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Welcome North Carolina Community College IIPS 2007 Summer Conference July 24, 2007.

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1 Welcome North Carolina Community College IIPS 2007 Summer Conference July 24, 2007

2 Access a database of virtually all college students. Track your prospective, current, and former students’ enrollment in other institutions StudentTracker

3 A Non-Profit Association Founded by the Higher Education Community Who Are We?

4 Mission To serve as a central repository and single point of contact for the collection and timely exchange of accurate, comprehensive post- secondary student information

5 Clearinghouse Enrollment Data Colleges/Universities Degree Data Lenders Loan Guarantors U.S. Dept of Ed Health Insurers Credit Card Issuers Software Providers Landlords Employers EnrollmentVerify Employers Search Firms Colleges DegreeVerify Transcript Orders Students Alumni Researchers Colleges High Schools Outreach Ed Researchers Diploma Data High Schools

6 Enrollment Data Names Dates of birth SSNs Names & IDs of schools attended Attendance dates Enrollment statuses (e.g. full time, withdrawn, graduated) & Start Dates Data Block Indicators (FERPA)

7 Large Database Currently enrolled students represent 91% of All US Higher Education Enrollment 75+ Million Individual Students 60+ Million Former Students 15+ Million Enrolled =+

8 Core School Participation # Schools As of November 30, 2006 Clearinghouse member schools represent 91% of the nation’s college enrollment 2,878 Schools

9 Degree Data SSNs* Names* Birth Dates* Degree Titles* Dates awarded* Majors* Minors Divisions awarding degree Concentrations Specializations Honors FERPA Block Indicators* Financial Block Indicators* *Required

10 DegreeVerify Participation # Schools DegreeVerify participants represent 64% of all US college degrees YTD As of May 31, 2007

11 Current Participation of NC Community Colleges Service # % Core Enrollment58 100% DegreeVerify22 38%

12 1.School creates research cohort 2.School transmits to CH 3.CH matches against database 4.School receives reports/data files StudentTracker How does it work?

13 Query Types Admissions candidates (prior enrollment) Admitted, but did not matriculate Other family members currently enrolled Concurrent enrollment Delinquent borrowers Transfers out Graduates

14 Request File Name of student SSN/Student ID (if FERPA-compliant) Birth date Date of last attendance/search begin date Requestor return field

15 On-line Inquiry Batch Data File Exchanges StudentTracker Inquiries

16 Response Files Control Report Record totals (.html) Aggregate Report Totals students enrolled by institution (.csv) Unit Record File Individual student records (.csv) (except FERPA blocked records)

17 Sample Control Report Pinnacle University File Creation Date10/23/2005 Range of Search Dates 08/30/2000– 08/30/2000 Total Students in Your Request File 650 Total Students with No Data Available 410 Total Students Found and Included in Aggregate Report 240 Less: Student Level Reporting Blocked By School 13 Less: Student Level Reporting Blocked By Students 13 Total Students Reported At Detail Level 214



20 StudentTracker Participants Colleges & Universities1,513 High Schools1,356 Educational Organizations 133 Outreach Programs 500

21 Number of Students Researched As of June 30, 2006 5,304,847 3,354,421 13,908,477 16,528,515 7,137,023 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 2001-20022002-20032003-20042004-20052005-2006 Millions

22 Current Participation of NC Community Colleges Service # % Core Enrollment58100% DegreeVerify22 38% StudentTracker33 57%

23 What are the costs? Annual subscription fee $0.10 (10 cents) times fall enrollment, $300 minimum per institution Unlimited use for 12 months 50% Discount, if use DegreeVerify and refer FREE, if also transmit new enrollment data elements

24 What are the costs? System-wide Program The North Carolina Community College system office is establishing a statewide Student Tracker program to be used by: The system office Each of the 58 community colleges

25 That’s us in a nutshell! Questions?

26 Contact Information John P. Ward Director South Atlantic Regional Office (843) 768-0318

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