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Metadata Workshop Frank Roberts, Coeur d’Alene Tribe GIS Bruce Godfrey, U of I, Inside Idaho Project (Funded by FGDC)

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2 Metadata Workshop Frank Roberts, Coeur d’Alene Tribe GIS Bruce Godfrey, U of I, Inside Idaho Project (Funded by FGDC)

3 Metadata Workshop F Agenda F 1) Description of the FGDC metadata standard. (Frank) F 2) What does a GIS person really have to collect to be compliant?--Structure and components of FGDC CSDGM-compliant metadata. (Frank) F 3) Why we create metadata and how it is useful--FGDC National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse introduction. (Bruce) F Lunch Break F 4) Overview of metadata collection/management tools. Focus on SMMS -- the metadata collection/management tool used by INSIDE Idaho. (Bruce) F 5) ArcInfo 8: What it has to offer for metadata collection. (Frank) F 6) Brief training on the metadata tool developed by Frank Roberts and the Coeur d'Alene Tribe GIS office. (Frank) F 7) Making your metadata available through a Clearinghouse Node--INSIDE Idaho. (Bruce)

4 Description of the FGDC Metadata Standard and What do we really have to collect Frank Roberts Coeur d’Alene Tribe Natural Resource Geographic Information Systems phone: 208-686-5307 email:

5 What I’m going to cover F What is metadata F What is the FGDC Standard F What is the ISO Metadata Standard F What the GIS user need to collect to meet the standard

6 What are Metadata? F Shares the same Greek root as metamorphosis - meta means change F Metadata - data about data F Metadata describe the origins of & tracks the changes to geospatial data F Metadata answer who, what, when, where, why, and how about every facet of the data that are being documented

7 Federal Geographic Data Committee Metadata Standard F Gives us a predefined framework for metadata F Provides a common set of terminology to exchange metadata F Executive Order 12906: “requires Federal agencies to use the standard to document data they produce beginning in 1995.” F Gives us both required and optional elements

8 International Standards Organization (ISO) metadata standard F The US isn’t the only one thinking about metadata F This standard is currently being established F Since the FGDC standard is already been used in the US, many of the elements for the ISO standard are identical. F ISO will someday replace FGDC, however it is likely that a profile of FGDC standard will be made for the ISO standard.

9 Why support an metadata standard? F 100s of people across US have spent 4 years coming to consensus F Tools already exist for (FGDC compliant) metadata entry & capture F Defines appropriate use of data F Use of data from federal sources F Reservation wide data developed with federal dollars F Protects your investment –Without metadata, spatial data becomes useless - externally & internally F Information loses it’s meaning if we are not speaking the same language - we must have a International Standard. –Great Plains project encompasses 5 states and 2 provinces F 89 NSDI nodes already exist to search for FGDC compliant metadata –Helps people find data –Avoids duplication of effort

10 FGDC Metadata explained F No one is required to complete all metadata for the FGDC metadata standard F The standard is broken down into mandatory elements and optional elements F You can select as many as the optional elements as you wish

11 Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata Identification Information Data Quality Information Spatial Data Organization Information Spatial Reference Information Entity and Attribute Information Metadata Reference Information Mandatory Legend 4526731 Distribution Information Metadata Mandatory If Applicable 10/06/95

12 The coolest Metadata Site


14 Component #1: Identification F Citation F Description & Abstract F Time Period F Status: Maintenance & Update Frequency F Spatial Domain F Keywords F Access Constraints F Use Constraints F Contact Info Manual Automatic Choice


16 Component #2: Data Quality F Logical Consistency(Explanation of how data was digitally created) F Completeness Report (Defines minimum mapping unit) F Lineage (Source of Data) Manual Automatic Choice


18 Component #3: Data Organization F Direct Spatial Reference Method (i.e. Raster, Point, Vector) Manual Automatic Choice


20 Component #4: Spatial Reference F Geographic OR F Map Projection OR F GRID Coordinate System OR F Local Planar F Vertical Coordinate System Definitions are mandatory if applicable Manual Automatic Choice


22 Component #5: Entity and Attribute Information F Entity Type (Captured automatically) F Attribute Label (Captured automatically) F Attribute Definition F Attribute Definition Source (may be “None”) F Attribute Domain Values (Captured automatically) Manual Automatic Choice


24 Component #6: Distribution F Distributor (Automatic after 1st entry) F Distribution Liability (Automatic after 1st entry) F Standard Order Process (Automatic after 1st entry) F Digital Transfer Options (Automatic after 1st entry) F Fees (Automatic after 1st entry) Manual Automatic Choice


26 Component #7: Metadata Reference F Metadata Date F Metadata Contact F Metadata Standard Name F Metadata Standard Version Manual Automatic Choice

27 Summary of mandatory elements of FGDC Metadata F There are a total of 32 items for the mandatory elements of FGDC metadata standard F Only 4 of those items should require you to type something out. F 7 of the elements can have a picklist, to select the value F All (21) remaining elements should be automated

28 Resources Available F Federal Geographic Data Committee –What's new with metadata, Metadata Factsheet (pdf), Metadata Frequently Asked Questions, The Value of Metadata, Manager's Brochure, Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) F OGRIP, July 98 – F Metadata Tools for Geospatial Data,Oct 98 – tool/mtools.htm

29 $ Funding for metadata $ F If you get federal funding to that involves creating GIS data, it is legitimate that you can charge your time to make metadata to that funding F USGS via FGDC offers funding for making metadata (we even received some funding!)

30 Questions? Thanks for listening! Feel free to Email me at:

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