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Ms Nuala Doherty Chairperson Designate Presentation to Oireachtas Committee on Health & Children.

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1 Ms Nuala Doherty Chairperson Designate Presentation to Oireachtas Committee on Health & Children

2 History/Background to NEWB Statutory Agency established in 2002 under the Educational (Welfare) Act 2000 Act replaced the 1926 School Attendance Act – Education Welfare Officers replaced School Attendance Officers A National service 12 Board Members & Chair – Bodies/Agencies prescribed in the Act – special interest/expertise

3 History/Background to NEWB 2009 – Responsibility given to NEWB for 3 additional programmes/services Home School Community Liaison Scheme School Completion Programme Visiting Teacher for Traveller Service 2010 – Visiting Teacher Service for Travellers discontinued 2011 – NEWB functions transferred from DES to the newly established DCYA 2012 – Review of NEWB in the context of the establishment of the new Child and Family Support Agency (ongoing)

4 Key Functions under the Act Statutory service- ensure every child 6-16 attends recognised school or otherwise receives a certain minimum education Foster and promote high level of school attendance Assist and advise parents and schools to meet their obligations under the Act Work with schools: assist and advise in relation to maximising student attendance participation and retention Collection of National attendance data (Periodic returns & AAR) Guidelines on Developing a Code of Behaviour and development of School Attendance Strategies

5 Specific Role in relation to suspensions, expulsions and refusals to enrol Registration of education outside of recognised schools (Home Education) – registration of non-recognised schools 16-17 year olds who leave school and enter employment – a register Research, Guidance, Policy to Departments Key Functions under the Act

6 Budget & Staffing NEWB Budget for 2012 - €9,622,000 ECF – Staffing target is 100 (2012), 98 (2013), 97 (2014) Currently (2012) 91 staff Sanction to recruit 3 additional EWOs and a Director of Education Services (secondment). A Senior Manager has recently been approved through DES secondment SCP – budget €28,256,000 covering 124 local projects. (251 full time staff). 6.5% reduction 2012 – 2014 (€4.5 million) HSCL – funded from DES vote (region €25,000,000) in salary costs. 403 HSCL coordinators (teachers) employed by schools

7 Extended Remit of NEWB, 2009 “developing a single, strategic approach reflecting equally the nature of and strengths of each of the services, including the National Educational Welfare Service to address school attendance, participation and retention”

8 The Requirements Placed on NEWB Charged with developing a single, strategic approach to school attendance, participation and retention To take responsibility for achieving best educational outcomes for children To take a broad range of actions in support of the entitlement of every child to a minimum education To put in place processes and structures for the governance, management and operation of the integrated service To undertake responsibility for the management, development and direction of the three services To draw on the skills, expertise and knowledge of personnel from the three services now being brought together under the NEWB

9 Education Welfare Service Statutory service- ensure every child 6-16 attends recognised school or otherwise receives a certain minimum education: Exhaust all welfare interventions prior to taking the decision to instigate legal action against parents failing in their duty to have their children attend school Home Education and unrecognised Schools Home/School/ Community Liaison Scheme Working with parents and significant adults to support their childrens’ participation in education: 403 HSCL Co-ordinators Working with the salient adults in the child’s life: Home visits, policy formulation, parent as resource, providing a range of courses for parents, working with staff in schools to encourage/maintain partnership with parents School Completion Project 124 Projects (251 full-time staff) in place working with 464 Primary & 224 Post- Primary Schools : primary aim is to retain young people in formal education until completion of Senior Cycle Targeted preventative approach including social, personal development, after school, out of school supports, e.g. Breakfast Clubs, Mentoring Programmes, Homework Club

10 Outcomes Better outcomes for children & families Coherence, Co-ordination & Consolidation Efficient use of resources – reaching the most marginalised Enhanced attendance, participation and retention

11 School Attendance – The Facts, 2009-2010 NEWB has collected annual statistics since 2003/2004 50,000 more children in primary school in 2010 than 2005 (>500,000 children) 9,000 more children in post primary school in 2010 than 2005 (>312,000 children) Primary pupils miss an average 11 days per year Post primary pupils miss an average 13 days per year Over 111,000 pupils miss over 20 days per year 10 expulsions in primary schools, 148 in post primary (0.05% of students) <5% post primary students suspended in 2009/2010 Figures were lower for general non-attendance in 2009/2010. Figures similar to NI & UK

12 Other Facts Legal Activity 1,787 school attendance notices issued since 2005 581 summons issued against parents since 2006 200 convictions 139 struck out (general improvement) Education Outside of Recognised Schools 777 children were registered with NEWB as being educated at home 8,292 children registered in 36 private schools

13 Priorities for Board in 2012 Complete and disseminate Guidelines for Schools on developing Attendance Strategies (S22 Education (Welfare) Act) Implement the Integrated Service Framework – One Child, One team, One Plan, across the 3 services (EWS, HSCL and SCP) Embed the Common Outcomes Framework Reconfigure Educational Welfare Service given the ECF Prioritise children “at risk” of early school leaving Continue to develop and embed the National Attendance Awards Complete the review of the Guidelines on the Assessment of Education in places other than Recognised Schools Review the School Completion Programme Strong links with child welfare services Strong engagement with Education System: Education Partners Advisory Group; DEIS; Schools

14 Challenges Leadership and managing change Working with less resources – meeting statutory obligations Transition to the new CEO Maintaining strong links with education and schools Maintaining strong links with child welfare services Outcome of review on future location of NEWB Sustaining/implementing the integration process Public sector reform in practice.

15 Nuala Doherty Experience Current Director of the Centre for Effective Services Former Interim CEO and Director of Education Welfare Services, NEWB Director of Services to Children and Families in HSE, NE 13 years senior management experience in statutory organisations with a remit for children and families, across Health, Social Care and Education Government appointed Board member of a statutory organisation (CAAB) Experience in a significant number of national committees and initiatives Clinical psychologist by profession

16 Nuala Doherty Skills Proven leadership and service delivery across a number of public sector organisations, in Health and Education Significant senior management experience, particularly in the statutory sector Understanding of the governance and organisational requirements of public sector organisations Extensive national expertise applying an evidence-based approach to work

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