2009-10

5 Aspiration for adults…. focus on those most vulnerable in society and in the labour market those on the margins of sustained employment those without a Level 2 qualification those without basic literacy and numeracy skills. more progression to Level 3 & 4 & beyond

6 … However... we know that we are entering a period of uncertainty, with a series of different challenges including a toughening economic climate. Those who are at risk or who are unemployed will be supported to get back into work as soon as possible and then supported to gain further skills once in employment through a more flexible Train to Gain programme. Government Investment Strategy 2009-10

7 Meeting future skills needs in London Economic Climate Joint Action Plan Mayor’s Recovery Plan Olympics, Crossrail, Thames Gateway London Skills and Employment Board

8 Flexibility below level 2 Greater flexibility for provision below Level 2 Focus still on Skills for Life priorities, but with flexibility across all pre-Level 2 budgets

9 Integration of Employment and Skills Local Employment Partnerships Skills health checks Adult Advancement and Careers Service Progression at work ESF funding Joint Action Plan

10 Train to Gain flexibilities Skills for Life – entry levels 1 and 2, ESOL for work Fully funded first Level 2 Fully funded first level 3 (for 19-25, and those without L2) ‘additional’ level 2 & 3 fully or partially funded depending on eligibility Level 4 Proposed flexibilities for SMEs

11 Work based programme for 16 year olds and above Apprenticeship Task Force National Apprenticeship Service Apprenticeships

12 The NSA network Active in eleven sectors Four new proposals being worked on Benefits National Skills Academies

13 The Training Quality Standard Accredited providers Benefits Training Quality Standard

14 Economic downturn Structural changes to agencies Capacity Challenges and risks

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