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4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20021 Metadata made Simple.

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1 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20021 Metadata made Simple

2 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20022 Introduction Just as a work of art can change hands many times, so can geospatial data. Once created data can travel through a network and be used for a number of different kinds of spatial analysis. Metadata or “data about data” describes the origins of and track the changes to geospatial data

3 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20023 Metadata Defined Metadata are simply that type of descriptive information applied to a digital geospatial file. A common set of terms and definitions used when documenting geospatial data

4 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20024 Metadata Defined Metadata are intended to answer some general data questions:  What does the dataset describe?  Who produced the dataset?  Why was the dataset created?  How was the dataset created?  How reliable are the data;what problems remain in the dataset  How can someone get a copy of the dataset?

5 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20025 Why bother with Metadata? They serve as a lingua franca Helps people find the data they need and determine how best to use it Benefit the data producing organization –  Personnel change  Lack of knowledge can lead to duplication It can be made available through clearinghouses

6 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20026 The Major Uses of Metadata To help organize and maintain an organizations internal investment in spatial data, To provide information about an organization’s data holdings to data catalogues & clearinghouses To provide information to process and interpret data received through a transfer from an external source.

7 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20027 The Standard Provides a common set of terminology and definitions for the documentation of geospatial data Provides a methodology and process for data producers/users to extend their metadata beyond the base standard Does not  specify how the information is organized in a computer system  Specify the means by which the information is transmitted to the user

8 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20028 Current Metadata Standards Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS)  - created to facilitate data transfer across network Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata (referred to as the FDGC Standard) – created for federal agencies FGDC actively involved in the ISO Technical Committee in developing an International Metadata Standard

9 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 20029 Metadata Core Elements Identification – basic information about the data set. Data Quality – an assessment of the quality of the dataset Spatial Data Organization – the mechanism used to represent spatial information in the dataset Spatial Reference – description of the reference frame for, and means of encoding, coordinates

10 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 200210 Entity and Attribute – information about theh content of the data set Distribution Information – information about obtaining the data set. Metadata Reference Information – information on the currentness of the metadata information and the responsible party Metadata Core Elements cont..

11 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 200211 Metadata Tools Objectives of Metadata Tools:  Document digital geospatial data and create some metadata for it that preserves the value of the data for your agency  Make the metadata compliant with a recognized metadata standard

12 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 200212 Metadata Tools Spatial Metadata Management System (SMMS) TK Metadata Editor X Toolkit Metadata Editor ArcCatalog FGDCMETA (AML) Corpsmet95 Metamaker

13 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 200213 Which Tool is the one for You Stability An OS/interface you are comfortable with No restrictions on length of free text fields An output that allows compliance with standards Time Saving features Convenience features’ Ability to import/export

14 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 200214 Metadata Resources Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) FGDC Home Page: FGDC Clearinghouse Home Page: National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse: National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) NSGIC Home Page: NSGIC Metadata Primer: /metaprim.htm

15 4/26/2015LICJ Monthly Meeting - May, 200215 THE END

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