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ISO Standards: Status, Tools, Implementations, and Training Standards/David Danko.

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1 ISO Standards: Status, Tools, Implementations, and Training Standards/David Danko

2 What I’m covering NAP ISO 19115 Overview of NAP What’s different and what’s common between FGDC and NAP (and ISO 19115) ISO Metadata Standards Fundamental metadata, data quality, feature catalog, imagery and gridded data What’s new in ISO 19115-1 Schedule

3 North American Profile (NAP) of ISO 19115:2003 Metadata Selection of items from ISO19115:2003 Promotion of optional fields to mandatory Extension of code lists Addition of values to existing code lists Addition of code lists Introduction of a multilingual register Compliant to ISO19135:2005 on registers English and/et Français Metadata items Code lists Register is accessible on the Web XML document Web Services Web Browser pmetadata/register/index.html

4 NAP ISO 19115:2003 Title: NAP – Metadata 1. Preface (Introduction) 1.1. About Metadata 1.2. Using Metadata 2. Scope 3. Normative References 4. Terms and Definitions 5. Symbols and Abbreviated Terms 6. Metadata Content 6.1. Best Practices 7. Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability 8. Code Lists 9. NAP Metadata Registry Annexes Data Types Metadata schemas/UML - normative with differences from ISO identified Conformance Clauses Metadata implementation FGDC to NAP Metadata

5 FGDC - NAP “Equivalences” Metadata reference info Identification info Data quality Spatial data Organization Spatial Reference info Entity attribute info Distribution info Metadata info Identification Info Constraint info Service info Data Quality info Maintenance info Spatial Representation info Reference system info Content info Portrayal Catalogue info Distribution info Application Schema info FGDCNAP

6 Differences between FGDC – ISO – NAP FGDC Primarily mandatory elements Mandatory if Applicable No language identification requirements Outdated elements US oriented reference systems Heavy use of free text ISO Minimum mandatory Unambiguous conditional statements Core metadata International focus Code lists NAP Moderate increase in mandatory elements Best practices Includes service metadata (ISO 19119) Increased use of code lists

7 Comparison of mandatory elements FGDC Metadata Reference info Date Contact Metadata Standard name Metadata Standard version * Identification Information Citation Description  Abstract  Purpose * Status  Maintenance frequency *  Progress Time Period of Content *  Date  Currentness reference * Spatial Domain  Bounding Box Keywords *  Theme  Keywords Access Constraints * Use Constraints * NAP Metadata info dateStamp Contact Metadata Standard name File Identifier * Language (metadata) * Character set * Parent Identifier (C) * HierarchyLevel (default = dataset) * Locale (C) * (if multiple languages used) Identification information Citation Abstract Status (with codelist) Language * Topic Category * Extent (C) *  Bounding box  Or  Geographic Description * * Difference FGDC vs NAP

8 Comparison of mandatory elements (cont) Citation Title Publication date Originator Edition (MifA) Presentation form (MifA) Series (MifA) Publication info (MifA)  Place  Publisher Other details (MifA) Larger work citation (MifA) Citation Title Date  Date type Responsible Party  Individual, organization, and/or position name  Contact information  role FGDCNAP

9 FGDC Entity–Attribute and NAP Content Info Feature Catalog Entity_and_Attribute_Infor mation = [1{Detailed_Description}n | 1{Overview_Description}n | 1{Detailed_Description}n + 1{Overview_Description}n] Detailed_Description = Entity_Type + 0{Attribute}n Entity_Type = Entity_Type_Label + Entity_Type_Definition + Entity_Type_Definition_Source Attribute = Attribute_Label + Attribute_Definition + Attribute_Definition_Source + 1{Attribute_Domain_Values}n + 0{Beginning_Date_of_Attribute_Valu es + 0{Ending_Date_of_Attribute_Values} 1}n + (Attribute_Value_Accuracy_Informati on) + (Attribute_Measurement_Frequency) Content Information Feature Catalogue Description  Compliance code  Language  IncludeWithDataset (M)  FeatureTypes (M)  Feature Catalogue Citation (M) NAPFGDC ISO 19110 Compliant Feature/Attribute Catalog Coverage Description  Attribute description  Content type code...

10 ISO Metadata standards ISO 19115:2003 Metadata - revision (ISO 19115-1) (in work) ISO standards are reviewed every 5 years – vote to revise Changes not major Target 2013 ISO 19115-2:2009 Extensions for imagery and gridded data (complete) ISO 19139-2 Metadata - XML schema for imagery and gridded data (in work) DTS released 2011-07-18 vote due 2011-10-18 ISO 19139:2007 Metadata XML Schema (complete ) Revision pending following 19115-1 completion ISO 19110:2005 Feature Catalogue Amendment 1 Just published by ISO - XML Schema FC encoding ISO 19110 Revision (in work) First PT meeting ISO 19157 Data quality (incorporating 19113/19114/19138) (in work) UML model for Quality DIS approved

11 What’s new in ISO 19115-1 Concept of “recommended core” was removed Incorporating services metadata from ISO 19119 Data Quality moving to ISO 19157 Feature catalog information (entity/attribute metadata) enabled (physically or by link) Responsible party restructured to enable reuse for different roles Many new elements added/improved - examples: metadata identifier improved, MD_Scope and MD_KeywordClass classes added, online linkage in Citation, Reference system type code attribute added,..., 74)

12 ISO 19115-1 FC/EA information 12 OnlineResource reference to the cited resource now included in Citation The feature catalogue

13 Schedule ISO 19115-1 EC revised document sent out for review2011-8-31 Vote in Pretoria2011-11-18 Draft International Standard2011-12 Final Draft International Standard 2012-12 International Standard2013-05 ISO 19157 Data Quality DIS2011-06 FDIS2012-06 IS2013-01 ISO/TS 19XXX XML schema implementation of ISO 19115-1 A New Work Item Proposal has been sent to ISO TC 211 to starting work as soon as possible so that we have a schema when ISO 19115-1 final 13

14 NAP ISO 19115 and 19110 NAP ISO 19115 Metadata Remains stable as is; Once ISO 19115-1 revision has reached DIS, work will start to create NAP ISO 19115-1 NAP ISO 19110 Feature Catalog Work is on hold until work on NAP 19115-1 is started

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